Communication skills are one of the vital aspects of your child’s personality development. It fosters creativity, a clear expression of thoughts, boosts confidence. Therefore, education must involve communication skill activities for kids to help them prosper in real-life. And since high school kids are closer to stepping out to the “real word” communication skills will play an important role in the career the choose to peruse. Hence, here are some communication games for high school kids that will help them polish their communication skills.

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Why are Communication Skills Necessary?

  • It helps them express their ideas, thoughts, and feelings in a clear language.
  • Develop an active and cheerful personality.
  • It helps in exchanging information and ideas with others. The effective sharing of thoughts is an interpersonal skill required for future leaders.
  • Develop social communication; the lack of social communication often makes it difficult for a child to survive in a social environment. With effective social communications, your child will be able to develop strong interpersonal relationships.
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem.

What are the Basics of Communication Skills for a Child?

Communication is the ability to express your opinion, idea or thought. It plays a significant role in building connections between individuals. Here are some of the basics of communication skills that are necessary for a child.

Eye Contact With the Listener:

Lack of eye-contact in a conversation reflects shyness, lack of confidence or disinterest. In order to make the communication effective, there should be proper eye-contact between the listener and the speaker.

Avoid Interruptions in a Conversation:

There are students who tend to interrupt teachers in a classroom. These interruptions show that the child may not be a good listener. Focus on making your child a good listener, and this will eventually lead him/her to be a good speaker.

Listen, Understand and Resiprocate Appropriately.

When your child is listening properly to a topic, he or she will be able to talk about that topic in an effective manner. A child needs to develop the patience to listen, understand and then respond or else they may struggle with conversations.

Speak Clear and be Audible:

Using filler words like “um”, “like”, make conversations unclear. The filler words should be avoided completely or reduced to a certain level with regular practice. Teach your kids self-belief first to train them to become audible and clear.

What are the Different Types of Communication Games for High School Kids?

As a parent or a teacher, you should add different means of communication activities for kids for their gradual development. Below are some regular activities to improve communication skills for kids at home as well as in the classroom.

  1. Ask them about their day and make this question a regular habit.
  2. Talk about their friends and mates.
  3. Ask them to write about their favourite T.V shows or books every week.
  4. Instead of forcing communication, you can subtly add communication activities to their daily routine. Encourage them to read books or educational magazines. You can even watch educational films and shows with them to help them learn new vocabulary. These subtle activities will slowly turn into a habit.
  5. For toddlers or middle school students, use little games like puppet shows or video modelling.
  6. For high-school and middle school students, diary entries can be an effective measure to exercise communication skills.
  7. Make your students or children participate in cultural activities like speeches, role-playing, or singing.
  8. >High-school students can also practice their speaking skills through voice-recordings. This will help them understand their mistakes without the fear of being judged.

Communication Games for High School Kids

Games for High School Kids

Communication games are not just for primary or middle school students. It is a baseless assumption that high school kids are already well-trained in speaking skills. This assumption should be avoided at all cost, and high-school students should be engaged in fun activities to improve their communication skills. It will make them ready for their future challenges like college applications or corporate communication.

There are many communication games for kids also that can be played in a classroom or any group. Get some ideas here:

Back to Back:

For this game, you are required to divide the students into pairs. Then each pair is asked to sit back-to-back so that they cannot see each other. One student is asked to draw or answer a description given by the other student. This activity will improve the listening skills and illustrative skills of the students involved. This is also one of the most popular communication games for middle school kids.

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Communication Skills for Children

They could be asked to act like or mimic one’s body language. The dialogues and body-language involved in the role-playing help in developing the communication and language skills of the kids.

Movement Sticks:

Communication games for kids should not be restricted to the listening and speaking skills of kids, but there should be games through which we can improvise the body-language as well. The movement sticks game helps to increase the student’s awareness of their body language and posture.

For this game, divide the students into pairs. Then place two poles between the fingers of the pairs and ask them to move across the classroom without dropping the sticks. Any kind of verbal communication should be avoided in this game, as this will help them concentrate on their body-languages only.

Picture- Telling:

Picture telling is an effective communication game for every age-group. In this game, each participant is given a random picture, it can be simple as well as complex. The students can either be asked to write about that picture or talk about it for 3-4 minutes.

The time given to come to an answer is 2-3 minutes. This game helps in building the descriptive and imaginative power of students. Because of the time-limit, students also get to know how to organise their thoughts and speak in critical situations.

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Communication games for kids can prove to be effective measures for developing the child’s communication skills. Teachers and parents can add regular communication activities to kids’ daily schedule; this will help them enhance their communication skills at a better pace. The The Real School Of Montessori aims to make kids develop a reading routine and enhance their debating and persuasive speaking skills to make them future-ready for any challenges. For more informative blogs on different skills for your kids, visit The Real School Of Montessori site.

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