You might have come across quiz games while scrolling down the internet like, know your mental age with these questions. These quizzes attract immediate attention. It is the speciality of quiz games. In a short time, you learn a lot. Even in the process of teaching general knowledge for kids, you can include quiz games in various ways.

Many people are still unaware of the diversity and benefits of a general quiz for kids. Thus, this article will help you know what is general knowledge for kids? Besides, the article will also work as a guide for parents to quiz on general knowledge for kids.

What is General Knowledge for kids?

General knowledge is an inseparable part of their learning. Intentionally or unintentionally, you include topics related to GK in your kids’ study. General knowledge includes questions related to static history, current affairs, polity, geography, science, and mathematics. In simple terms, it is the knowledge that includes every field of education.

Now, when you know what is general knowledge for kids? the question is how to teach general knowledge to kids. General quizzes for kids are probably the most common and oldest method for entertainment and educational purposes. If you are a television viewer, you must have heard of reality shows based on quiz format. Some of them may be solely for entertainment, while others give knowledge with fun.

Gk quizzes often require a minimum of two people ( there is no maximum limit for the game). One asks a question while others answer. You can add on various other rules to make a general quiz for kids more interesting. For example, while playing with them, you can give one chocolate for each correct answer. There are several other ways too. The subsequent paragraphs throw light on some of the amazing quiz ideas to improve general knowledge for kids.

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Format for General Quiz for Kids

These formats are like guidance for children to organize an amazing quiz game.

Multiple Choice Questions

The most common format of quiz games is multiple choice. The host asks the question and gives four options in which the only one is correct. For example, if the problem is, ‘In which direction does the sun rise’ and there are four options, that are East, north, south, and west. The player who answers ‘East’ will win because it is the only correct answer.

The host can further divide the format into various forms. They are:

Spin the Wheel

In this format, there is a wheel with a needle. The host divides the wheel into various topics like science, technology, geography, history, language and literature, polity, etc. The participant spins the wheel. The host asks the question related to the topic where the needle pointed. This format is fun to play and opens the option of unlimited questions on each topic.

Million-Dollar Quiz

In this format, the host arranges questions at various levels. Each successive level is comparatively challenging than the previous one. The participant wins a cash amount for crossing every level. While playing with kids, the winning amount could be chocolate, ice-creams or any of their favourite things.

One-Page Assessment

It is a simple template to play an MCQ-based quiz for kids. In this, you give a paper with lots of questions and options mentioned. The kid selects the option which seems correct to him. Then submit the answer sheet to the host. The host checks the answers and marks them accordingly. This format is comparatively monotonous than the others. Most schools use this format to take tests.


You can play the game in various other templates. Some of them are:

Analogous Pair:

This format involves a total of two sets. The first one includes some famous personalities of any particular field. The other collection contains a piece of information about each character mentioned in the first set. The given information should be enough to guess the personality. The participants then pick one correct piece of information with its matching pair.

You can add the personalities from the set of fields your kid likes the most. For example, if the kid is interested in science, you can name famous scientists like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and CV Raman in the first section.

Match the Definitions:

This format of quiz questions is similar to the analogous pair game. The only difference is it doesn’t contain personalities and information about them. Instead, it includes words in the first set and their definition or meaning in the second. While preparing quiz questions for your kids, you should pick words according to their age. For example, prepare nouns, pronouns, verbs, and adjectives for kids between 6-9.

It helps to increase the vocabulary and understanding of kids.

These are some formats you can use to prepare a quiz for kids. Most parents encounter many problems while making quiz questions. They get confused about the topic to include and the ones to exclude. If you are one of them, then the next section is guidance for parents and also can give some guidance for children.

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Ways to prepare quiz

Preparing a quiz for kids is a challenge in itself. However, with the following tips, your maximum issues will disappear.

  • Kids might not feel interested in your quiz. Hence it is vital to give something which attracts him/her. Try to lure them with cakes, waffles, ice creams, or any of his/her favorite things.
  • It is crucial to prepare questions according to the likes and dislikes of the kid. For example, if your kid is interested in history, he/she might not remain interested in a quiz game with lots of questions related to geography. In such a situation, you should prepare quiz questions for your kids related to history. You can add a crunch of geography and other subjects to that.

Also, you can prepare questions according to their school syllabus. It will help them to learn the school syllabus along with enjoying quiz games.

These are some of the ways to prepare a quiz for kids.


A quiz is a powerful tool for kids. They learn quickly through this method. Also, you can take their test through it. It will ensure that they don’t take general knowledge as a burden and enjoy it. If you are not well informed about the type of questions to give, you can look for online sites that organize quizzes for kids. It will reduce your burden and contribute to the kid’s development.

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