General knowledge is a non-avoidable aspect of education. Kids with the knowledge of their surroundings remain aware and perform comparatively better in life than the kids with only academic knowledge. The thing here to note is, general knowledge for kids might not directly benefit them but, the process of learning it will help.

Now, you may wonder what is general knowledge for kids? and how to improve general knowledge for kids. This article will help you to understand these things. Through this article, you will know what should be the general knowledge topics for 5 years old kids?

Benefits of General Knowledge for Kids

Before understanding its benefit, it is vital to know what is general knowledge for kids?

General knowledge is the study of social and cultural events of the past and present. It is wholesome learning about the world and its various theories, policies, ideas, thoughts, inventions, discoveries, polity, and geography.

If you are not sure whether you should teach your kids GK or not. Here is guidance for parents regarding the benefits of general knowledge for kids.

1. Knowledge Encourages More Knowledge:

To understand this statement, consider the following example:

The human body requires at least 8litres of water regularly. However, not every individual drinks this much amount of water. Thus, face various health problems. You might have taken a resolution for drinking your daily water dose. Initially, it takes a lot of effort. But as soon as you start drinking water, your body starts demanding more of it.

Similarly, if you include GK in your kid’s learning process, they will demand more knowledge. Their love for general knowledge will grow stronger with age.

2. Improved Mental Processes

When kids learn something new, the circulation of knowledge-based stimulants increases in their minds. Stimulants boost thinking capacity. It also encourages communication skills, perception skills, and comprehensive skills. It generates creative and objective thinking.

If kids keep practising GK, their mental processes stay in action. Along with the dedication of kids, your effort towards their betterment also matters. If you remain consistent with their progress, their growth process becomes faster.

3. Boost confidence and self-esteem

A hidden benefit of GK is that it boosts a child’s confidence. If you know about the happenings of the world, you will stay confident. Humans are afraid of social interactions when they are not well-informed. If a kid possesses the knowledge, he/she faces the world boldly without hesitation.

Self-esteem and confidence go hand-in-hand. If you possess self-esteem, you will feel confident. It is crucial to respect and honour yourself before anyone else. General knowledge helps a lot in it.

These are some of the countless benefits of GK for kids. Most parents cannot help their kids because of a lack of information on topics for kids. Hence, the subsequent section deals with some of the vital GK topics.

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4. General Knowledge Topics for 5 Years Old Kids?

General knowledge is a field that covers uncountable topics. Its scope is so immense that no human can cover the entire general knowledge. But kids do not need to learn everything. Here is an answer to what should be the general knowledge topics for 5 years old kids? This classification focuses on the needs of a kid. It will act as a guidance for parents looking forward to teaching gk to their kids

5. Current Affairs

Current affairs is a vast field. It includes the present state of the world. From the events going on in the arctic to the antarctic, everything comes under the current affair. The term current affair is a collision of two words, ‘current’ and ‘affair’. Current means present, while affair means events worth noticing.

  • The current affair incorporates information on:
    • science and technology (innovations and discoveries)
    • space ( new satellites launched, a new moon or Mars mission)
    • politics( prime ministers, presidents, state ministers of different parts of the world)
    • polity ( a new bill passed in the parliament)
    • geography ( any natural disaster).

If you wonder how to improve general knowledge for kids, then you might look for quiz games. They help a lot.

6. History

History covers a significant portion of kids’ GK fields. They involve the events that happened in the past in a particular area. It also covers popular events of international importance like world war 1 and 2. The history your kid needs to know depends on your residing country.

7. Fashion

This may not seem like a field with educational importance, but it is vital for personality growth. It includes the ongoing events in the film industry. It also covers the current fashion trends like pantsuits, hats, and airport looks. To cope-up with the present world, you need to stay aware of the ongoing trends.

8. Geography

In simple terms, geography is the physical features of an area. It includes climate, weather, altitudes, latitudes, location, and physical characteristics of a place. At an early age, kids should know about the continent and hemisphere of their country.

8. Space and Environment

It is a subcategory of geography. It includes the knowledge of space. The universe is a giant subject to learn but, for kids learning about stars, the sun, and the planets is enough. The environment includes the four layers of the atmosphere, the name and amount of gases present on earth, the ozone layer, and various pollutions.

9. General Science

Kids should know about some basic scientific terms like photosynthesis, respiration, precipitation, evaporation, etc. They should know about sunrise and sunset, the twinkling of stars, the food chain, and the food web.

Once the kids are well aware of these things, you can extend the limit to include broader fields, such as prehistoric life and different eras, such as the Jurassic era, Triassic era, Mesozoic era, Cenozoic era, etc. You can also teach them about national parks and wildlife sanctuaries of the world and nation. You can teach them about the epics, such as Ramayan and Mahabharat. You can read holy texts to them.

All these things will contribute to the holistic development of your toddler.

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How to Improve General Knowledge for Kids?

Now you are aware of the role gk plays in a kid’s life and various GK fields for them. If you want to prepare a quiz for kids, you can use the sphere mentioned in the above section. These fields include the syllabus they read in school along with some extra knowledge required for growth. You can prepare different types of fun quizzes to check your kid’s progress. For an independent and confident life, GK is a compulsory thing to know.


Along with the events, kids should also know about the threats to earth. The increasing risk to nature poses a potential threat to human life. If kids know about it in their childhood, they will work towards sustainable development. They will grow up respecting nature and obeying its limitations.

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