Raksha Bandhan is the most adorable and purest festival celebrated on the globe to cherish the relationship of brother and sister. On this day, according to the Hindu Rituals, sisters’ have to tie a knot talisman or amulet known as ‘Rakhi’. The thread has been tied with a responsibility that a brother will always protect his sister. Moreover, the eve has been made graceful by exchanging gifts and sweets and spreading love everywhere. The expression ‘Raksha Bandhan’ has been derived from Sanskrit, which means ‘A Bond of Protection, Obligation, and Care.’

The worth of this ethical and sterling festival has been taught in schools and institutions by organizing some events or competitions in contrast to teach them the value of the eve and especially the tranquillity and honourable thread ‘Rakhi’. For kids, there are competitions like handmade rakhi designs, card making, gift wrapping, etc. In this article, we will discuss the ideas regarding handmade rakhi designs for kids.

Handmade rakhi designs are made with the purity of heart and by putting one’s love wholly in that. There are numerous rakhi’s available in the market easily with various designs. The availability of rakhi’s in the market is inexhaustible. It is not always that one can find it easy to make a handmade rakhi because there is a flood of ideas for rakhi designs, but in this article, you will find the latest designs regarding handmade rakhi.

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Handmade Rakhi Designs

Making a rakhi by hand is not easy, but making designs with various waste materials is quite interesting. There are rakhi-making materials available at the market, but they also cost you. So, instead of buying it, you can make handmade rakhi with some waste material. So, let us have a look at how to make handmade rakhi with waste material.

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Rakhi with Waste Material

Firstly, to make handmade rakhi you need some material. And that material is mentioned below :

  • Glue
  • Water Colors
  • Newspaper
  • Glace Paper
  • Waste thermocol from boxes
  • Ribbon
  • Thread (Mauli)
  • Stones
  • Paper quilling panels, if not available, make thin strips from waste newspaper
  • Designer Mirrors (small in size)

Below mentioned are some of the designs through which you can make the best out of waste handmade rakhi. These new ways can make a rakhi look adorable and lovable.

  • Firstly, cut out a circle from the waste newspaper, and it must be medium in size. Now, paint it with some watercolours, whichever you wish to paint. After painting the paper with your favourite colour, you can cut a similar circle of the same shape from the waste foam or thermocol. Now, paste the paper circle on the foam and let it dry.

Secondly, you have to paste the medium size on the bottom of the thermocol and stick a little paper below it to firm the thread on the thermocol. Now, you can make a flower with a pen or pencil on the pasted paper or create different designs with the stones. Stones like the one you find on the suits of ladies or dupattas. Those small stones can make your rakhi look beautiful. Now, your handmade rakhi is ready.

  • Another way to make the latest rakhi with another attractive design is with a thread (Mauli). This is the best handmade rakhi design for kids. As it is easy to make and the material is quickly available at home.

Firstly, take the tread of red colour and make small spirals with it. One can take help from their elders to learn how to make the spirals. After making the spirals, cut the foam into a similar shape and size. Now, paste the spiral on the foam and fix it firmly, and leave it to get dry. After that, you can paste a medium-size thread,i.e15cm, beneath the foam and fix it by pasting a small piece of paper on it. Then, leave that rakhi to be ready after getting dry. Afterwards, if you want to groom that rakhi more, you can paste small glass mirrors or stones on the spiral thread. It will make your rakhi more elegant.

That is how you can make rakhi from waste materials. Even making rakhi through waste material makes an individual more innovative.

Latest Rakhi Designs for Kids 2021

In 2021, one can find numerous ideas to make handmade rakhi, but you can invest your time by putting your thoughts and making it more innovative. Some of the latest and best rakhi designs have elucidated below :

  • Like we sew any cloth with thread and needle, in the same way, one can put the thread (Mauli) in that thread and start putting some stones, elegant beads, etc. You can add small shells also to make it attractive. Now just stitch that rakhi also in the same way we sew any cloth. These kinds of rakhis are very elegant and pretty looking. Mostly, people get fascinated by these rakhi’s and buy them. So one can make these kinds of rakhi’s at home with your hand, by doing some hard work only.
  • If anyone is not having much time to make a rakhi with such hard work, one can make it through the material available in the market. That material is packed in a pouch, and one just has to paste all the things and combine them to look good in a decent manner. This is how rakhi’s can be made easily.

The above given are some of the easy ways kids can make handmade rakhi with some latest designs and inventions. Handmade rakhi is made with love. Every sister showers her love and blessings through that thread of rakhi. This purest festival has been celebrated with ease and with love everywhere in the surrounding. On this day, brothers symbolize protecting their sisters in any way. Handmade rakhis can make that bond stronger and stalwart. Kids can follow the given instructions to make the handmade rakhi either for the competitions or for celebrating the festival. And this is how you can create various handcrafted rakhis at home.

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