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Every occasion is celebrated with great enthusiasm and show in India. In schools, children are told to prepare dance, singing, and speeches to celebrate the function. They are also given these activities so that they learn about the importance of each occasion and be knowledgeable. You can get information from this blog.

subash chandra bose

Speeches make your kids informed, knowledgeable, creative, upgrade their speaking skills, learn pronunciation, learn about multiple words and grammar concepts, and become greatly vocal.

Do you want to see your child as an overall developed person? Well, every parent wants to see that their child is growing exponentially in every field. So, without wasting any more time, let’s read the complete article immediately.

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Speech on Netaji’s Birthday

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose is the most popular leader of the nation. He is known as the greatest leader in India. Subhash Chandra is famous by the name of Netaji. All the people call him by this name because of his contribution to politics and the welfare of the nation. He gave up his life for his mother­land, which is a learning lesson for everyone. The nation is everyone’s pride and we all should respect it with our hearts.

He was born on 23rd January 1897. His birth was in Cuttack. Talking about his parents, his father was a lawyer. Netaji was from a financially well off family. When he was a child, he was full of greatness. He was a sign of a future great person from his childhood. He was a genius in school.

subhash chandra bose speech

We all have heard of a story of Netaji when he beat a European professor when he made some bad remarks for Indians in the school. In reaction to this activity, he was expelled from the school. He has also passed the Matriculation Examination from Cuttack.

He has been an inspiration for all the people in India. He joined the Presidency College in Calcutta to pursue his aspirations. Every youngster must take motivation from this great leader. Talking further about his studies, Netaji passed his B.A. from another college. He received first division in college. After completion of his studies, he went to England.

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The reason he went to England was that he wanted to make the trip’s degree from Cambridge University. He was so determined and prudent that he cracked the ICS examination but he wanted to serve the nation so he resigned from the post. He was in the Congress movement which was initiated to serve the nation in the freedom struggle. Due to his efforts, he got connected to the Forward group of Congress at that time.

He became the President of Congress in 1939 but he resigned from the presidency due to the conflicts with Gandhiji. He also escaped during the second world war. For this reason, he was arrested by the British government. He went to Germany to meet Hitler and Hitler trained him with military training for 2 years. After military training, he became a good general in India.

Quiz on Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

He wanted to fight for the freedom of the nation. This is why he attacked Assam and got success in the beginning. But, after some time, he flew to Japan and people say that the plane crashed and he died.

He is no more here to serve the country but he is an ever remembering and inspiring personality. His name is always going to shine. He was the greatest martyr of the country. He used to say, ”Give me your blood, I promise you freedom.”

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Kid’s Learning

Kid’s Learning is extremely necessary because whatever they learn in their growing age, remains forever. They are asked by their teachers in school to prepare speeches and cultural activities to know about the importance and origin of the particular occasion and know to value them. The kids must be aware of the process to celebrate occasions. This gives them an understanding of the festivals.

Also, it is an important thing for the children to acknowledge. We hope that the speech given in the article has helped to know the life and greatness of Netaji, Subhash Chandra Bose and to prepare the speech for the competition or occasion.


You should go through more such articles to prepare your child for the future. They will know about different sections as well as get perfect in the speaking, writing, and performing activities. So, choose the right place for yourself and be magnificent.

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