The Olympiad Exams are conducted to assess the logical reasoning skills and conceptual understanding in children. This exam is generally conducted for the students of class 1 to 10 on the state as well as international level. The question paper of class 1st to class 4th consists of 35 questions of 50 marks, while the class 5th to class 10th consists of 50 questions of 50 marks.

The majority of the students participate in this examination, and the objective is to analyse their ability with the core subjects such as English, Maths and Science. Here, they get to choose the subject as per their interest. These examinations are conducted online as well as offline, and the dates are different for each pattern.

Generally, students prepare for the Olympiad examination round the year. As a parent, you would be worried about the performance of your kid in this exam. Here also, children need to put in their efforts and hard work similar to other competitive exams. But how can you help your children do their best in this examination? Here are a few tips which will help you on how to prepare kids for the Olympiad exam?

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Helpful Tips in Preparing Kids for Olympiad Exams

Get to Know the Syllabus

The very first step that you would need to take is to understand the syllabus. We understand that your child needs to prepare for the examination, but since you will be helping your child prepare, it is vital to get to know about the syllabus. You can check the syllabus on the official website of the Olympiad and go through the same. You can take down the list of the topics that your kid needs to study. You can discuss these topics with him in detail and make a preparation plan accordingly.

How to Prepare Kids for Olympiad Exams

Practice the Previous Question Papers

Here, the second tip is to practice with the previous question papers. Make sure your kid gets all the required resources to prepare and practice for the Olympiad examination. There are various sources through which you can get the sample papers, previous question papers and workbooks. Practising with the previous question papers would help your kid understand the examination’s format and structure. Solving the sample test papers regularly will boost his confidence, and it would be easy for him to go for the actual examination.

Understand the Concepts 

Generally, the syllabus of the Olympiad examination is based on the school syllabus, but few concepts covered in the examination are not part of the school syllabus. Hence make sure your kid understands each topic and its logic in depth. If you refer to the sample papers or previous question papers, you will notice that this exam consists of more practical questions. Hence it is essential to let your child prepare each topic thoroughly.

Plan the Preparation

You might have seen many students start preparing for the examination at the last moment. But with this, they can lose on many things as it is not possible to cover the whole syllabus in a couple of days. Hence, the golden rule is to start early with the right planning. Help your child prepare a study plan so that he can cover all the syllabus topics and give enough time for practice. You can prepare a schedule for him which would cover all the subjects along with the required breaks. Make sure he follows it and sticks to it. Following the right study schedule would help your kid to achieve the desired results in the examination.

Keep the Revision Notes Handy 

It might not be possible to revise everything at the last moment. Hence, it is advisable to keep them handy for the same. You can ask your kid to prepare notes for important points while studying. You can ask him to keep this book with him. Keeping these revision notes handy would help him to revise the topics quickly at the last moment during the examination. You can ask him to prepare a separate copy of notes for each subject.

Manage the Time Effectively

 Let your child understand the value of time. Preparing for the Olympiad exam for kids could be difficult, but with the right time management and plan, your child can easily achieve great results. You can teach your kid to use the time effectively. Make sure he starts early for the preparation. You can also discuss with your teachers the required time to prepare for each topic. You can ask your child to create a timetable and assign a specific time for each topic. This would help him to cover all the topics and give ample time for the revision as well.

Practice Regularly

Practice is the key to perfection. This theory is applicable while preparing for the Olympiad for kids as well. Make sure your kid practices every day. Once you prepare the timetable, make a preparation plan, and then make sure he follows it every day. It is crucial to devote a certain time to each topic every day. Once done studying with every topic, make sure they start with revision and solve the sample test papers every day. Regular oral & written practice will boost their skills & experience for the exam and help them cover the syllabus shortly to get enough revision time.

Helpful Tips for Olympiad Exams

Keep Your Kid Motivated

Preparing for the competitive examination can be tiring, and hence, kids can give up at the last minute. Olympiad examination requires in-depth preparation along with full concentration. Make sure you develop the right attitude in your child to prepare for such situations. Let them learn to believe in themselves and build up their self-confidence that requires any of such examinations on their own. Make sure they get enough sleep every day to start fresh every morning. Create a happy & healthy environment at home that help them to focus better on their learning. If you need an answer to how to prepare kids for Olympiad, then this would be very important to consider.


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