Have you ever tried using Google? But you are not able to understand the results. Then, we have the kiddle app for students. It’s as easy to use as Google.

When you put any word into the search bar of this safe search engine for kids, you get the results understandable by them. So, kids can see images, videos, and news related to any particular search topic.

It’s an ideal way to do homework because kids can search for information from this search engine. Since all the results by Kiddle Google for kids show safe and kid-friendly content, they don’t have to rush to their parents to make them understand any result. They can grasp the content of the search engine results themselves.

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What is Kiddle?

Kiddle is a Search engine meant for kids. Parents can also browse through the results of this search engine along with the kids. When kids are not able to understand anything, they can ask their parents. When kids are not able to use it, they can ask their parents to show it’s usage.

The biggest advantage of using Kiddle is that it shows an image next to the search engine results, so kids can choose from the results accordingly. When kids are young, they have a lot of curiosity. Their parents can’t answer all of their questions.

Hence, its better they use a search engine to resolve their queries.

Learning courses for your kids! Get free trial here

Advantages of Using Kiddle

Kiddle for kids is useful because it removes all sites showing explicit content from the search engine results. So, kids are not exposed to any harmful content while using this site. The topmost results of Kiddle include results that are only meant for kids.

The next set of results includes those which are not meant for kids but have content that can be read and understood by kids. So, these sites are chosen by Kiddle editors. Another advantage of using Kiddle is that the font of the results is Large Arial.

Kiddle does not collect any personal information from kids, due to which it’s safe to use. Starting from result 8, are those results which are meant for adults.

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About Kiddle

Since kids can search for anything on this search engine, it widens their knowledge base. They can become better in their studies. If a child enters unhealthy content into the search engine, he gets the image of a robot as a result and is asked to try again.

You can install the Kiddie app for Android on the phone of your ward. This way, he can access information, wherever he wants. However, if he is too young to hold a phone and can lose it, it’s better to use kiddle on the home laptop or PC.

Kiddle is a vast information resource for young children as it has over 7,00,000 articles. It includes Wikipedia facts, which are written in a children-friendly language. Children can use Kiddle for their education and become smarter.

Can Kiddle Be Accessed on Iphones?

Kiddle cannot be accessed on iPhones. So, it is not meant for iPhone users. Since it is prepared by Google, it is only available on Google play store. Children can safely watch videos given in the search results of Kiddle.

You don’t need to worry about how safe they are. Kiddle is a huge help to kids because they can search for education-related terms on this site. If they don’t understand something, in the classroom, they can use this search engine to get more results.

So, help your child get ahead in the world with the Kiddle site. Make sure he/she does not lack knowledge in any domain.

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