A child, on average, learns about 300 words in the first 12 years of their life.
But there is a catch that the attention span of children is not more than 10 seconds. They keep looking for new things around them that take their attention for another 10 seconds.

With such a small attention span, it becomes very important for any parent to indulge their children in activities that improve their attention span. Exposing children to educational puzzles is a great way to boost their mind’s capability for analytic thinking.

The Distraction

We are surrounded by technology; mobile phones are capable of grabbing attention easily. With such a wide range of colours, functionalities, and an abundance of dynamic features in a size that can fit into our hands, mobiles become an obvious distractor.

The overuse of mobile phones is increasing at an alarming rate around the world. Too much screen time causes many kinds of damages to kids and even adults. The kid must get exposed to other means of productive routine once in a while to increase their brain stimuli.

The Solution

Usually, it is during playtime that children can learn and play simultaneously. Puzzles are a great way to do that.

Puzzles are the best activity for children to keep them captivated and engaged while learning new things. We have listed the five best puzzles to keep them hooked and learn while playing.

Here is the list of most promising and attention-grabbing games for kids –

1- Block Puzzles

It is one of the most promising and classic games that keep kids hooked for hours. The most important benefit of the game is that it increases the child’s ability to remember and understand the relationships among objects.

The reasoning ability and clever mindset can be built with this puzzle game. Which block should be placed where and why it needs to be there, remembering things they have performed and much more, define the benefits of the game on a child’s mind.

Block Puzzles

The game is simple. The kid just needs to place blocks in the puzzle board according to the size and shape.

Though it is not recommended for children to use mobile phones for long hours, there are online block puzzles for the sake of change. The benefit these have is, the number of tries is more with different shapes of the block at every level.

So, if your child has rote the block puzzle pattern, which is physically in their hands, then an online block puzzle game can be an option.

2- Stacking up Your Toys

How many toys did you buy for your child in the past 3-4 years of their life? It is time to use them all.

Through this game, you can ask your child to stack the toys one over the other, so they learn the science of balancing.

Stacking up Your ToysThis game is best suited for children less than 4 years old, so they learn hand and eye coordination better. Their motor skills are improved, and they learn the concept of the size that big toys come at the bottom while the smaller and lighter ones are for the top.

Finally, it also helps the child to understand and learn colours simultaneously. This is great for their senses.

3- Crafting Puzzles

Here is a game that is best for all age groups. It is one of the most engaging puzzles for kids.

Preschool and primary school kids get highly engaged in this puzzle game. These are easy DIY puzzles that involve shapes made of cardboard. The children have to actively participate in it by building blocks using cardboard and stacking them as per shape.

Crafting Puzzles

The stock’s leftover cardboards are also used by mixing glitters, paints, and colours to make a shape out of cutouts. These are interesting because they are leftovers with no definite shape, challenging your child’s brain to analyse and attach matching pairs.

It is a great way of spending time with toddlers and builds their motor skills too. For preschool children, schools like The Real School Of Montessori also provide classes for children to indulge in art and craft and develop skills. With in-house mentors, children learn to build new objects every day.

4- Memory Game – Bunny Hop

One of the most played games among the USA population is Bunny Hop. This is an interesting game where the child learns colours.

The child selects a colour and chooses a maximum of 5 bunnies. Out of these 5 bunnies, only 3 can pop up. Bunnies are kept in matching colour holes, and the child rolls a dice. If the bunny pops, the child gets the bunny and can keep it.

It helps the child remember which place it kept the bunny and where the bunnies are hopping. It can be a multiplayer game where the children can play on a turn basis. The higher number of bunny grabbers wins.

5- Tic Tac Toe

It is a wooden tic tac toe game that needs 9 blocks of wooden shapes with either X or O written on them.

It is a multiplayer game where the kid needs an opponent. A checkered 9 places box is made where the X and O are to be placed. The kid has to choose to place the blocks so that either X or O comes in a single line before the opponent. The blocks are placed on a turn basis. The one who forms the line first wins.

It is one of the classic games. This game helps a child in developing analytical skills, foresightedness and builds a sense of competition.


These are a few of the common puzzle games that can be taught to kids to keep them hooked for hours. The list of puzzle games mentioned helps grow the child’s mind as it challenges them and makes them analytical thinkers.

We love when we are able to pique the curiosity of a child. The Real School Of Montessori believes in fostering a mindset that is always keen to learn. Join our community of mentors who have years of expertise in providing guidance through one-on-one mentorship focusing on a child’s specific needs. Visit the site to know more!

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