As children grow older, they are burdened with more responsibility to complete their homework along with completing their assignments. While some students have that required motivation to complete their work on time, others don’t even feel the need to do it and they struggle hard to even begin with.

Though it is a known fact that unlike other students, there are some who aren’t that good of a learner; so forcing them to study can have a lot of negative impact on them.

And so there’s a need to motivate children to work hard for their future.

But how can this be possible? Let’s learn about this.

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How to Motivate Kids to Learn? / How to Motivate Kids to Study?

There can be various strategies that one can follow to motivate their kids to learn: 

  • Do Not Annoy Your Children

One of the keys to motivating your children is to not annoy them. Yes, it’s true. This might seem odd in the first place because we’re so used to getting annoyed by our children that we don’t believe when someone says even we could annoy them.

But, it’s a two-way street, as parents even we could annoy our children by asking them to study again and again, and by expecting many things from them at the same time. The best way to realize this is to check whether our children are continually upset with us or not, if yes, then, you should stop it.

Another way of doing this is to change the kind of sentences you say to your kids. Instead of saying, “Go and study.” You should try saying, “Yes, I can see you’re improving and working hard, and we’re proud of you.”

If you want to motivate your child, let them feel as if they are in charge of controlling their lives. Some parents make the mistake of entering so much into their kids’ lives that at some point, the kids begin to feel burdened by their presence.

This results in them getting annoyed and upset all the time, with no motivation to study at all. So, you should provide them with their space and let them take charge of their lives because only then they’ll feel motivated enough to do all the work. 

  • Make Study Time Easier

You can make your child’s study time as easy as possible by providing them with the things they want to get their work done: 

  • A. Quiet Space to Study 

Provide your child with a quiet, and distraction-free time to make him/her study better

  • B. Food and Drink 

It is not easy to study if you’re hungry. So, keep a check on whether your child needs anything to eat or drink and provide them with the required things to make sure they can remain focused on their studies

  • C. The Right Tools 

The right tools to study are pencils, pens, erasers, and all the other stationery items. Provide your child with all the materials to make sure their time is not wasted trying to find them or even to go & get them.

  • Create a Study Plan Together

Every child works properly when they are provided with a proper study plan to work better. And to make one, you need to sit with your child and create a plan that both of you think will suit them best.

There are certain things that you must include in your study plan & these are: When does the homework need to be completed every day, How much time should be spent on homework each day, How often are they allowed to take breaks, What tasks should be prioritized.

  • A Reward System

Build a reward system and reward your child with those things every day to make them feel that they are being valued. The rewards can be as simple as giving them a bar of five-rupee chocolate when they complete their homework on time or when they learn things according to their timetable.

  • Limit Their Stress

If your child is stressed, he or she might find it difficult to study or even find the motivation to get started.

Notice the changes in the behaviour of your child, and if you feel they are upset or not happy about something, lend them a helping hand and make them believe that you will always help them no matter what.

So, these were a few things that every parent must keep in mind to motivate their kids to learn and study better.

But do you know how you can inspire your child’s learning or how is your child best motivated? Let’s find this out.

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How is Your Child Best Motivated?

Your child is best motivated when they are encouraged from the inside. Let your child know that you believe in them and act only as a friend to them.

Never make your child feel overburdened by your expectations. Realizing the fact that there is someone who believes truly in them and will be happy with them, no matter what their results are, increases the children’s motivation and they feel happy all the time. Thus, it helps in increasing their work productivity.

Now, let’s move on to know what are some of the things that will inspire your child’s learning.

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How to Inspire Children’s Learning?

There are a few simple things that you can do to help y0our child learn at home:

  • Talk, Sing, & Read with Your Child

Spend as much time as possible with your kids to make them feel valued

  • Involve Your Extended Family

Ask all the people in your family who care about your child – be it their aunt, grandparents, friends, and cousins to motivate your child to do well in school

  • Have a Positive Attitude Towards School & Learning

Take interest in how your child is doing at school, and whatever he marks might be, motivate him just to do better. Never demotivate your kids about not scoring good marks in the exams.

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Performing well in school, and getting good marks is one thing that every student is expected to do in their entire lifetime. But there are students who are not born with some extraordinary learning power. And for them, there should be other ways to help them make their studies easier.

Every day can be turned into a learning day; all we, as parents need to do is encourage our kids, let them ask as many questions as possible and make new friends so that it will be easier for them to learn things. And thus, they will feel motivated from the inside to do their studies, whether at home or at school.

And through the information provided above, we are helping parents to make studies easier for their kids. Hopefully, you find this information useful and if you have any doubts regarding the same, feel free to comment down below.

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