Olympiad for kids is now being introduced in all the reputed schools across the country for students to participate and help bring the best out of their students. Olympiad exams are beneficial for students in the long run as it helps to develop the skills and learning abilities like problem-solving skills, analytical thinking, etc in the forefront. It allows students to push and challenge themselves to perform the best in their exams.

Olympiad exams for children also aids in instilling the desire to learn and develop an attitude for learning within them. This is because it gives students an opportunity to grab a scholarship that can aid them in getting admission to prestigious and coveted institutes in the country. Parents and teachers should encourage their students to participate in such competitive exams to help build their personality and a new skill set.

Benefits Of Olympiad Exams

Conceptual Clarity

One of the main reasons to enrol your kid into olympiad exams is that it focuses on conceptual clarity and enables your child to build a strong foundation of various subjects and topics from a very early age. The exam allows your kid to get a strong foothold and provides them with skills to comprehend all types of questions. Having conceptual clarity will further aid your child to pursue their desired field and perform well in various other competitive exams.

Olympiad Exam for Kids

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Helps Develop Self Confidence

Olympiad exams are held nationally and internationally every year. These exams also motivate students and recognise their efforts, thereby helping them to develop self-confidence within themselves. It encourages kids to tackle and handle challenges to the best of their ability.

Encourages Learning New Skills

Olympiad exams encourage children to be creative and look at the problem from various perspectives rather than sticking to the traditional ways of getting answers to common questions. Kids of all ages are encouraged to solve problems from different angles easily and effectively. Hence, Olympiad exams aid children to explore and learn new skills to arrive at the correct answer.

Aids in Self Learning

It is a skill that has long-term benefits. Olympiad exams allow children to learn for the test at their own pace and also for self-learning for their exams. By monitoring your kid’s performance regularly, you can help them fare better in their impending test. Your kid can also take help from online learning platforms to learn new tricks and tips to boost self-learning.

Enhances Academic Performance

The syllabus of the Olympiad exams is identical to the existing school syllabus. Therefore, students are mostly studying and learning the same topics. When they are practising for the Olympiad exams, they are simultaneously preparing for the school syllabus. It allows students to enhance their academic performance directly and help them score good results in school too.

Analytical Thinking

Olympiad exams are designed to develop the problem-solving ability of children. Logical reasoning is a part of the Olympiad syllabus. Hence, it allows students to open their thinking abilities to answer questions based on number series, diagrams, etc, and use their intellect more profoundly and efficiently. The children are pushed towards analyzing and participating in the brainstorming sessions to arrive at the correct answers to the asked question.

How to Prepare for Olympiad Exam

Helps to Recognize Child’s Interest

Olympiad exams are conducted for various subjects such as the English Olympiad, Essay Olympiad, Maths Olympiad, General Knowledge Olympiad, etc. When practising for the exam, parents and teachers can recognize a child’s interest by how he or she is performing in the different subjects. They can thereby push children in their field of interest to become a successful individual later in life.

The above-discussed benefits are only among the few. Many parents are stressed and confused about what an Olympiad is for kids and how to prepare their children for such an exam. Some parents think that these exams require special preparation and they have no idea how to help their child with such exams. However, that is not the case. Listed below are a few pointers to prepare for the Olympiad exams for children.

 Understand the Syllabus

It is the first step for preparing for the Olympiad exams. Browse through the syllabus online and get a clear idea of the topics that your child needs to prepare. You can visit the official website and check the syllabus of the subjects that your child will be appearing for in the exam. It will also aid you in getting an insight into the exam pattern that your child needs preparation for.

Make a Study Plan

To successfully crack the Olympiad exams, you must prepare a study plan to ensure that your child can finish the syllabus in a time-bound manner. Starting early with your exam preparation will give you a head start and guarantee that you have ample time to practise and grasp concepts and topics in depth. Your child will also have enough time to revise for the exam, thereby ensuring good results.

Solve Previous Question Paper

Practising solving the previous year’s paper is a great way to understand your child’s strength and weakness of various topics of the chosen subject. These are great resources to help them prepare for the impending test. You can also use study material like an online mock test, sample paper, etc. to help improve their knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Focus on Conceptual Clarity

Olympiad exams are all about conceptual clarity, and you must focus on helping your child get a detailed understanding of the various topics and subjects to perform well in the exam. It will help build a strong foundation for your child through the early age of learning. It is best to stick to the syllabus and help them grasp topics through logical reasoning to help them in answering tricky questions. Making study notes is a great way to introduce complex topics to your child.

Have Time for Revision

Revision is vital as it helps the child retain their knowledge and understanding of the chosen subject. It will also help to identify your child’s trouble area to help improve their performance.


The Olympiad exam for kids is held by various foundations from class 1 to class 10. Students from all different parts of the country participate in large numbers. Olympiad exams are focused on building aptitude amongst young learners and help them in developing new skills on the way. The scholarship programs are available for both online and annual school exam as well. There are tons of benefits associated with Olympiad exams and help develop your child’s career.

The Real School Of Montessori focuses on providing personalized learning tools to help them achieve excellence in their exam. The faculty is learnt and has vast experience in the field and offers a learner-centre approach to help the students identify their ability and skills. They also provide feedback to help them focus on their problem area and turn their weakness into strength. For more details and course fee, visit the official website.

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