Sisters tie the amulet or rakhi to their brother’s wrist as a commitment to protect each other at the time of need. You might shop for rakhi but why not learn rakhi making ideas at home.

Handmade gifts are always more valuable than retail ones. Through this article, you will learn how to make rakhi with paper? Or how to make rakhi with chart paper? All the rakhi making designs are simple and kids can comfortably make them at home.

How to Make Easy Paper Rakhi?

If you wonder how to make rakhi with paper? Here are some beautiful paper rakhi making designs.

1. Paper Satin Rakhi

This kids rakhi making design is simple yet the results look attractive. Besides paper, it requires some materials generally used in school projects or assignments. Here is the process.

Materials Required

  • Satin Ribbons ( usually used in birthday parties)
  • Paper Pieces
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Decorative Items ( thermocol balls, pearls, stones, or Kundan buttons)
  • Rakhi thread

Steps to Follow

  • Cut the satin ribbons into rectangle pieces of length 10 cm and width 0.5 cm. Cut almost 12 such pieces.
  • Then mark the half of each piece and fold them into two halves. Don’t press the edges too much. The folding should look like a parabola and not rectangles.
  • Then cut the paper in a circle. Pick the size of the circle according to the satin paper.
  • Then keep the paper as the base and stick the satin ribbon on it in the shape of a flower.
  • Finally, decorate the center of the satin ribbon flower with either pearl, Kundan buttons, thermocol balls, stones, etc.
  • When you are done with the decoration, stick the rakhi thread at the other side of the paper.

Your rakhi is ready. You can choose the colour of the satin ribbon according to your brother’s favourite colour. However, it is better to use bright colours.

2. Paper Rakhi Making

If you want to know how to make rakhi with chart paper, here is the answer. It is one of the easiest rakhi making ideas at home. The materials required are usually present at homes. So you do not have to step out for anything.

Materials Required

  • Colourful Papers
  • Small Stones
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Double tape
  • Rakhi Thread

Steps to Follow

  • First of all, cut the paper pieces into squares ( 5*5). You can keep the size and colour according to your wish. However, make sure that each piece is of equal size.
  • Then decorate it according to your will. You can outline it with stones or glitters. However, try to avoid glitters because they are harmful to the environment. You can also use colourful tape to mark the borders of square pieces.
  • Then take a rakhi thread and stick it to the end of one of the squares.
  • Stick the double tape in the center of that square. Then place another square piece above it in a cross pattern. Do not put them above each other in a straight line. Also, do not add more than 4 square pieces in one rakhi. Each should have contrasting colours.
  • Then decorate the topmost square with some more stones or materials of your choice.

Your rakhi is ready. Everyone will love this paper rakhi making. You will also enjoy the process a lot.

3. Cartoon/Superhero Rakhi

If your brother is a Doraemon fan or a Shaktiman fan, make him a customized rakhi. Through this kids rakhi making, you can make a special rakhi surprise. The process is also simple.

Materials Required

  • Paper
  • Foam base
  • Scissor
  • Sketch pens/Paint colours
  • Glue
  • Rakhi thread

Steps to Follow

  • First of all, draw a doodle of your brother’s favourite cartoon or a superhero on paper. Make sure that the doodle is small because it will come in the center of rakhi.
  • Then colour the cartoon to make it attractive.
  • Then cut the shape of foam, as a base, according to the shape of a cartoon or paper.
  • Then stick the paper on the foam with glue.
  • At last, attach the rakhi thread with the other side of the foam.

Your customized rakhi is ready. If it is difficult for you to draw, you can also make simple shapes, such as hearts, flowers, etc. You can also print a small cartoon and cut it. Then stick it to the foam. It will make your work easier. You will save a lot of time and energy.

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4. Flower Shape Rakhi

If you are looking for rakhi making ideas at home that require minimum materials, then this rakhi is for you. Also, if you are not good at art, this rakhi is there to help you. Here is how to make rakhi with chart paper?

Materials Required

  • Chart paper/ piece of paper
  • Satin Ribbon/rakhi thread
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • 3D Stickers

Steps to Follow

  • Have you ever made a circular fan from paper? In this rakhi, you have to do the same thing.
  • First of all, make a circular fan of radius around 3 cm, then make a smaller one of about 2 cm. Choose two different colour papers for the same. Make sure that the two colours compliment each other well.
  • Then stick the center of the smaller circle above the center of the bigger one with help of glue.
  • Then stick the rakhi thread to the other end of the circular fan.
  • To enhance the look of rakhi, stick a suitable 3D stick in the center.

Your rakhi making design is complete. You can also decorate the border of the circular fan with either glitters or satin ribbon.

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5. Foam Rakhi

Instead of paper, if you want to make a rakhi from foam, here is a rakhi making design for you. It requires minimal materials and crafting skills. Here is the process.

Materials Required

  • Foam
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Satin Ribbon

Steps to Follow

  • To make this design, cut the foam sheet into a circle. Use a designer scissor to get a wavy border.
  • Then cut another circle, smaller in radius, different in colour, and same in pattern than the previous one.
  • Then stick the two circles one above the other ( keep the smaller one above the larger one).
  • Instead of rakhi thread, stick the satin ribbon to the other end of the foam.
  • In the end, you can decorate the smaller circle with glitters or stones.

Your rakhi is ready. This rakhi will look good on kids.

So, these were some of the rakhi making ideas at home. You can either make a single design for all your brothers or you can pick different designs for each brother.


This guide will help you in preparing paper rakhi for your brother. This year Rakhi is on 22nd August. You can make lots of rakhi until that time. So, do not wait and get ready with your crafting skills to design beautiful rakhis.

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