Kids are fond of activities. If you want to teach them something quickly, give them an activity related to it. When they play and learn, things retain in their memory for a long time. Also, they don’t get bored of it. Thus you should know about additional activities for Kindergarten kids.

Many mathematical concepts are helpful in every place. Your profession, location, qualification do not alter their significance. One of them is addition. From a writer to a businessman, everyone requires addition in their life. Thus, kids need to get strong in their calculations.

The article deals with fun and simple addition activities for Kindergarten to make their calculation game strong.

Addition Activities for Kindergarten

There are many activities for Kindergarten kids but, this article separates the most effective ones. Some of them are:

Built the Tower

This activity requires some simple materials. They are:

  • Some colourful blocks.
  • A paper or sheet with several addition related questions like 7+3, 4+5 written on it.

Steps to Perform the Activity

  • Place the sheet with addition problems on a table.
  • Allow your kid to arrange the block on the paper according to the question. For example, if the sheet says 5 + 8, then the steps are:
  • Kid will place five pink colour ( or any other colour of your kid’s choice) blocks on the sheet.
  • Then, he/she will put eight blue colours ( any other colour else than the colour used to represent five blocks) to make a tower.
  • Then calculate the total block.

This activity will help kids in many ways. It will improve their calculation, thinking ability, motor skills, colour recognition, etc.

Dice Turned Calculator

You might have enjoyed ludo in your childhood. You might not recognize it but, it helped you in several ways. Apply the same technique to teach your kids addition. This addition for Kindergarten activity requires the following materials:

  • Two dice
  • Two plastic cups ( optional)
  • A paper and a pencil

Steps to Play

  • Place the dice separately in two cups.
  • Throw one dice and write the number on a paper.
  • Throw another dice and note the number on the paper.
  • Add the two numbers.

Kids can play this game in groups. To add more entertainment to the game, tell your kids to score more. When they get the highest answer, that is twelve, give them a gift. It is one of the most entertaining addition activities for Kindergarten.

addition for Kindergarten

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Twisted Jenga

You might enjoy playing Jenga with your kids. But to teach addition, there is a twist in the Jenga. Instead of questions, write simple maths problems for Kindergarten kids. Here are the materials required:

  • Jenga
  • Colourful papers
  • Pen or marker

Steps to Play

  • Cut the colourful papers into small square boxes.
  • Using a marker, write simple maths questions on it.
  • Stick the papers to the sides of Jenga blocks.
  • Kids will solve the mathematical problem to remove blocks.

It is also a group game. Kids love these simple addition activities for Kindergarten. You can also give them rewards for removing maximum Jenga blocks without slipping.

Sticky Notes

Sometimes you don’t want to spend much on a game. In such situations, this game will work as a perfect alternative. The materials required are economical and easy to find. They are:

  • A chart paper or any sheet of paper.
  • A pen or marker
  • Some colourful sticker dots ( they are readily available in any general store. Also, you can use other sticky notes as per availability and convenience)

Steps to Play

  • Use the chart paper and pen to make a bunch of addition problems.
  • Leave some space or a box to stick the colourful dots on it.
  • Ask your kid to see the problem and stick dots accordingly. For example, if the question says to add five and seven, they will stick five dots of one colour and seven dots of any other colour.

This activity for Kindergarten is similar to the first activity but requires fewer materials. Also, they are fun for kids and allow them to practice the problems again and again. Their calculation and thinking ability will improve a lot through this activity.

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A Car Game

Many kids love to play with cars. They buy a car every time they visit a toy store. So now your house is full of small cars. It might look like a waste to you, but no more. With these addition activities for Kindergarten, you can take advantage of your kid’s car obsession to teach them addition. Here are the materials required:

  • A colourful paper
  • A marker or pen
  • Bunch of cars from your kid’s collection

Steps to Play

  • Cut the paper to make a track for cars. It should look like a car racing platform with many tracks side by side.
  • At the end of each track, write the addition problem.
  • Let your kids arrange cars on a track according to the number written at the end of it.

It is a simple activity that kids enjoy a lot because of the cars. You can change the game according to your kid’s favorite toy. If they love animals, you can make a forest-like structure and ask kids to arrange animals according to numbers written on the trees.

So, this is a list of activities for Kindergarten kids. These activities will help you a lot to make an addition for your kids easy.

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Kids learn a lot of things in their childhood. Sometimes they forget them quickly because of an excess of information. Also, it is challenging to keep kids busy with the same topic for a long time. Addition activities are the solution for all the problems. It will help them to improve their calculations, creativity, problem-solving, motor skills, etc. You can also enjoy some fun time with your kids through it. Thus, switch to fun games to teach addition.

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