Introducing Algebra to KidsAlgebra is a part of Mathematics in which we use both letters and numbers to solve problems. Finding the unknown by placing variables into equations and then solving them is what algebra is all about. Real and complex numbers, matrices, and vectors are all examples of algebra. To teach the subject to kids, you first need to know what is algebra for kids and how to introduce algebra to kids?

Introducing Algebra to Kids

Since the laws of algebra apply in real life and numbers represent the values of objects, kids can use algebra to solve real-world problems. People often use algebra in physics, engineering, and even computer programming. It’s also helpful in the construction of buildings, and business, especially accounting.

Algebraic expressions for kids use number laws and mathematical operations to solve problems. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and splitting are the most basic operations. Exponents are used in more advanced operations, beginning with squares and square roots.

Simple Algebraic Problems and Expressions for Kids

Given below are examples of simple algebra problems for kids:

Priya has 12 chocolates, and Pari has 24 chocolates. They decide to split the chocolates so that they both have the same amount. How many chocolates will each child get?

The following are the steps you should take to solve the issue.

Fun Algebra Games for Kids


#1. Pari must offer some of her chocolates to Priya to get the same number of chocolates. Assume x is the number of candies Pari gives Priya.

#2. Priya’s plus x candies would be the same as Pari’s minus x candies. We can write it like this: 24 – x = 12 + x

#3. Subtract 12 from both sides of the equation to arrive at the answer.

#4. As a result, x = 12 – x.

#5. On both sides of the equation, add x. As a result, 2x = 12.

#6. Divide 2 from both sides of the equation. As a result, we get x = 6. The correct answer is six. Priya will have the same number of chocolates as Pari if Pari gives her 6 chocolates.

#7. Replace x in the original equation with 6 to see if this is true: 24 – 6 = 12 + 6

#8. It results in 18=18, which is correct. The children now have a total of 18 chocolates between them.

Kids can easily learn algebra with a little bit of practice. The important thing to remember is the learning procedure needs to be fun and interactive.

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What are Algebraic Identities for Kids?

Algebraic identities are equations having letters of the alphabet, which is a shortcut formula to get the answers to difficult equations. The letters here are known as variables and the algebraic identities are true for any input number. Let us look at some standard algebraic equations to get a clearer picture of them.

Example 1: (a+b)2= a2 + 2ab + b2

Example 2:(a-b)2= a2 – 2ab + b2

Example 3: (a+b)3 = a3 + 2a2b + 2ab2 + b3

Example 4: (a-b)3 = a3 – 2a2b + 2ab2 – b3

Ask your kids to put numbers in place of the variable. The answer they’ll get will be the same on both the left-hand side and the right-hand side.

Algebra Books for Kids

Fun Algebra Games for Kids

Kids can use their knowledge of addition, subtraction, and other operations to tackle algebra. These entertaining online algebra games teach children about factors and multiples while also assisting them in identifying number patterns within a series. In fundamental algebra problems, kids practise writing and analysing mathematical expressions.

#1. Riddle Me This

Riddle Me This, as the name suggests, is based on riddles. Children are given various equations to choose from. The aim is to solve the value of each algebraic equation and find the answer to the riddle. The student who solves all the equations and figures out the riddle’s solution wins the game.

#2. Game of Hexagon Calculation

The hexagon puzzle is an algebra puzzle that a group of children can play together. It involves using a dice roll to determine the worth of an algebraic expression. Students take turns rolling the dice, which gives them the value of ‘n’. The player then has to select a hexagon and solve the equation in it using the value of ‘n’ that they got from the dice. The student who has the most solved hexagons at the end of the game wins. This classroom activity also allows students to collaborate and have fun in the same space.

#3. Balancing Game

Algebra is all about balancing equations. Math is a unique way of teaching students to solve basic linear equations. Students must figure out the missing number to balance the pan in this classroom activity. The pan stays balanced when both sides are the same weight. Working on these pan balance issues is an excellent way to practice rational reasoning.

#4. Prodigy

When it comes to teaching algebraic equations, teachers find Prodigy to be extremely useful. Students will use Prodigy as a daily classroom activity to solve fun puzzles and learn algebra more quickly. Kids must begin by selecting characters for themselves. To defeat the villain in the game, the children need to solve algebraic equations. Each right answer defeats the villain, but incorrect answers defeat the character that the child plays.

Since Prodigy is a game-based Math learning platform for students in grades 1 through 8, it follows the curriculum and only presents challenging puzzles when they are ready to tackle them. So, when it comes to algebra, the students won’t be worried about solving complicated equations because they just move on to the next level after mastering the previous one.

Other Options to Play From

Another way to make them involved in learning algebra is by giving them gamebooks. Here is a list of 3 algebra books for kids they’ll love:

Algebra Books for Kids

#1. Math Riddles for Smart Kids Book by M Prefontaine

#2. 300+ Mathematical Pattern Puzzles book by Chris McMullen

#3. Math-O Games: For Middle-Grade Math and Algebra Classes book by Bee Gee Hazell and Betty Gene Hazell

Game of Hexagon Calculation for kids

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Learning a challenging concept like algebra for the first time can be intimidating for students, particularly if they have Math anxiety. As a result, teachers must develop an exciting atmosphere that encourages students to conquer obstacles, engage actively in class, and enhance their Math skills when teaching a new topic in class.

At The Real School Of Montessori, you will find various algebra games for kids. Your kids will be able to enjoy and learn at the same time. These quizzes are fantastic because they are interactive, online, and absolutely free. The best part is that the students can monitor their overall results with the help of instant feedback. These algebra tests are standard among parents and teachers who use them in the classroom or at home to complement the regular course. With The Real School’s Of Montessori fun and interactive classes learning algebra is more fun than ever before.

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