When kids get to play and learn simultaneously, they learn faster. It is the most effective way of keeping the children engaged in learning while keeping them excited.

Here are five games which you can play with kids to improve their English.

1- Where are You?

It can be quite a noisy game at times, but children enjoy playing it. It is a great game for practising and speaking English.

Games Which You Can Play with Kids

This game is specially designed for classrooms or a big group of members, but it can also be played with your kids. It will need at least 4 members.

How to Play?

Two couples are made, and each of them is given the same word. The word can be random, and children have to speak that word repeatedly to find their partner.

The catch of the game is finding their partner when they are blindfolded. All they need to do is to repeat and move along the path where the word is being called out.

For example, you can fill a bowl with receipts of different words in it. One of the kids from each pair will run to the bowl and take a receipt and read the word. They will be blindfolded after telling the word to their partner.

Both keep repeating the same word till they get back to their partner. The team catching their partner first will be the winner. You can repeat this as many times as you want. It will help them memorise more words.

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2- Cups and Letters

This game is also a multiplayer game. You need to separate the kids into a two-member team and need lots of cups. Kitchen crockery will help in this.

You need to line up the total number of words you want to teach your kids today. Consider 10 words of 10 letters each.

Cups and Letters games for kids

You need to stack up 10 cups on two different tables, and each cup has one alphabet in it. These alphabets need to be the ones that are about to appear in the word. For example, if you choose “ABACTERIAL”, you need to have all the letters available in the cups.

An umpire (can be the mom) will call out a word, and Dad will spell it aloud. From the other side, kids will listen to the word and memorise it. Now the umpire whistles and kids have to run to the tables and start rearranging letters on the table from the cup according to the word’s spelling.

It will help in improving the vocabulary, spellings and memory of the kids.

3- Dumb Charades

It is a classical game that just needs three players. But the more, the merrier. The drill for the game is simple.

It can be done by putting a bowl full of little difficult or uncommon English words. One of the members of the group has to come and read the word to himself.

Dumb Charades games for kids

The drill is to avoid telling the group the word letter by letter, but the kid will be told the word’s usage or features. It will make it easy for him/her to memorise the word for future use.

This can also be played by the parents; telling a word to the other and acting it out in front of the child to guess the word.

4- Don’t Forget The…

It is a multiplayer game, where you need at least 3 members. All the members will have to sit in a circle, and you have to imagine you are going out for a picnic or shopping.

Now, the first person will say a sentence like, “I need to take my umbrella”. The next person in the circle has to continue the cycle by saying the same sentence and adding up a little more into it, like, “I need to take my umbrella and put it in my bag”.

The cycle continues till the sentence gets long enough for one of the people to forget and miss words in the sentence.

It can be made on a point basis, so whichever member gets the most wrong sentences will lose. It sounds challenging to start for the young ones, but it enhances their memory greatly when you practice it regularly.

Tip: Since this game is a little challenging, keep it simple for the young ones. They may lose interest too soon if they keep losing. Keeping them motivated and secretly helping them in-between can boost their confidence.

5- 20 Questions

It is a simple game and can be played among two members also. The drill for the game is, you need to think of an object or word in English within a specific category like objects in a room, names of vegetables, etc.

Now the other person has 20 questions to ask from you and guess in the same number of questions what the object or word is.

20 Questions for kids

Keep in mind that the first person can only answer with either Yes/No for the guesses.


Here you have it all, the list of 5 games that can help your child learn English while playing. It can make learning a super fun activity. Just make sure not to overuse the games, or kids will get bored of it. Keep switching between the games to avoid monotony.

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