Winter Activities for Kids: Let’s Warm Up for Some Interactive Activities at Home

Just because we’re in the dead of winter doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the great outdoors. In the winter, a breath of fresh air and a little running around can be just as beneficial as it is at other times of the year.

In fact, it could be the ideal cure for cabin fever, which has reached a fever pitch after being trapped indoors for so long.

Having the proper equipment is essential for enjoying outdoor winter activities with children. You’ll see a smile wedged between their rosy cheeks if you wrap them up warm and waterproof from head to toe.

Here are our top 7 winter activities for kids if you’re ready to embrace winter and get outside regardless of the weather…

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Winter Activities for Kids

Parents look for various activities and ideas to keep their children occupied during the winter holidays, especially ones that are not easily bored with. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for fun winter activities for kids.

We will introduce you to exciting indoor and outdoor winter activities for kids in the following article, which they will undoubtedly enjoy.

Dodge Ball with Snow: Fun Activities for Kids

This is a fun snow game that both children and adults will enjoy! As your children play, make sure you are nearby to supervise them.

All you need is a little bit of snow!

What should you do?

#Make two groups.

#Give each team a bucket full of snow.

#Make snowballs for them to throw at their opponents. The winning team is the one with the most hits!

#The goal is to hit the opponents while avoiding the balls.

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Making a Snowman: Christmas Activity for Kids

Making a snowman during the winter months is one of the most exciting winter activities for kids, as cliché as it may sound. You can, however, use your imagination to improve the snowman’s features. As a fun winter game for kids, we’ll be putting a hat on the snowman in this activity.

You need:

#a blizzard (of course)

#a cap to dress up your snowman, you may use any interesting accessories you have.

Make a snowman the height of your child by rolling different-sized snowballs and stacking them one on top of the other. Now, line up your kids in a line about 5 to 6 feet apart (if you’re playing with family or friends). Give each participant three chances to put the hat on the snowman from a distance.

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Making a Greeting Card: Christmas Activity for Kids

Kids enjoy being creative on a regular basis, so now is a great time to encourage your child to unleash his inner artist! Making holiday greeting cards is a fun winter art and craft activity for kids, and they can make one for each member of their family!

You need:

#Chart paper is white.

#Papers with vibrant colours

#Pencils for drawing


#Glimmering (optional)


Make a card shape out of the chart paper. Cutouts of various winter-themed pictures should be drawn or pasted on the cards (Christmas tree, snowflakes, snowman, etc.) Glitter can be added to the card to give it a special touch. Post the card with your child’s signature on it.

Treasure Hunt: For 8-Year-Old

During the winter, why not go on a treasure hunt? This is one of the most exciting winter games for kids, and it will keep your kids occupied for hours!

You need:

#a stack of clues written on scraps of paper

#Things to bury in the snow (take bigger objects)

Objects should be hidden in the snow, your garden, or your yard. Leave a track of clues for the kids to follow. You can give a description of the object, a memory associated with it as a hint, and so on. Set a time limit for the kids to find their treasure and stick to it. The winner will be the person who finds the most objects.

Snow Forts For 4-Year-Olds

Making snow forts with the kids is a fun winter activity. This is an activity that you and your children could do together and have a lot of fun with.

You need:

#A rectangular hollow box that can be used to make snow bricks.

#An open space

Make a boundary and clear an area. To make the snow set, fill the box with it and press it down. Remove the snow brick from the box once it has been set. Begin stacking the snow bricks on the marked boundary one by one. Continue loading until you achieve the desired elevation.

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Make a Snow Globe: Indoor Activity for Kids

Encourage your child’s creativity by assisting him in the creation of something fun, such as a snow globe! This is one of the most enjoyable activities for children, and it can also help you and your child bond.

You need:

#a tight-fitting glass jar

#Some plastic figures (look through your child’s toy box for some winter-themed figures)

#Glitter in a variety of colours


#Strong, water-resistant glue


Take the lid and carefully place a plastic figure on it. Allow enough time for the figure to adhere to the lid and for the glue to dry completely. Fill the glass jar halfway with water, then halfway with glycerine and glitter. The lid should be tightly screwed on and secured with more glue. Flip the jar once it has dried to see your snow globe in all its glory!

Slam the Snowman: Indoor Activity for Kids

The ‘Slamming the snowman’ activity doesn’t have to be done outside – we’ll show you how to do it indoors for a fun activity for kids!

You need:

#Cups made of paper

#Cotton Glue and Craft Paper

Craft paper should be used to cover the paper cups. To make the eyes, cut small circles from brown-coloured paper. To make the nose, cut out small triangles. Attach the noses and eyes to the cups. Cotton should be rolled into a firm ball. Stack the snowmen cups in a pyramid shape. Allow your children to stand 5 to 6 feet away from the snowmen. Give each child three chances to slam the snowman.


Hopefully, this article full of fun activities has given you ideas of how to spend your winter, Christmas and New Year with kids. Children are always ready for fun and interactive activities. This winter holidays, let’s join Real School Of Montessori and make it an exciting year. Happy winter days!

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