Summer is the best time when kids can build memories, so at this time we can help them learn so many things, build many new memories, take them out on trips so that they can see the wonderful sceneries that exist out in nature. So that when one day they look back at vacations, day trips, picnics, and other outings, all they remember is not the bad memories where they fought with their siblings but the good ones where they went out cycling, enjoyed their time in the swimming pool, etc.

While these ordinary summer exercises may not really motivate charming beloved recollections of summer, they will joyfully fill those long late spring days spent at home. Work-at-home guardians, specifically, need thoughts for charming summer exercises that young children can do all alone.

Impact on Summer Activities In The New World

But with the onset of the new Coronavirus, all we are required to do is sit at home and spend our time with our kids and make it the best for them so that they don’t feel the urge to go out anymore.

Indoor Activities for Kids at Home

Thus, all those things that we used to enjoy in our childhood are no longer here. Our Children cannot take the benefit of all the fun that we had when we were of their age. So, it’s high time that we should help them in making this time as the best time of their life in order to save them from a lot of negative things that they could otherwise fall into.

So, today let’s move forward to know more about the type of indoor activities with the help of which we can make our kids enjoy at home.

Indoor Activities for Kids

While we all love getting fresh air and sunshine, sometimes you get stuck inside. That is why it is always good to have a stash of indoor activities for kids at the ready. Given below is a list of some of the best indoor activities for kids at home.

#1. Board Games

Summer Activities for KidsSummer Activities for Kids

It is the oldest idea in the book but if you really want some family time, why not take out some of your board games. Yes, it is absolutely correct. Board games are one of the best options that one could have if they want to enjoy their time at the best. All of us have one or the other type of board games at home. These could be somewhere from Ludo to Chess, there are many options – as many as you want.

And when the only option you have is that you are locked in your home and there is nothing you can do to go out to enjoy the outdoors. So, let’s utilize this time to the best and learn as many new games as we can.

#2. H4 – Art & Craft

Fun Indoor Activities

Art, much like getting outside, can make any person feel counterproductive to getting things done. It’s messy and requires supervision but Oh! How lovely it is to enjoy your time playing with colours all around you. Papers, colouring books, sketch pens, watercolours, all these are just another way of relieving stress and having the best way to enjoy your time.

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Reading for enjoyment every day can lead to some really good habits that you can make your kid learn. At this point of time when all the kids have is a lot of leisure time – we as parents can make use of it to the best and help them learn some really good habits. Summer reading is one activity that is good for one kid or a few.

You can make your kid join some virtual libraries which will help them provide some of the best storybooks. They can start reading them to make it a habit of reading a book daily – this habit of theirs will lead them to some great adventures in the future.

Fun Indoor Activities

#4.Audiobooks and Podcasts

Fun Indoor Activities for children

Book recordings and digital broadcasts are for something other than vehicle trips. Tuning in to book recordings advances an adoration for writing while at the same time keeping kids connected for quite a long time, and it’s simpler for certain children than perusing a book.

Today it is simpler than at any other time to download books to a telephone, tablet, or PC, yet you can in any case do it as it was done in the good old days and bring CDs home from the library. What’s more, remember about webcasts, which can be much simpler to access than book recordings.


Throughout the mid-year, have a jigsaw puzzle heading off to someplace in the house. Also, keep puzzle books helpful. Riddles keep kids intellectually dynamic. A few children are more into puzzles than others. Try not to anticipate that they should go through hours chipping away at puzzles in a day. Doing just a smidgen of a huge riddle every day or finishing a 100-unique piece puzzle at the same time holds kids back from getting exhausted with it.

Obviously, there are puzzle applications and PC games too, yet, likewise, with all gadgets, guardians need to watch out for the clock to be certain children don’t get an excess of screen time.

Summer Activities for Kids

#6.Make Ice Cream at Home

Fun Indoor Activities for kids

There isn’t any kid who would refuse ice cream on a hot summer day. So, this year, why not teach them how to make ice creams at home and enjoy the benefit of getting tasty homemade ice cream made fresh out of our kid’s hands. This is such a great activity with the help of which we can help our kid learn something new and interesting along with allowing them to make something good for us.

#7.Make a Kaleidoscope

This would be fun to do if it happens to rain, or even if you want something different to do with your kids! If they are the crafty type, here is a fun guide to show you how to make one!

#8.Play Hide and Seek in the Dark 

Mix up plain old hide and seek with hiding and seek in the dark! Black out your windows and prep areas that may be hazardous. It certainly makes for great entertainment!


All of these activities are really fun for kids and with that, they are also getting a chance to learn something absolutely new in the comfort of their home. So why not make the most use of this time and help them learn something which they could never have otherwise.

This lockdown period is best if you want to make your kids learn some really new and interesting activities – we can make them learn cooking not just for us but for their own sake, we can also enrol them in activities that they find interesting enough.

So, this time, as parents, it’s your duty to help them enjoy their time to the best.

Hopefully, you must have found this article informative enough and if you have any doubts, let us know through the comments section below.

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