Teachers Day 2021 is soon. Since you took admission in school, you have either celebrated or at least heard of teachers’ day. It is the day to honour one of the least appreciated yet, the most significant professionals. If you carefully observe, without teachers, no other profession would exist. In fact, without teachers, you will even fail to read this article. So, you need to understand why we celebrate teachers day?

Through this article, you will learn various things, such as when teachers day is celebrated? When was the first teachers day celebrated? And various facts on teachers day celebration.

When is Teacher’s Day is Celebrated?

Most people already know the answer to the question, when teachers day is celebrated? Yes, it is celebrated on 5th September every year. In different parts of the world, the day is celebrated on different days and the reason behind it is also different. However, the significance remains the same, that is to honour teachers.

Have you heard of World Teachers Day? Every year September 7 is recognized as world teachers day. Now, you will know when was the first teachers day celebrated? And also why do we celebrate teachers day.

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Why do we Celebrate Teachers Day?

Teachers day celebrated on 5th September honour the contributions of Sarvapalli Radha Krishnan in the education field. Here are different facts about the person behind the day.

  • The day marks the birth anniversary of Sarvapalli Radha Krishnan, one of the greatest philosophers, teachers, statesmen, and guides.
  • Radha Krishnan was born on 5th September 1988. His birthplace is Tiruttani, a small town in Chennai
  • His financial condition was not good. His family struggled to meet basic human needs. However, this did not stop Radha Krishnan to become the person he is. His hobby was reading books. Although he was a shy boy, his intelligence level was unmatched.
  • Krishnan’s father wanted him to become a priest. However, his inclination towards studies and an excellent academic performance enabled him to study even after such a financial crisis. Most of the time, he studies on scholarship.
  • He was not interested in philosophy. However, he chose the subject to save some money because his cousin already has philosophy books. So, he does not have to pay for books.
  • Once he started studying Philosophy, he decided to excel in the field destiny has chosen for him.
  • After school, he took admission to Christian College in Chennai. There he studied philosophy and soon became one of the well-known philosophers.
  • After completing his master’s in Philosophy, in 1917, he penned a book ‘ The philosophy of Ravindranath Tagore’. The book gained global recognition and put the uniqueness of Indian Philosophy in front of the whole world.
  • Then he worked as a professor at Calcutta University and Chennai’s Presidency College. In both places, the students loved him. He was seen as one of the brilliant teachers.
  • After that, he also served in Banaras Hindu University and Andhra University as Vice-Chancellor. He also got recognition from Oxford University when the university approached him to take the position of Spalding professor of eastern religions. He was also elected as a fellow of the British Academy in 1939.
  • In 1952, Radha Krishnan became the first Vice-president of India. Later he provided his service as a president from 1962 till 1967.
  • In his presidential days, his friends as well as students requested him to celebrate his birthday. However, he said that he will be happier to see his birthday celebrated as teachers’ day. Since that time, 5th September has been celebrated across India as Teachers day.
  • In 1952, he was given the highest civilian honours, Bharat Ratna. In 1963, he received the British Order of Merit. He is also nominated for the Nobel prize 11 times.
  • During his lifetime, he wrote many books that inspire every section of society even today.
  • He died on April 17, 1975.

So, now you know when was the first teachers day celebrated and also why we celebrate teachers day. It is time to know the importance of happy teachers day, 2021.

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Significance of Teachers Day

Before understanding the significance of teachers’ day, here are some quotes or poems on teachers that will reveal the importance of teachers in one’s life.

  • “Teaching is more than imparting knowledge; it is inspiring change. Learning is more than absorbing facts; it is acquiring understanding.”—William Arthur Ward

  • “Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.” –Solomon Ortiz

  • “Everyone who remembers his own education remembers teachers, not methods and techniques. The teacher is the heart of the educational system.” –Sidney Hook

  • “Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together.” –Scott Hayden

  • “A good teacher is like a candle—it consumes itself to light the way for others.” –Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

  • “It’s the teacher that makes the difference, not the classroom.” –Michael Morpurgo

  • “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” –Mark Van Doren

  • “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” –Malcolm X

  • “I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework.” –Lily Tomlin

  • “Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them.” –Lady Bird Johnson

  • “Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges.” –Joyce Meyer

  • “To this end, the greatest asset of a school is the personality of the teacher.” –John Strachan

  • “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” –Henry B. Adams

  • “The best teacher of children, in brief, is one who is essentially childlike.” –H. L. Mencken

  • “If you have to put someone on a pedestal, put teachers. They are society’s heroes.” –Guy Kawasaki

  • “Good teachers are the ones who can challenge young minds without losing their own.” –Unknown

  • “The duties of a teacher are neither few nor small, but they elevate the mind and give energy to the character.” –Dorothea Dix

  • “The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called ‘truth’. –Dan Rather

  • “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instil a love of learning.” –Brad Henry

  • “Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best.” –Bob Talbert

And there are tons of such quotes that reveal the significance of teachers. Thus, it is vital to take a day and celebrate the most respected profession.


Teachers are known for their exemplary contribution to society. In earlier times, teachers were seen as gods. The generation has changed. How many people do not respect the profession? However, this does not change the fact and significance teachers play in the life of a person. So, this teachers day celebration, wish your ‘Gurus’, Happy Teachers Day, 2021 with love.

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