Drawing brings out the creativity and knowledge of children along with giving them understanding and information. Do you want to develop your kids’ brains holistically? What do you think about your child’s future learning? Well, every parent is concerned about the development of their children.

The base of the kids is formed from the beginning. If you don’t give them opportunities to learn about multiple things from their childhood, they will not grow as informative and attentive people.

pongal festival for kids

This article talks about Pongal drawing for kids. Pongal is a beautiful festival. Your kids can learn about different festivals, occasions, their importance, and the process of celebrating them. The value of culture and the importance of roots is very crucial to inculcate in your children. It makes them incredible human beings.

Your kids must know about all the cultures, heritage, traditions, values, and morals to give them respect and significance in their lives while growing up. These things could be learned in different ways and drawing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to give them all the information. So, let’s begin with the information about the Pongal festival and Pongal drawing for kids.

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Pongal Drawing for Kids

Drawing is a great form of showing extreme emotions of joy, happiness, love, celebration, and the importance of something. If you want to give information about different cultures and festivals to your kids, you should give them ideas to draw. Diversity is the most beautiful aspect of India.

The kids must be aware of the ancient, medieval, as well as modern traditional values of different states, cultures, people, and areas. It will help to make them great human beings as well as build a love for their country and different traditions and cultures. Pongal symbolizes abundance and prosperity.

pongal drawing

This festival is specially celebrated to thank mother nature, sun, agricultural abundance, and farm animals which is extremely important for the kids to learn. This festival not only gives them the knowledge about a festival but also gives them the learning about the significance of nature and animals for a living.

The people celebrate the first day of the festival to thank the rain God for giving the water to the crops to be harvested. The kids must learn about such essential things and drawing allows them to have fun.

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Pongal Drawing Ideas for Kids

The Pongal drawing ideas for kids include making Pongal pots, drawing farm animals such as cows, drawing sugarcane, sun, elements present in nature that helps the crops to grow. You can make colourful rangoli, prepare scenery with crops and rain, or can also prepare scenery of a family celebrating the festival. You can make kites flying in the sky with sun and Pongal pots.

drawing for kids

There are multiple ideas to show your creativity at this festival as this festival is all about prosperity, respect for nature, and celebration for abundance. It is a thank-giving occasion. The kids can make different art and craft elements for the festival.

Pongal Festival

Well, let’s know about this festival in detail. This occasion is celebrated with great pom and show. It is primarily celebrated to show respect and gratitude to the Sun, Mother Nature, and all the farm animals. The farm animals are respected by those who help and support contributing to a bountiful harvest. The Pongal is celebrated by the people for 4 days.

pongal celebration with kids

It is also considered as the marking of the beginning of Thai, which is a Tamil month. This month is an auspicious month for all the Tamilians. This month falls on the 14th or 15th of January each year. This festival is largely celebrated in the South areas, specifically in Tamil Nadu with thanking God for the agricultural abundance in the state. As it is a four-day-long harvest festival, it fills the hearts of the people with joy, love, beautiful visions, and multiple fairs.

The reason behind celebrating this auspicious festival in the winters is that it is celebrated when the sun reaches the extremes of the southern hemisphere and starts returning to the northern hemisphere (as per the Hindu calendar). If you want to know more about the festival, this four-day incredible festival is the origin of an important month in Tamil Nadu.

The first three days of the occasion are called Bhogi Pongal, Surya Pongal, and Mattu Pongal. However, some Tamils celebrate the fourth day of Pongal as Kaanum Pongal. It is a Hindu festival that reflects love and respect for nature and agriculture to help us to live.

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