The Moon, a serene and calm sphere celestial body of the solar system, is nearest to the earth. It illuminates the night with its brightness. Although the light is not produced by the moon itself, it only reflects the light of the sun.

Early humans used it as a time-tracker to guide their day and night. The one month of the calendar is the total number of days of the revolution of the moon taken around the earth. The first moon calendar was created by the Sumerians. It was established back at around 3000 BC (the bronze age). Quite an amazing fact about the moon that how people started using it as a calendar!

Over time, many hidden and fun facts about the moon were discovered.

Being the nearest, scientists and astronauts were able to dig about it deeper.

Did you know some facts about the moon? If no, then this article will come in handy for you and your kids. If yes, still keep reading. You might come across some new ones!

Before Heading Toward Facts about the Moon, Let us First Know Why it is Important for Us?

  1. Moon is the only natural satellite of the earth.
  2. An important earth activity is controlled by it.
  3. Gives more information about our solar system.
  4. Moon helps earth in maintaining life. You can say that if there was no moon, there would have been no life!
  5. It will help in enhancing life on earth!

After reading the reasons, we are sure your brain would be willing to know the answers to the question, what are some facts about the moon?

Below are some answers to your question: facts about the moon.

High and Low Tides on Earth: Moon is the Reason!

High and Low Tides on Earth: Moon is the Reason!

Moon and earth are connected. They are connected with attractive forces of the universe. And being the nearest, the exercise of this force can be seen on earth!

The ocean waves are pulled by the use of attractive force. These form ‘water mountains’ near the coast and are termed high tides.  It happens at the side of the earth which faces the moon.

On the other side of the earth, where the moon is not faced, the waves are pushed downwards and are generally seen near the shores.

Each side of the earth faces high tides and low tides, alternatively, every 12 hours.

Another amazing fact about the moon and the sun: A time comes when both face the same side of the earth. Due to this, both pull at the water on the earth. The tide is very high and is termed as ‘spring tide’.

Our Earth Faces the Same Side of the Moon all the Time!

The moon completes its one revolution around the earth, rotating once on its axis, and that is the reason why we always see one side of it. The time taken is 27 days, 7 hours, and 43 minutes.

Now, you must be wondering what the other side looks like. The next interesting fact about the moon will clear all of your doubts.

The Unseen Side of the Moon is Turquoise in Colour

Astronomers from Hawaii have claimed the other unseen side of the moon is turquoise.

As the other part is completely dark, it was not easy to capture it. Yet, with the improvement of technology, astronomers managed to measure it accurately with the help of telescopes.

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Objects of Different Masses will Fall at the Moon Surface at the Same Time!

Woah! This is a very interesting fact about the moon!

You must be thinking this can not be possible. But it is!


The moon has no air. There is no layer of atmosphere on it. This way, no resistance is offered when an object falls.

It was predicted by galileo Galilei way back in time when there were no such things invented like satellites or rockets. Little did the people know the prediction was correct until Neil Armstrong, the first person to land on the moon, experimented. He used a feather and a hammer to prove it. And it was proved!!

Some Other Fun Facts about the Moon

Some Other Fun Facts about the Moon

  1. Moon is not a sphere; it has an oval kind of shape.
  2. The footprints of the astronauts can remain on the surface of the moon for a long time because the wind does not blow over them.
  3. Earlier, the moon had a surface filled with lava. Gradually it got hardened.
  4. Traces of water can be seen on its surface.
  5. The moon is getting farther from the earth. The speed is negligible, but it has travelled quite a long distance from the day it was formed. At the beginning of its formation, earlier days were five to six hours long!
  6. Moon has weaker gravity than earth because it is small in size.
  7. Moon stands the fifth position in size among all the other moons of our solar system.
  8. Moon diameter is the size of china’s length.
  9. Moon is bigger than pluto.
  10. Fifty moons can be fitted inside the earth!
  11.  You can reach the moon in about six months by driving a car at the speed of 60 kilometres per hour.
  12. The moon goes through twelve phases.
  13. The moon’s other names are Luna, Selene and Cynthia.
  14.  More than half of the moon’s surface is seen.
  15. Reversed earth eclipse can be seen from the moon.

The Moon Facts in Figures

Radius: 1738 kilometre

Gravity: 1.62 meters per second square

Distance from the earth: 384,440 kilometre

Age: 4.5 billion years

Surface Area: 3.79 x 10^7 kilometre square

Inclination: 5.1 degree

Volume: 2.19 x 10^10 kilometer cube

Mass: 7.34 x 10^22 kilogram

Surface temperature: 100 kelvin to 390 kelvin

Did you enjoy reading the amazing facts about the moon? We are pretty much sure the answer is yes.

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