The mental ability of every child is different. You can’t assume a child’s capabilities by visualizing his/her ethics or some other child’s abilities. This is the reason that every child is not treated equally. You can watch that a few students are born with a natural aptitude for math and problem solving, while some others are extremely fit, enthusiastic, and gregarious.

Well, our brain is the most powerful and changeable organ. It gradually changes and absorbs skills by growing. You can learn comparatively larger things from earlier to the growing age. If you want to measure your mental ability, here are the mental ability questions for class 9. You can see your brain’s capabilities and can work on upgrading them for the future.

The mental ability of kids is important to check to see their future functioning. The intellectual talents of a child can be developed by boosting them. You must not leave a single opportunity to enhance your general mental ability. Let’s start with one such opportunity for you.

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What is Mental Ability?

Well, you might be thinking, what is mental ability? It is often heard but its testing process and definition are given here. Mental ability refers to gaining or retaining information, knowledge, the ability to grasp the facts and meaning of your action, and the presence of the traits (capacity, ability, and power) mandatory to get something done are all examples of mental ability.

According to a study carried out by Harvard University, the Preschool Project said that the relevance of personal experiences along with the mental assistance of the skills of kids aged from 1.5 years to 9 years is extremely high and significant.

You can take a mental ability test to check your skills for different spheres. Several mental ability topics are available online to benefit the student’s future.

General Mental Ability

The general mental ability can be traced in almost all the students. It is the normal capabilities that a child has to carry out different functions. It can be modified by the negative and positive impacts on the life of the kids. Mental ability is very essential for every child. It is counted among the significant elements of functional capacity for a worker.

Every aspect and field requires mental capabilities. If you can remember the concepts, have creativity, use different tactics for the questions, you can become a worthy and good person because of your mental capacity. So, let’s work on this magnificent factor to grow up better.

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Mental Ability Questions for Class 9

#1. The point at which the two coordinate axes meet is called

#a. The abscissa

#b. The ordinate

#c. The origin

#d. The quadrant

#2  A is the brother of B. B is the brother of C. D is the father of A. Based on these three statements, which of the following statements cannot be true?

#a. A is the brother of C

#b. C is the brother of A

#c. B is the brother of A

#d. B is the son of D

#e. A, B, and C are D’s children

#3. The zeroes of the polynomial p(x) = x2 – 3x are

#a. 0,0

#b. 0,3

#c. 0,-3

#d. 3,-3

#4. Much of the countryside ………. flooded.

#a. was

#b. were

#c. are

#d. have been

#5. Which one of the following was the main occupation of the majority of Russia’s people?

#a. Mining

#b.Cattle grazing

#c. Agriculture

#d. Fishing

#6. When did Parvez Musharaf issue a legal Framework order in Pakistan?

#a. 1999

#b. 2000

#c. 2002

#d. 2004

#7. Neither he nor I ……………mistaken.

#a. was

#b. us

#c. are

#d. can

#8. If (x + 2) and (x – 1) are factors of (x3 + 10×2 + mx + n), then

#a. m=5, n=-3

#b. m=7, n=-18

#c. m=17, n=-8

#d. m=23, n=-19

#9. Who teaches you English?

#a. By whom are you taught English?

#b. Who was taught by you?

#c. Who is taught by you?

#d. By whom were you taught English?

#10. Which of the following is the highest peak in the Western Ghats?

#a. Dada Betta

#b. Shevroy Hills

#c. Javadi Hills

#d. Anai Mudi

#11. Mohit stands on the top of a tower of height h meters and from there he drops a ball. The ball takes T seconds to breach the ground. What is the position of the ball in T/3 seconds?

#a. h/9 meters from the ground

#b. 7h/9 meters from the ground

#c. 8h/9 meters from the ground

#d. None of these

#12. If the displacement of an object is proportional to the square of time, then the object moves with

#a. Uniform velocity

#b. Uniform acceleration

#c. Increasing acceleration

#d. Decreasing acceleration

#13. Which two signs should be interchanged to make the following equation correct?

20 ÷ 20 + 20 – 25 × 25=419

#a. + and ÷

#b. ÷ and ×

#c.  × and –

#d. + and –

#14. Introducing a man to her husband, a woman said ” His brother’s father is the only son of my grandfather “. How is the woman related to his man?

#a. Sister

#b. Daughter

#c. Mother

#d. Aunt

#15. In the following question, which one set of letters when sequentially placed at the gaps in the given letter series shall complete it?


#a. dfcec

#b. dfece

#c. cfede

#d. cdfed

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Enhancement in Mental Ability

You should work on increasing your mental capabilities. This can be done extensively by solving the mental ability tests. There are several ways of improving mental capability.

You boost your capability by increasing concentration, doing meditation, performing active learning, and working effectively on different spheres. This is essential for your growth because if you don’t find interest in mental growth since the beginning, it can trouble you when you are a teenager or young.

Your mental energy and charisma will benefit you not in classroom studies but also life. Mind is the most powerful thing. You must work on improving your position to work efficiently throughout life.

We hope that this article has given you an adequate amount of knowledge and information for the growth and development of mental abilities. Keep working on these abilities to achieve milestones in life.

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Therefore, it is a fact that every child has the unique cognitive potential to hold things in mind, act quintessentially, and be wise but you can always push them towards betterment from an early age. The talent is nothing but the skill of the child.

You can grow it gradually with time by letting your child find interest in the activities. If you want to work on these mental capabilities, you should visit the Real School Of Montessori website. Several articles on mental and overall personality development traits are available on the website.

Moreover, the experts will guide you immensely to move on the right track because the right track must be given to the child from the right age to grow with holistic development.

We hope that this article has helped you to fetch information about different types of questions along with boosting your mental power.

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