The significance of general knowledge is often overlooked in society. In the end, when kids pursue competitive exams, they feel burdened in completing the syllabus of general knowledge. To avoid this, you should focus on their GK from childhood. The best way to do that is through fun activities or quiz games for kids.

Most of the time, kids do not find quiz questions for kids attractive and try to run from learning them. Thus, it becomes significant to find fun quiz questions for kids. Through this article, you will learn fun activities and quiz games for small kids.

What is General Knowledge for Kids?

Before going towards the fun quiz games for kids, it is vital to know the basics of general knowledge.

General knowledge consists of a large number of events from the various disciples of life. However, for kids, its sphere is comparatively meagre. To understand the difference between the quiz questions for kids and adults, consider this example. In childhood, it was enough to know about the prime minister and president of your country. However, when you grow up, this is not enough. You should also know about the working system of these officials.

Fun questions for kids include current affairs, history, civics, geography, science and technology, space, general science, and regular awareness.

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Classification of Quiz Question for Kids

You can divide the quiz games for small kids in two ways. They are:

1. Quiz Games for Kids That Cover Static GK

The question includes events that have already happened and will always remain true, regardless of the time and location. For example, when the first battle of Panipat was fought is a question of static gk. You can visit any place, anytime but the answer will remain the same.

2. Quiz questions for Current Affairs

The question includes events that are continuously going on. It keeps updating. Current general knowledge after a certain period changes into static gk. For example, the corona pandemic is part of current affairs. There are new updates regularly. You acquire the latest information every day. However, after a time being, it will turn into static gk. People at that time will read the set of events that occurred with no changes regularly.

Since there are two parts with varied features, the patterns of quiz games differ significantly. At first, you will know about fun quiz games for kids to learn history that remain static.

How to Cover Static GK

1. Read Books and Design Quiz

There are many books for kids that give them information about traditional events in a crisp, simple, and fun way. Kids can’t read a complete book of medieval or modern history. However, they might read small stories on Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose. It will give enough information.

Then you can design fun questions for kids from that book. In this way, their knowledge and bookshelf grow up. Start with simple books and questions. As they develop reading habits, move towards more complex ones. These quiz games for kids will also boost their vocabulary.

2. Watch Documentaries

If your kid finds reading plain texts boring, you can encourage them to watch documentaries. There are many documentaries on various spheres of general knowledge. Some are made purposely for the kids. They use loose language to explain complicated topics.

Image puts a sincerer and long-lasting impact than texts. Thus, kids prefer documentaries over text. You can start with documentaries on animals to develop interest among kids. Then you can choose space or geography-related documentaries. Once kids get interested in a topic, they will try to learn more and more about it. You can turn it into a quiz game by asking questions to kids frequently. It will also ensure that they are listening and acquiring the facts.

Preparing for static is easy as it does not involve regular updates. Current affairs require daily learning.

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Ways to Update Current Affairs

1. Design a Quiz for Regular Updates

You can design a set of questions regularly or once a week. Keep the topic of questions limited to the famous events happening around that are vital for kids to know. Also, make sure you do not keep it limited to a particular field like politics or sports. If your kid faces a challenge in answering them, encourage kids to watch TV.

Your kid most probably loves to watch TV. It is a good thing. You only need to change their channel preferences. Instead of watching it solely for entertainment, inspire them to watch it for information too. You can sit with them and explain significant events in simple terms.

There are several shows made to promote general awareness among kids. These shows help kids a lot.

2. Read Newspapers and Magazines

Newspapers are a great way to enhance your knowledge, vocabulary, and general awareness. You should perform extensive research on newspapers or magazines for kids. Sometimes, newspapers publish separate sections for kids.

Most of the time, kids do not want to read them. For this, turn this event into quiz games for kids. Choose a newspaper or magazine that provides information about the ongoing events, with the reference of the related past events. Then, play underline games with them or ask simple questions to them. They will slowly develop an interest in reading the paper.

Undoubtedly, it is tough to begin the process of teaching kids general knowledge. But once you start, their interest in it will make the process easy.


It is not vital that your kid is always inclined to quizzes. Thus, it is vital to spice up each game with gifts, chocolates, ice-creams or their favourite dish. Quiz also fosters personal and academic growth. It brings good marks. It boosts confidence and self-esteem in kids. They crave more knowledge that will help them perform better in their career. It will help in the overall growth of kids.

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