No parent is able to compromise with their child’s health whether it is mental health or physical health. Parents regularly insist the child go out and play with friends. This is a way for them to exercise and have some body movements. But due to unforeseen situations like COVID-19, we can be looked at in our own homes as well. But still, the child’s health is the priority, hence parents should plan some indoor physical activities so that the child doesn’t feel lethargic. It is very important for the child to be active developmentally and physically. There are so many physical activities that the parents can plan these physical activities at home. These exercises can not only combat boredom but also challenges the minds and Muscles – strengthening the body and releasing all that pent-up energy – that’s not going to battle you, when it comes to hitting the hay, at last with strong children (even if a little sweaty). In reality, a worthy result.

Indoor Physical Activities for Kids

Following are the fun indoor activities that you can play with your kid indoors. It is really fun to play with a child to make sure that you play with your kid. This increases your bond and the child feels more fun when their family plays with them. You can improvise these indoor activities for kids at home. You can use these activities as summer activities for kids to make the most of their summer holidays.

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Hide & Seek

It’s one of the favourite games of children. Many kids are so fond of this game that they make their parents play it anyhow. Many parents also play “peek-a-boo” with their kids when they are toddlers. This shows that kids have been very fond of this game since childhood. Playing hide and seek also brings out the creativity in a child, they look for different places to hide and win anyhow. Additionally, it leads to motor and muscle development of the child when he/she tries to hide in a place where jump or stretching is require

summer activities for kids

2. Run Away

Runaway from the monster is one of the enjoyable games that kids love to play. Kids have a different level of energy within them, where parents get tired of asking them to sleep but they don’t, they have to play all the time. Using this energy in a game like run away is beneficial for the child’s development. In this game one player is a monster, that is you can take trunks to be monsters, at one time parents can be monsters and at the other time kids can be the monster. After the count of 10, monsters run to catch the other player. You can have multiple players in this game as the more players you have the more fun it is. This game works on the physical development of the child and also helps parents to reduce weight if played regularly. It is feasible to play on the terrace,  in the living room, but make sure that you play it in a spacious place.

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3. Walk like an Animal

This is a very interesting game where the child is asked to walk like one of the animals. It is a very enjoyable and fun game. Parents can add twists according to their fun and ideas. A child can also make the parent walk like one of the animals that the child calls out. It will be great if you can capture this activity on the camera to watch it later and cherish it. It is a very exciting game and has many benefits for the child. Along with physical development, children learn about animals and become more aware of their characteristics.

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4. Freeze Dance

We can’t say whether every kid knows dancing but one thing is for sure that they love to just groove to any music and wants to dance freely. You can turn it into an indoor physical activity. Tell your kid to dance your heart out and when the music stops they have to freeze themselves in their last position with the last expression. They are not allowed to move until the leader says. Make sure that you play it with your kid because it becomes more fun. You can play this as many times as you want there is no restriction. When more than one player is playing the game, the one who moves first loses the game. The one who stays frozen till the end wins that round.

5. Musical Chair

Another game with music is musical chair. You can arrange chairs according to the number of players at a place. Have a music system and a person who will start and end the music. All the players have to stay attentive and when the music starts they have to start roaming around the chair. Once the music stops they have to capture one seat each. Make sure that you keep one less chair according to the number of players, for example, there are 10 players then keep 9 chairs so that at the end of each round one player is out. The one who survives till the end wins the game and gets a gift. This is a fun activity and we have experience playing this game especially at birthday parties

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Simon Says

Simon says can be played in different styles, one of the styles to make your child workout is to play Simon says while standing. In the “Simon say”s game there is one speaker who will guide the players whether to sit, stand, jump, run, or freeze by saying “Simon Says sit, Simon, Says jump”. Speaker has to start it by speaking slowly and then speed up the guidance. The player who does not fulfil what Simon says gets out of the game, again who is there till the end wins the game. It is one of the common games played in kindergarten. Kids love to play this game and they play with all their interests, it is fun to see the kids playing, it is better that you record the game so that if kids feel he is being cheated on you can show him/her the proof.

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Physical activities are really important for the kids to be active instead of being lazy. Parents have to put in some hard work and have to take time from their busy schedules to play these activities with their children. A child’s growth and development is majorly dependent on parents hence, it is a great onus on them to spare time for them. Make sure that you give clear instructions to your kid as many times they can be confused. Another thing to remember is to bring some improvisation in the game according to the child’s interest. It is not advisable to force any of the activities on the kid. Ask the kid which game they like to play.

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