Is your kid an art lover? If yes, why not use their skills in designing cards on Rakhsha Bandhan. If they are confused about the rakhi card making ideas. This article will help.

Through this article, you will know some of the easy and simple card making ideas for rakhi.

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Rakhi Card Making Ideas for Kids

For the occasion of Rakha Bandhan, you can make cards for various purposes. You can make a welcome card for your siblings, you can make a congratulation card if your siblings have achieved something big recently, you can make an encouraging card if they are going through a tough phase in their life.

So, here are some of the card making ideas for rakhi that will guide you in making all these types of cards.

1. Chocolicious Cards

This card will look as attractive as its name suggests. It is a card full of chocolates. Whether your sibling is older or younger, chocolate is everybody’s favourite. So, you can make this card for them and surprise them with your skills.

Material Required

  • Card paper ( choose attractive colours like blue)
  • Some of your siblings favourite chocolates
  • Double-sided tape
  • Glitter pens
  • Other decorative items

Steps to Follow

  • Pick the blank card paper. They come with two sheets that mean a total of four sides. So, start decorating each paper separately.
  • On the first sheet, you can write ‘From _____ To ______’ and decorate it with colourful tapes, stickers, etc.
  • Then on the middle pages, write a beautiful wish for your sibling and draw something for them( a doodle, heart shapes, etc.).
  • Also, stick two small chocolates at the bottom of the middle page.
  • Then on the last page, stick chocolates according to the size of the card. You can attach mini candies, chocolates, wafers, etc.

Your chocolicious card is ready. Pack the card in an envelope and seal it. It is one of the easiest rakhi card making ideas.

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2. Lollipop Sprinkle Cards

Another creative card making idea for rakhi is a lollipop sprinkle card. The colourful sprinkles can make any person happy. Here is how to make this card.

Materials Required

  • Single Sheet Card Paper
  • Colourful Paper
  • Sprinkles ( artificial)
  • Thermocol balls
  • Colourful Pens
  • Ice-cream sticks

Steps to Follow

  • Instead of two sheets, pick one blank card sheet.
  • On the first side, write a wish or a note for your sibling. You can decorate the pages with doodles, stickers, etc.
  • Then cut three to four circles from the colour sheets.
  • With the help of glue, stick sprinkles on the circle. Do not cover the entire circle, only cover half of it with sprinkles.
  • Then stick these circles on the other side of the paper. Add the ice cream sticks at the ends of the circles. Your sprinkled lollipops are ready.
  • If the page is looking blank, stick colourful thermocol at adequate distances.

Your lollipop sprinkle card is ready. Using an envelope is your choice. Your siblings will love this creative idea.

3. Welcome Card

If you do not wish to give a card, you can prepare a welcome card for your siblings. Here is the process.

Materials Required

  • 3D Stickers
  • Colourful pens
  • Colourful tapes
  • Sketch pens
  • A cardholder

Steps to Follow

  • Since it is a welcome card, make sure you have a stand on which you can put a card at your doorstep.
  • Then select a thick paper sheet. Here you have to only decorate one sheet.
  • Begin with sticking colourful tapes in the centre. You can also use washi tape.
  • Once you have divided the card into two parts, write a short and crisp welcome note for your siblings. Use pens of different colours that look good together.
  • Then on the other half, use stickers ( you can use stickers of collars, caps, goggles, lipsticks, nail polishes, and other things related to your siblings).
  • Do not stick too many stickers, otherwise, the card might look messy.
  • Then give a final touch to the card by adding another paper with the help of double tape. You can either write the names of your siblings on it or you can write a line that describes the bond between you and your siblings.

Your welcome card is ready. The card will catch everyone’s eye. It will become a centre of attraction in your home.

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4. Picture Perfect Card

If you want to make a special customized card for your siblings, here is one of the best rakhi card making ideas for kids. The card requires minimum effort but looks most attractive.

Materials Required

  • A picture of your siblings together
  • Decorative items like stones, borders, etc.

Steps to Follow

  • Take a one-sheet card paper. Decorate the boundary with decorative borders. On the left side, paste a picture of your siblings together.
  • Then decorate the rest of the pages with other decoration materials like stones.
  • Write a wish on the other side of the paper. Decorate that side also with different materials.

You can add various twists to this card. For example, you can add a large picture in the centre and small ones, at various places. You can also make a card with four sheets, each full of pictures and wishes are written beside them. You can also make a card that shows the journey of you and your siblings since childhood. In this card, begin with sticking pictures of infants, then childhood, then young, and then adults. Your sibling will love the cards very much.

So, these are some of the ways to make cards on Raksha Bandhan.


There are tons of cards available in stores and on online platforms but handmade cards are special. Rakhi is on 22nd August, you have enough time to make these beautiful craft pieces. So, collect your crafting materials and get ready.

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