Rakhi is a lovely and customary way to honour the brother-sister connection that has been passed down through generations. A tiny string can form a lifelong relationship, and each year it serves as a reminder that no matter where the siblings are in the world, this string will remain binding them together forever, and they will stand by one another in any scenario.

The thrill of giving our siblings our own personalized crafted gifts is much sweeter. So for this Raksha Bandhan let’s figure out how to draw rakhi for kids and give it to our siblings.

Why Should We Celebrate Raksha Bandhan?

Before knowing how to draw rakhi for kids let’s take a look at the importance of Rakhi. Siblings, as we all know, hold a special place in our hearts. The relationship between a brother and sister, on the other hand, is rather special and their love for one another has no boundaries.

Brothers and sisters assist us in our progress. The link between them becomes deeper at every phase of our life. The younger siblings look up to their older siblings for guidance.

Raksha Bandhan is a festival dedicated to honouring this relationship. It’s a representation of the two’s special and unique bond. This day has been set aside to have a nice time and focus on this wonderful relationship. It acts as a sign of their love, unity, and trust in one another.

This auspicious day begins with the sister wrapping a colourful Rakhi thread across her brother’s wrist. This tradition not only reinforces the tie of love amongst family members but also extends beyond them.

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Rakhi Drawing for Kids

Drawing is a talent that comes naturally to every child. The majority of a child’s artistic attempts are created for fun and to learn about different art media. Therefore it is important to encourage such talents.

Drawing things related to festivals and cultural celebrations is a medium that will help children to know more about that particular celebration. Rakhi is approaching, and both siblings are preparing something special for this year’s Raksha Bandhan. This Raksha Bandhan, let’s give even more beauty and affection to this great holiday of love and care by surprising your brothers with some beautiful rakhi for kids drawing.

Now let’s figure out how to draw easy beautiful rakhi for kids.

1. Smiley Rakhi

Things Required

  • An A4 sheet
  • Bottlecap
  • Pencil
  • Black Marker
  • Crayons or pencil colour
  • Eraser

Steps to Follow

  1. Using a pencil, draw a circle using the cap of a medium-sized bottle. Make the circle darker by using a marker or a black sketch pen. Make sure the circle is in perfect shape; else, the Rakhi drawing for kids will be disfigured.
  2. Draw a smiley face inside the circle as the following step. Draw two circular eyes, brows, a nose, and a mouth in the manner of an emoji. Draw a happy face reaction with the lips and brows, and you’ll have a nice little smiling face on your paper.
  3. The next step in this simple rakhi drawing for kids is to draw petals around the circle. When the petals have the same length and width, the drawing will look more attractive. After you’ve finished sketching petals, fill in the gaps between the first rows of petals with more petals and now you’ll get a beautiful flower-like drawing.
  4. Now it’s time to draw the chain. To begin, draw a hoop on opposite sides of the flower (like two adjacent half circles). Draw a few oval figures to connect it.
  5. Draw three circles close together at each end of the chain and fill them with black colour. Draw a thread-like figure in whichever form you choose as well.
  6. The rough figure of rakhi for kids drawing is ready. The final step is to colour it.
  7. Fill up the smiley portion with yellow colour using a crayon or colour pencil. Give the first row of petals a red colour. In the second row of petals, apply a dark green colour.
  8. Brown or black colour can be used to fill in the eyes. Sky blue for the hoop and the empty portion between the hoop and colour can be given yellow colour. Fill the oval portions of the chain in alternately with dark and light blue colours.

That’s it. A simple rakhi drawing for kids is ready! Also, check out this tutorial.

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2. Simple Flower Rakhi

Things Required

  • An A4 sheet
  • Pencil
  • Black Marker
  • Crayons or pencil colour
  • Eraser

Steps to Follow

  1. Make a circle with your pencil. Draw a small circle within the circle and petals (star-shaped petals) around it. You will then have a tiny flower inside a circle.
  2. Draw a circle around the flower now. Draw a few medium-sized dots in the space between the circles with a black sketch pen. It will resemble Bindis. The dots should have the same spacing between them.
  3. The next step is to draw petals around the outer circle. You can draw petals in the shape of a daisy flower if you like, or any other shape you choose. When you’ve finished drawing the petals, draw semi-circles within each one, also with the tip of each semi-circle touching the outside circle.
  4. To make the chain, draw four circles on opposing sides of the flower that are near to each other. Draw a rope or hair plait-like figure at the end of these circles, as well as black threads.
  5. The next step is to colour.
  6. Apply an orange colour to the petals on the exterior. The tiny flower inside the circle can be coloured red. The tiny flowers inside the circle can be coloured red.
  7. The semi-circle in the outer petals can be coloured dark blue as orange and blue are good colour combinations. You can also give blue colour to the nectar.
  8. The chain gave alternative colours that make good colour combinations like red and black, blue and orange, pink and black, etc. The rope-like figure gives dark green colour.

Rakhi drawing for kids is read! Also, check out this tutorial.

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Summing Up

Now Raksha Bandhan is not limited within the blood connections or, for that matter, brother-sister love. Sisters now tie rakhi to one another as a pledge of lifetime love and loyalty, while friends mark the event as a vow of everlasting love and devotion. Raksha Bandhan now embraces a broader viewpoint that includes a lifetime of social, ethical, and moral values practice.

Sit along with your child and follow the given guidelines and figure out how to draw easy beautiful rakhi for kids. Celebrations are events to spend time with our family. Rakhi for drawing can help to break free from the monotony of daily life and celebrate life and love with zeal.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous Raksha Bandhan!

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