Sentence structure plays the main role in sentence construction, to start with sentence structure is logical arrangement of words that include nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Other important words that sentence structure rely on is subject and object. So if you are surrounded with questions like how to make sentences in english for kids? Or How to construct sentences in english for your kid? Here is a quick guide to get started with simple sentences in english.

For eg, Ravi is running ( in this sentence subject and noun is same and is ravi, because he is performing activity)

Eg, Saavi is eating chocolate ( in this sentence the noun is the object because the chocolate is receiving the action)

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Basic Sentence Structure

Following formats are basic english sentence structures that can be used to start the sentence formation with your younger one. They are the most basic formats that can be easily applied and used once the main words are identified.

  • Subject- Verb (S-V)

For eg, a) Rekha runs.

  1. b) The dog plays.
  2. c) The bird sings.
  • Subject- Verb- Object (S–V-O)

For eg, a) She ate apples.

  1. b) Mani throws the ball.
  2. c) Karan lifting the weight.
  • Subject- Verb- Adjective (S-V-Adj)

For eg, a) Flowers are beautiful.

  1. b) I am happy.
  2. c) The sky is huge.
  • Subject- Verb- Adverb ( S-V-Adv)

For eg, a) She cries loudly.

  1. b) You are climbing high.
  2. c) You are talking slowly.
  • Subject- Verb- Noun ( S-V-N)

For eg, a) I am a student.

  1. b) My father is a gardener.
  2. c) She is a girl.

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Using Worksheets

To teach the basics of english sentences for kids, many ideas can be applied but using creative worksheets may work better. Worksheets are a perfect source to test your child’s knowledge and understanding of sentence structure, identification of words such as nouns, adverbs,etc, and recognition of patterns of sentences with many words can be developed and tested through worksheets.

If your kid knows how to write worksheets dedicated to word order and sentence structure are good options to make them busy with english sentence formation. Using worksheets learning simple english sentences for kids is quick, better and fun.

Many websites offer creative formats of worksheets that can be downloaded, tailored according to your kids understanding demands and printed easily. Using various online resources such as google slides can provide a better solution over physical copies of worksheets.

Tips and Tricks to Make it Easy

Learning the grammar of some foreign language at an early age is a little difficult, on top of that english grammar often seems strange. There are many rules of grammar and many exceptions to those rules, but to learn the basics of sentence formation almost all sentences follow similar structure.

Following tips and tricks can make your younger ones english sentence construction a bit easy. Using those you can form small sentences for kids in english.

Follow the Right Order

Getting words in the right order is one of the most basic skills that your kid needs to develop. Although english has complex sentence construction rules, to make it simple most of the english sentences follow the order of ; subject- verb- object ( if present).

For example,I ate ice cream.

In this sentence the subject “I” verb “ate” the object “ ice cream”. To make it more simpler and similar, offer examples that are more familiar to your child. So they can use it more comfortably.

One Word isn’t Always Part of Speech

Many important parts of sentences are made up of clumps of words such as subject, verb or object. Working on the introduction of more complex word structure to your child gradually to form composite sentences.

For example, people who work hard get success.

In this sentence the subject is a group of words “ people who work hard” indicating only hardworking people. This type of subject is also called “predicate” and “subject phrase”.

Two Types of Objects

In our daily life we encounter a number of sentences that can be predicted in two similar ways using different bunch of sentence forming words. There are two type of objects,

  • Direct – In this Type of Object has Direct Connection With the Subject.
  • Indirect – In this Type Object is Indirectly Related To the Subject. 

For example, He collected some postcards for his best friend.

In this sentence the connection of object “postcards” and subject “he” is clear. The sentence directly indicates the collection of the postcards is for best friend ( indirect object) collected by he ( direct object). Also indirect objects have preposition ( for ) as it is used last in sentences.

Also, He collected his best friend some postcards.

In the above sentence the indirect subject ( his best friend) and direct object ( he ) are in different order, also the use of preposition is neglected because indirect object is used in between sentences.

Repeat the Same Structure Twice for Compound Sentences

Before moving to compound sentence structure, compound sentence is the two sentences or clauses made into one using conjunction. Two sentence halves follow the same sentence structure.

For example, my mother was cleaning the house and I helped her with cleaning.

In the above sentence two complete sentences are joined to make one sentence as a whole. Such as “ my mother was cleaning the house “ is complete sentence with structure subject, verb, object, Also “  I helped her with cleaning” is complete sentence, both complete sentences are joined together with conjoint “and”.

Teach Them Exceptions for Rules

When your child is already ready with basic and compound sentence structure teaching them more complex rules that have exceptions is a must. Some sentences are structured in specific ways that are exceptionally allowed in language.take an example of passive voice, the sentence structure of passive voice works slightly differently than the stated structure. Once your child is comfortable with declarative sentences formations, try them to introduce the other sentence structures as they will feel challenged to learn and give variations to language structure, it will be fun once they start to explore their own.

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Constructing the english sentence is a pretty easy task if you are loaded with right information. Making children fall in love with english is not that easy to achieve.

To achieve the golden middle of these two things you have to take it slowly and patiently. Introducing them to parts of sentences such as subject, object, noun, etc, in a playful way so they won’t find learning a boring task. Also introducing them to basic sentence structure and making them complete the worksheet as extra-curricular activity is vital.

Once you achieve all of those, be ready to introduce your child with more complex grammar of the language, finding sentences that do not follow basic rules of sentence structure is good activity to make sure they are not stuck with basic, traditional sentence formation.

Finding small sentences in english for kids that can be easily spoken and understood by your kid, making sure that your kid is able to construct and apply the sentences in daily use are some activities that can be observed and taken care of.

Hopefully, you found this article helpful. You can share your view with us by commenting in the below box.

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