Clay crafts are a fun and unique method to promote a child’s creativity and imagination. Modelling clay or play dough appeals to children because of its bright colours and doughy texture. Children’s fine motor skills are also improved when they play with clay since they use their hands to mould diverse shapes. 

This article will provide you with knowledge and information about clay activities for kids, clay games for kids, kids’ online activities, and online school to learn exponentially. 

If you’re looking for a way to keep your kids occupied during the summer, clay craft is the way to go! Children may create interesting artwork out of modelling clay with a little help from you. Here’s a list of fun clay craft projects for kids:

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Clay art for kids

Clay Modelling for Kids

Clay is one of our children’s most popular toys. Clay can be found at places like bookstores, preschools, and play areas. However, not everyone of a certain age can play with clay. It has been proved that children aged three and older are the best candidates for playing with clay.

One of the advantages of playing with clay is that you may use your imagination to create different objects. This also encourages healthy personality development, such as compressing and flattening clay to help the child release the psyche when he or she is angry or inhibited. In addition, if your youngster is misbehaving, you can use clay modelling as a soft punishment.

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Clay Modelling

Clay Modelling Ideas for Kids

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Make a leaf form out of white paper. Ask your child to use crayons to colour the leaf. Remove the leaf form from the paper and set it aside. Take brown and green playdough and mix them. Demonstrate how to produce little spherical balls of brown and green clay with your toddler.

Assign them the task of glueing these balls together in an alternate colour pattern. To give the caterpillar a face, build eyes out of black playdough on the first ball. Make a smiley-mouth form below the eyes with black thread or black dough. Put two little sticks on the caterpillar’s head with a little red playdough round covering the tip of each stick to make antennae.

To make it look like the playdough caterpillar is crawling on the leaf, place it on the paper leaf you made previously. You can also make a caterpillar out of the same colour dough.

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Cone Ice-Creams

Collect some used toilet paper rolls. Cut them open and roll them into a cone form starting from one corner. Staple or glue the open side of the cone to keep it in place.

Now, using various colours of play dough, construct shapes on top of the cone to resemble scoops of various ice cream flavours. To represent sprinkles, place little dots of various colours on top. When the ice cream cones are ready, the kids can take turns acting as ice cream sellers and buyers.

Cookie Cutter Shapes

This is a fantastic modelling activity for youngsters. If the kids wish to save the playdough cookies they make, you can buy a sort of playdough or play dough that hardens after 24 hours of air drying.

Give your child various shaped plastic cookie cutters, such as animals, hearts, stars, crescents, and so on. Flatten the play playdough or dough with a rolling pin. Request that your youngster uses the cookie cutter to cut out shapes from it. You may air-dry the shapes and store them for your youngster to play with later.

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Clay Art for Kids

This is another fun craft activity for young children. They’ll be intrigued by the various imprints that seashells and pasta shapes can make on playdough.

Ask your youngster to flatten the playdough using a rolling pin. After that, hand her a collection of seashells and pasta shapes. Request that she pushes them into the flattened playdough before removing them.

Allow the child to study the form she made with the seashell or pasta shapes. To make miniature footprints, you can also use plastic animals or doll shoes.

Clay Art for children

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Fruit Basket

This is one of many creative playdough exercises for kids aged 5 and up. They can make a basket of little playdough fruits that looks realistic and colourful with your guidance.

Make a small basket out of brown play dough with your toddler. Next, help your child build little fruits like an apple, a pineapple, a bunch of grapes, a banana, and a melon out of red, yellow, purple, and green play-dough.

Make markings on the pineapple using a stick to make it look more lifelike. You may need to assist your child incorrectly in identifying the forms of the fruits.

Clay Art for Kids: Mosaic Art

This is a unique art activity for kindergarten and older youngsters. Children will learn about recycling or repurposing waste items to make something beautiful by using chunks of old, dried play dough.

For this one, gather various coloured fragments of old, dry play dough. Ask your youngster to create a garden scene with flowers, grass, trees, and the Sun on an A4 size white cardboard sheet.

After that, paint glue inside the outlines with a brush. To make a colourful mosaic, have your child glue the dried play dough chunks into the outlines. This should be hung on the wall.

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Clay modelling ideas for kids

Celestial Puppets

You’ll need some craft sticks or ice cream sticks, as well as play dough in various colours and craft eyes. Roll a large yellow ball of playdough and press a craft stick into it to make a sun. To build the Sun’s beams, flatten another sheet of yellow playdough and cut long triangles. To make it look like the sun, glue them to the yellow ball.

After that, press the rounded end of the craft stick into the yellow ball to produce a smiling mouth impression. To give the puppet a face, place craft eyes above the mouth. Flatten a lump of blue playdough and cut out two similar star shapes with a star-shaped cookie cutter to build a star puppet.

Final Touches

Sandwich the ice cream stick between the two stars and add eyes and a mouth to the star. Make a rainbow puppet by rolling snake-shaped snakes in the seven rainbow colours and arranging them in a bow shape. Apply the craft stick to the rainbow’s underside. Make a mouth and eyes.


For kids, making colourful animal shapes out of playdough is a lot of fun. You can also help your child make various animal forms, such as a turkey, an elephant, a butterfly, a mouse, or a turtle, in addition to a snail.

To construct a snail, make the shell out of a seashell or conch-shaped pasta and let your child paint it brightly. Roll out snake-shaped clay and attach the sea-shell or pasta shape to the middle of the body to construct the snail’s body. The snail’s face can be embellished with craft eyes and antennae.

Clay Art

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Hopefully, the above article gave you ideas for craft and art. Kids will begin constructing different models every day once they realize the magic of creating wonders with clay. Encourage them to participate in such activities and introduce them to new models that you used to construct when you were a kid.

So, what do you have to lose? Allow your children’s imaginations to run wild with these super-cute and easy clay crafts to make, play with, and, of course, give as gifts to their friends! Let’s visit the Real school website to know more about clay activities for kids, clay games for kids, and kids online activities. It is an online school that will give you all the learning and exposure. 

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