Starting to read can be extremely fun and interactive for young kids, especially when they are just learning to read new words. Learning new words involves a perfect routine practice of speaking, reading, and writing to ace the same.

Learning phonics helps young kids learn to read easily and quickly. Using phonics to identify the sounds of a letter makes it easy to catch the flow of sounds used in a word.

This, in turn, gives them a head start on their incredible journey to read interesting and alluring books in the future. Now that you know this, a question might have surfaced in your mind, how to teach phonics to kids?

There are many resources available, both online and offline. However, going through the mass of phonics books for kids can be a tedious job. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of super effective and engaging phonics books and phonics book set for your kids to enjoy below –

1. Learn with Phonics Book-5 by Dreamland Publications

Let’s start the list with something affordable, yet effective. This book is the perfect phonic teaching material that is assured to help your young ones catch up on phonetic sounds and words quickly.

This 96-page book teaches you double-letter vowels that are showcased with colourful and interactive illustrations to keep your kids hooked. Also, it is suitable for kids between the age of 4 and 10. Teach phonics for kids with this book to engage their curiosity.

 2. All Set to Read- A Phonics Reader- Level 1 by Om Books Editorial Team

This amazing book set is effective for kids aged 5 and above, who have just started on their reading journey. These books are a part of the 18 series book from the publishing house. This set contains 6 hardcover books that will help your child ace their phonetic sounds and words.

The hardcover ensures that the book is durable, and you need not worry about kids tearing them unintentionally or intentionally.

Learn with Phonics Book-5 by Dreamland Publications

3. Little Genius Phonics and Vocabulary II by flipClass

This super engaging and genius book is made for young kids to help them with their phonics sounds and vocabulary. Suitable for kindergarten and pre-schooling kids, this book attracts them and makes it fun to learn new words.

However, that is not all that this book is capable of. This is a smart book that gives an experience like none other. The QR code on this book can be scanned, which then guides the users to a digital representation of the book. With this feature, one can hear the phonics songs for kids, and the sounds and pronunciation of the same clearly, making it less confusing for the child. It may be on the higher side when it comes to the price point, but trust us, this book is worth spending a bit more.

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 4. English Phonics Books for Kids by Content Team and Target Publication

This highly economic book set is every parent’s dream. The set consists of two individual books, each containing 36 pages. They teach your kids basic English and other phonics sounds at home very easily. The first book contains various phonics lessons, whereas the other one helps with pronunciation. Two-letter, three-letter, and similar words like those introduced in the second book ease learning basic English.

Gift your kids this amazing 2 book set that is absolutely within your budget and watch them learn eloquence.

5. Storybooks by Primary Phonics

One of our favourites, Storybooks by the Primary Phonics is a must-have for young kids starting to read. This highly popular book set has been around for years now. These books initially teach sounds and letters that do not have a vowel sound. This helps them learn the vowel sounds easier and systematically.

Storybooks by Primary Phonics

Each book in the set includes sight words and phonetic concepts presented in the book printed on the inner cover. The illustrations are kept simple and easy-going to the eyes of the learner. They have a very simple and understandable concept, or you can say the story going on that gives the book an even more comprehensive and entertaining element. This is the perfect book to help your kids start phonics words-based reading.

At The Real School Of Montessori, you learn these phonics words with the most interactive sessions that can help your kids have fun and build interest in learning new words every day. Join our free trial classes today to know more!

6. The Very First Reading Set by Usborne

This book was created to be enjoyed by both older and younger kids together. For example, in its very first book ‘Pirate Pat’, only 8 words are introduced to help make learning easier and inviting for kids. New words are introduced as they are added to the later books.

The 15-set books have colourful illustrations that are a visual treat for you and your kids. As mentioned, the book is designed for kids of different age groups to enjoy together. The right page has simple sentences with simple words, whereas the left page contains more descriptive texts for your kids. This high-quality book set is assured to improve your kid’s reading, spelling, and comprehension.

 7. First Phonics Reader by Wildflower Ramblings

This is another reading resource to help your kids learn sounds and reading. These books focus greatly on the three-letter words that most kids starting out reading find challenging to read and pronounce. The set contains an impressive number of 10 books, each introducing three or four-letter words systematically. The words are printed in a huge, colourful, and vibrant font to make it eye-catching for the little devils who don’t like to sit in one place for a long time.

First Phonics Reader by Wildflower Ramblings

Similar to other phonics books on the list, the books in this set start with introducing vowels to the ‘Aa’ sounds. Once your kid is comfortable with the same, new sounds and words are introduced that help your kids make remarkable progress.

In Conclusion

The core of reading should start with phonics, including vowels and other sounds. Following the phonics methods and patterns will help a great deal for your kids to start reading. The books mentioned above are some of the best and perfect reading resources that one can find for their kids.

Reading is undoubtedly essential, as it is the basis of the education your kid is destined to receive shortly. So, introducing phonetic concepts can prove useful in improving their communicative skills and learning new educational concepts.

We at The Real School Of Montessori also have many online sessions and masterclasses that introduce phonics and words productively and interactively for kids. Each session is customised and based on the progress of your kid’s best understanding. We are a new generation school that aims to help kids to grow into strong individuals. Join us today to know more!

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