Not all children are created equal. Some kids are born with a natural aptitude for math and problem solving, while others are athletic and social. The brain is a constantly changing organ that can learn new skills from an early age, despite the fact that our genes play a role in a lot of it.

The primary goal of this study on general mental ability was to identify the different types of nonverbal problem-solving abilities among elementary school students.

The positive and negative experiences they had during these formative years have been shown to have a long-term impact on their minds.

Mental Ability Questions for Class 8

A mental ability test, also called a mental aptitude test, assesses a student’s overall potential and helps identify their strengths and weaknesses. It assesses different skill sets using a variety of questions that are based on a variety of abstract topics and must be answered within a certain amount of time.

When taking a mental ability test, students must use their presence of mind and logical reasoning skills. As a result, these tests assist students in developing skills that are required at various stages of life in order to build a career.

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Entrance Tests Based on Mental Ability

Today’s top recruiters in the job market are those looking for positions in finance, analytics, software programming, and other related fields. Written tests are used by all of these companies to narrow down candidates for their interview process.

The mental ability test, also known as an aptitude test, is undoubtedly one of the stages of these tests. As a result, if you want a job, you can’t afford to ignore mental ability questions.

Interviews Based on Mental Ability

The chance of the best-performing aspirants has been agreed on by a puzzle or a guesstimate asked during their interview. A puzzle, they believe, is the best way to assess a candidate’s problem-solving abilities.

Puzzles are, without a doubt, the best way to test one’s abilities, especially given the time constraints.

Mental Ability Topics





#Number System

#Rule Detection

#Statement Conclusion

#Statement Analysis

#Inserting Missing Number

#Coding Decoding

#Direction Test



#Blood Relations


#Reasoning and Aptitude

#Dot Situation

#Cubes and Dice

#Paper Folding and Paper Cutting

#Embedded Figures, Construction of squares, Figure formation.

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Question and Answer 1

The distance between two milestones is 230 kilometres, and two cars set out in opposite directions from the milestones, with a distance of 20 kilometres between them after three hours. Find the speed of each car if one car’s speed is 10 km/h slower than the other.

  1. A) 25 km/h, 40 km/h
  2. B) 40 km/h, 50 km/h
  3. C) 20 km/h, 40 km/h
  4. D) 30 km/h, 40 km/h
  5. E) None of these

Correct Answer: D

Question and Answer 2

A store has enough provisions to last for 21 days for a certain number of men. How many days will it last for one-seventh of the men?

  1. A) 147
  2. B) 158
  3. C) 129
  4. D) 174
  5. E) None of these

Correct Answer: A

Question and Answer 3

64×2+9y248xy is equal to which of the following expressions?

  1. A) (8x+3y)2
  2. B) (5x−y)2
  3. C) (8x−3y)2
  4. D) (5x−2y)2
  5. E)  None of these

Correct Answer: C

Solution : Explanation Option [c] is correct. 64×2+9y2−48xy=(8x)2+(3y)2−2.8x.3y=(8x−3y)2

Question and Answer 4

A polyhedron is made up of six vertices and twelve edges. It’s a:

  1. A) tetrahedron
  2. B) octahedron
  3. C) icosahedron
  4. D) dodecahedron
  5. E) None of these

Correct Answer: B

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Question and Answer 5

A parallelogram-shaped flooring tile with a base of 24 cm and a height of 10 cm is available. How many of these tiles are needed to cover a 1080m2 floor? (You can split the tiles in any way you want to fill in the corners if necessary.)

  1. A) 30,000
  2. B) 40,000
  3. C) 45,000
  4. D) 60,000
  5. E) None of these

Correct Answer: C

Question and Answer 6

A 15-meter-long and 12-meter-wide hall. If the sum of the areas of the roof and bottom adds up the sum of the areas of the four walls, then what is the volume of the hall is: .

  1. A) 720m3
  2. B) 900m3
  3. C) 1200m3
  4. D) 1800m3
  5. E) None of these

Correct Answer: C

Question and Answer 7

An iron pipe has a 25-cm external diameter and a 20-cm length. Calculate the total surface area of a pipe with a thickness of 1 cm.

  1. A) 3267cm2
  2. B) 3384cm2
  3. C) 3224cm2
  4. D) 3168cm2
  5. E) None of these

Correct Answer: D

Mental Ability Questions Tricks and Tips

There is no fixed theory to solve mental ability problems, unlike physics and mathematics. As a result, kids must use a variety of approaches for various types of questions.

To solve any mental ability problem, one must first carefully read the question. If you’re working on a data interpretation problem, for example, try to analyse the data thoroughly before drawing any conclusions.

The following are the most frequently asked questions about this section. Learn how to solve the questions.

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Blood Relation Questions

Assign symbols to different family members to create a tree diagram. You can assign a circle to the mother, a square to the father, and so on. Draw the symbols of the members mentioned in the problem as you read the questions. This will assist you in obtaining accurate answers to blood relation questions.

Coding and Decoding Questions

The majority of coding-decoding questions follow a specific pattern to solve the problem. The pattern is the key to solving coding and decoding questions, whether they are letter codes or substitution questions.

Jumbled Paragraph Questions

The first sentence of the paragraph must be identified by you. The first word of the sentence is crucial because it introduces the topic. Identify the final sentence in the same way. This will assist you in obtaining a 50% answer to the para jumble question.

Assertion and Reason Questions

A normal statement appears in the assertion section of the question. The question’s reason section provides an explanation or statement about the assertion. They are given four options from which to choose the correct response.

Candidates must determine whether the assertions and reasons are true or false, and then select the appropriate option.

Direction Questions

There are four cardinal directions in addition to the four main directions. Drawing a diagram of the four main directions—North, South, East, and West—is the best way to solve a direction problem. While reading the question, continue to add people and directions to the diagram.


Parents who believe their children can do better in school must work even harder to improve their children’s general mental ability test scores. They can be more open about their expectations for their child if they believe their child has the right kind of intelligence.

Some parents may also require the services of private tutors to assist their children with their schoolwork. When parents lead by example, their children will follow in their footsteps.

Hopefully, this article is helpful in both explaining what a mental ability test entails and emphasising the significance of this test, which is increasingly becoming a key component of almost every screening process. That concludes the section on mental ability tests. If you have any doubts please leave a comment below or contact us.

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