There’s nothing quite like making something one-of-a-kind, especially when you’re a youngster! Simple crafts for kids allow them to express themselves via creativity. They can be very cost-effective for parents and caretakers who want to deliver pleasant kids learning activities. There are plenty of craft ideas that are easy crafts to do at home. Kids are highly visual in their observations of the world around them, and they take in a great deal of information every day. By motivating their children to take part in kids learning activities, parents may have a deeper understanding of how they are thinking and feeling.

Easy Crafts to Do at Home

Take a look at all of these simple crafts for kids. These are wonderful as a quick exercise for bored youngsters, a brief distraction, and a creative project for kids. It’s wonderful to keep some of these on hand for after school, on weekends, or during vacations! These kid-friendly activities are simple, DIY, and can be completed using common household supplies. Some flashes of inspiration are all you need to start your creative ideas flowing. Mentioned below are three craft ideas and all of them are easy crafts to do at home.

1. DIY Tie Dye Shirts

Making tie-dye shirts is a fun activity to have on your child’s summer bucket list, and it’s not as difficult as it appears! Let’s learn how to tie-dye with kids and get some helpful hints, craft ideas, tie-dye patterns, and directions!

Things needed

  • Dye – at a local shop, you may purchase a kit or simply the dye.
  • White shirts or other dyeable items- cotton white shirts are ideal.
  • Lots and lots of rubber bands
  • Plastic bags – At least one each shirt, and a huge garbage bag to contain them all. Better to use two plastic bags per shirt.
  • Wearing used clothing while tie-dyeing – so it’s safe when kids accidentally splash colour on them.

Steps to follow

A swirl pattern is perhaps the most frequent tie-dye shirt design.

  1. Pinch the cloth in the centre of the t-shirt and lay it flat.
  2. Start twisting the cloth in a circular manner and keep going until the entire piece is twisted into a spiral form. The cloth will not automatically lay in the spiral as you approach closer to the conclusion. That’s okay.
  3. Rubber bands in wedges are used to bind the spiral.
  4. To dye, the cloth, start with a little amount of dye and apply it to the fabric.
  5. Now put the shirts in a bag, seal them, and let them dry overnight after applying the dye. If there are white spots remaining on the shirt, that’s completely fine, you’ll have white as part of your design).
  6. It’s probably plenty to leave them for six hours, but it’s best to leave them overnight so you can wash the tie-dye shirts the next morning and really allow the colour to set in.
  7. After your shirts have set, wash off the dye till the water drains clear, then remove the rubber bands if you used them for your design.
  8. Your shirt has to be washed and dried now! You may wash them on a gentle cycle in the washing machine without adding any other apparel.

Now is the moment to flaunt your tie-dye shirts and flaunt your masterpieces!

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2. DIY Bookmarks

Creating your own bookmarks at the end of the school year is a Simple craft for kids and also is a fantastic way to encourage your kids to read a lot during the summer! These are also easy crafts to do at home and a clever way to reuse artwork!

Things required

  • Artwork – make your own or repurpose old pieces. You can paint colours on pink poster paper.
  • Buttons
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Sticks and Hot Glue Gun

Steps to follow

  1. Make your own artwork. Make a design with poster paper or construction paper and paint or colour it!
  2. After you’ve finished your artwork (and it’s dry if you painted it!), it should be cut into strips that are about 5 inches long and 2 inches broad.
  3. Using your hot glue gun, attach buttons to the top of the bookmark.

You did an excellent job! You’re ready to go! Make as many bookmarks as you like, and have fun reading!

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3. DIY Yarn Vase

This wrapped yarn vase is an easy project that even toddlers and preschoolers can do. It makes excellent usage of your old glass jars while also teaching youngsters about environmental stewardship. You can bring it outside by displaying stunning flowers from your garden in your child’s charming Vase.

Things required

  • A glass jar that is clean and dry.
  • Woollen thread
  • White glue
  • Scissors (allow children to use them only while you are there)

Steps to follow

  1. Cut the wool into lengths around the length of your extended arm span.
  2. Start from the bottom of the jar, which is now at the top, and work your way up.
  3. Apply glue all around the exterior of the jar for the yarn to attach to, but we’ll do it in 3 cm portions to make it more practical and prevent it from drying out. As a result, apply adhesive to the first 3 centimetres of your jar.
  4. Start from the bottom of the jar with a strand of wool, keep the end in place with a slight press of your finger, and wrap the remaining yarn around the jar. The ideal approach is to keep the wool steady with one hand while spinning the jar with the other. Test to see which method is the most convenient for you. Don’t forget to spin the jar while holding the unglued portion; otherwise, you’ll wind up with a sticky mess.
  5. After 4 or 5 spins, gently press the strands together to seal any gaps.
  6. Do the same process with another piece of wool, starting right from you left off with the last one.
  7. You’ll possibly discover it simpler to flip the jar back up the proper way and keep working from the bottom to the top once you’ve gotten halfway down. You’ll be able to simply hold on to the unglued top part for rotating.
  8. Continue till the jar is coated, then set it aside to dry.

Anyone can make countless variations of this idea by utilizing various jar shapes and sizes, as well as various wools, fabrics, yarns, and ribbons. A simple DIY crafts for kids for making a Pretty Vase that can be used anywhere around the house.

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4. Summing Up

Arts and crafts provide several advantages for children, ranging from assisting them in socializing and expressing themselves to assisting them in developing other abilities and thinking critically. So, if you want your child to have a good time while reaping all of these benefits, encourage them to participate in such kids learning activities-they are both enjoyable and beneficial, and your child will love developing their own imagination.

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