Communication carries a very important role in today’s world. It forms the foundation for learning. Top leaders around the world are famous for great speeches and famous quotes. It is a skill that is not built in a day but requires years of practice. To build a child’s personality, it is important to make them good at communication from a young age. Many psychological studies showed that teaching good communication skills to children in the early stages of life helps them live a better life. Let us discuss some of the fun-filled and highly interactive communication games for middle school kids. But prior to that, let us discuss in detail their importance for a child’s mental development.

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The Importance of Communication Games

There are multiple benefits of having good communication skills, and teaching them about it when they are young is also essential.

  • Developing a Well-shaped Personality 

A person may speak in any language, but the important thing is to communicate well to convince. A clear expression of their ideas, thoughts, and feelings, defines the personality of a person.

A child can develop a habit of wishing/greeting everyone when they meet or leave. Greeting someone for the first time is an important characteristic of good human behaviour. A warm smile and polite tone of speaking with the right note of appreciation reflects the individual’s personality. This is one of the many activities to improve communication skills for kids. 

  • Good Learning Ability 

With a better understanding of topics, a student can improve their academic performance. This is directly or indirectly linked to good communication.

Students with low communication skills might not be able to properly convey their thoughts in presentation or answer writing. This leads to difficulty in assessing the students progress by the teachers.

On the other hand, with good communication skills, a middle schooler is able to get better grades, build good self-esteem and participate in class competitions.

  • Improving Interpersonal Skills

Communication games help the children develop good interpersonal skills and allow an improved exchange of information with other fellow students and teachers. Good communications also help them build a healthy and strong relationship with other students in the class.

It also enhances active listening among the students. Listening and understanding are the most important components of communication.

Communication skill activities for kids designed specifically to improve active listening can help in building strong interpersonal skills among children.

  • Building Empathy

Communication games also help students understand others’ point of view, working together in teams and communicating to win can help them build empathy. These games/group activities help in creating mutual understanding among children.

Good communication activities among students can also offer teachers a space for creating an interactive culture in the classroom. They can praise the students for showing care for others’ feelings.

  • Understanding Human Behaviour

Through communication games, the child can also develop a habit of understanding apt human behaviour. They understand that bad habits like avoiding eye-contact or yawning and looking away reflect disinterest.

With the right type of activities, a middle school student can be taught all these personality assessment techniques and can grow through regular processes. Let us see some of the games and communication activities for kids.

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Activities to Improve Communication Skills for All Kids

There are different means of communication activities for kids to help them become better communicators, but we have selected a few, which are really effective.

Communication Games for Kids

Role Play

It is a simple game; all you need is to divide students into two or three different groups and assign them a role to act. Assign them roles that they don’t usually play but they have some idea about, like that of a teacher or parent.

Put them in a situation of a quiz or question them and let them solve it together. This will encourage them to think like someone else and communicate being in that situation. Notice the words they use, their body language, their ideas, etc.

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Communication Games for Middle School Kids

Movement Sticks

For this, divide students in pairs. Place one stick over their palms, and ask them to move across the classroom without dropping the stick. The trick here is that they cannot speak at all and just give gestures to communicate among themselves.

This will help them use their other senses and communicate without verbal exchange.

Communication Games for High School Kids

  • Back-to-Back 

In this game, you need to divide students into pairs. They will sit back-to-back with each other so that they are unable to see each other. When one cannot see what the other is doing, ask one of the students to describe a picture that is nonsensical drawing without actually saying its name.

The partner should create the drawing based on what they hear and grasp from the description. It will make the students learn talking to the point and in a crisp manner. It also helps the other person in grasping ideas without getting a proper explanation.

If making a picture or explaining is difficult, ask them to fold papers and make origami without looking at each other.

  • Picture Telling

Put out different pictures to the students, ranging from simple to complex. Within the time limit, they need to describe the picture to other students. It will help them give visual cues, learn to explain in an organized manner and public speaking too.

You can also include an explanation by asking students to write hints to convey the image to others. 

  • Guess What I am Thinking About

In this game, one child sits in the centre, and others surround him. The centre child will explain what he is thinking without actually taking its name. He/she can explain it as “I am thinking of (someone) or (something) that is”. The others have to guess it.

In a world where children spend most of the time using electronic devices and less face-to-face, these communication games for middle school kids can be life-changing. It will also freshen their moods and help them learn something new and different from their daily life.


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