Rakshabandhan is a Hindu festival celebrated on full moon day. It is an annual rite or can say ceremony also celebrated in South Asia. On this day, all sisters tie rakhi on the right-hand wrist of their brothers. The meaning of Raksha Bandhan is the protecting bond of brother and sister and their loving bond. Moreover, it is also called Rakhi Purnima, Janai Purnima, and ujjwal Purnima. Mainly observed by Jains and Hindu traditionally. Celebrated on Purnima full moon of Shrawan.

On the upcoming occasion of Raksha Bandhan, all schools organize various rakhi-making activities. Kindergarten students also take part in handmade rakhi. Rakhi making ideas for kids are given by their teachers. All kids take part with a lot of excitement in the rakhi making competition. Some of the rakhi-making ideas are organizing a round of the best Rakhi made, organizing stalls, putting up exhibitions, and much more.

Celebration of Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi is the festival of brothers and sisters. Celebrated with lots of love and joy. On this day, sisters tie a colourful rakhi or sacred thread on their brother’s right-hand wrists and do tikka and puja on them, and the exchange of gifts takes place.

At this festival, girls wear ethnic suits or kurtas and boys wear kurta with jeans.

Rakhi Making Activities in Schools

Rakhi-making activities are organized by teachers of schools or exhibition committees or heads etc. Before a few days of rakhi, it takes place where all the kids boost up, and all the material for Rakhi is collected, and competition is done among them.

This depicts the Excitement for Hindu culture called Raksha Bandhan. Increasing the love and sharing bond among all brothers and sisters.

How is Rakhi Competition Organised in Schools and other Places?

  • Schools decide particular days, and notices are circulated in all kindergarten classes.
  • Then all kids brought up all the materials asked on that day and were seated in the auditorium in a particular manner.
  • Then the time limit is fixed, and a particular theme is given on which Rakhi is made.
  • Then all kids start making Rakhi and when time passes, the result is declared by school officials after seeing all the handmade Rakhi of kids.
  • Rakhi-making activity is not only arranged in schools but also in other institutions and exhibitions.

Various exhibitions in hotels or other places are organized, and rakhi stalls are put up there to make the sale of it. Not only this but shows also take place for entertainment purposes in exhibitions where there are many competitions such as kids rakhi making and much more. Games and awards are also given to the winners.

Best Rakhi Making Craft Ideas

For sisters, festivals and brothers need to share love and care bonds. So instead of buying a rakhi from outside, it prefers to make rakhi at home by utilizing waste materials and creating pocket-friendly rakhi with DIY materials. It also enhances creativity and skills for kids. Girls also have a craze for making rakhi on their own for their brothers. It also leads to a creative mind and productiveness.

First, it would feel complex, time-consuming, and tiring also. But some patience is required for making easy beautiful rakhi. So one should keep on making efforts.

Some Tips for Making Rakhi

  • It is recommended to sit on the floor and then make rakhi on a plain surface.
  • Then choose the design which type of rakhi one wants to make.
  • Then collect all the materials that are required for making rakhis look attractive.
  • Then give it time and start making with patience.

Different Types of Rakhi Kids can Make

1. Eco-friendly Rakhi

Materials used for this are earbuds, fevicol, ribbon, and scissors.

2. Button Rakhi

Next very popular among rakhi ideas are button rakhi for small brothers. The material used is- buttons of different colours, fevicol, scissors, and ribbon.

3. Car Rakhi

Brothers have a great love for cars, and racing FIFA cars tie them to car rakhi. Materials used are car stickers or cutouts, ribbon, fevicol, and scissors.

4. Alphabet Rakhi

Materials used are the alphabet or the first letter of the brother’s name, fevicol, scissors, and ribbon.

5. Matchstick Rakhi

The material used matchsticks, fevicol, scissors, and ribbons.

6. Materials Used for Rakhi Making

A thread to tie.

Silk ribbon

Stickers or cutouts

Decorative craft materials


Fevicol or glue

Foams or glitter sheets

Colourful beads

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Some Rakhi Ideas

1. Woolen Rakhi

For this one requires red and blue colour wool, some beads and a scissor for cutting. Then twist the red thread far around the fingers ten times slowly, pull it out, and tie it in the centre. Using the scissors, cut all the ends of the bow, spread, and press the form. Then tie a wooden bead at the centre and behind to make the rakhi.

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2. Beads Rakhi

For this, some colourful beads are required. And ribbon also puts beads one by one according to colour in stripe and then put some sticker or cutouts and Rakhi is made.


Discussed above the traditional and auspicious festival rakhi. It is celebrated on the full moon sharvana that comes in August. This is a brother and sister festival sharing a loving and caring bond of happiness. Moreover, it is celebrated by everyone with a lot of joy doing puja, mouth-watering sweets, and exchanging sweets.

Few days before rakhi many schools also organize some rakhi making competitions for kindergarten or primary kids. To engage them with user activity and make them more educated about our Hindu Rakhi festival, how it is celebrated when celebrated, and much more.

Various rakhi-making ideas are also mentioned above for kids, such as car rakhi, woollen rakhi, matchstick rakhi, etc. However, Rakhi making is time-consuming and also requires patience in kids.

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