RealSchool, an innovative educational institution, understands the concerns of parents when it comes to their children’s English language proficiency. In a country as diverse as India, where multiple languages are spoken, some parents may be hesitant to enroll their children in RealSchool due to language barriers. However, we encourage parents to give their children the opportunity to thrive at RealSchool, as our Montessori-based language development module, individualized attention, and child-centric teaching approach can help children overcome language challenges. In this article, we will explore how RealSchool empowers children’s language development and why it is worth considering for your child’s education.

Montessori’s Language Development Module

RealSchool embraces the Montessori method, which places a strong emphasis on language development. Montessori believed that language acquisition begins at birth and continues as a natural process throughout a child’s early years. RealSchool’s language development module provides a rich language environment where children are exposed to various forms of language expression, including correct articulation, enunciation, and punctuation. Through storytelling, conversations, and exposure to different modes of language, children develop their vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension skills in a holistic and engaging manner.

Individualized Attention and Support

RealSchool recognizes that each child has unique language learning needs. Our dedicated teachers provide individualized attention and support to help children overcome language barriers. By closely observing each child’s progress, teachers can identify areas that require additional focus and tailor instruction accordingly. RealSchool ensures that children receive the guidance and encouragement they need to build their confidence and communicate effectively.

Child-Centric Teaching Approach

RealSchool’s child-centric teaching approach creates an environment where children feel empowered to express themselves freely and confidently. Our teachers foster a nurturing atmosphere that encourages open communication and active participation. By respecting each child’s native language and cultural background, RealSchool celebrates linguistic diversity while gradually integrating English as a medium of instruction. This approach helps children develop their English language skills while valuing and preserving their mother tongue.

Progressive Language Development

RealSchool’s language development program is designed to support children’s language growth from the moment they enter our classrooms. Through a carefully curated sequence of activities and materials, children progress naturally from spoken language to written forms of communication. RealSchool creates a prepared environment that stimulates the child’s curiosity, encourages exploration, and provides meaningful activities to foster language development. By the age of six, children at RealSchool have reached a level of language proficiency where they can express themselves articulately, write with skill, and comprehend the thoughts and ideas of others.

Building a Strong Foundation for the Future

English language proficiency is increasingly becoming a vital skill in the globalized world. RealSchool understands the importance of equipping children with the necessary language skills to succeed in their future endeavors. By providing children with a strong foundation in English, RealSchool opens doors to endless opportunities for higher education, career prospects, and cultural exchange. Investing in your child’s language development at RealSchool is an investment in their future success.


RealSchool is not just an institution that focuses on academic achievement; it is a place where children’s holistic development is nurtured and celebrated. Through a Montessori-based language development module, individualized attention, and a child-centric teaching approach, RealSchool empowers children to overcome language barriers and reach their full potential. Parents who were initially apprehensive have witnessed the incredible progress their children have made within a short span of time. RealSchool is the gateway to unlocking your child’s language potential and providing them with a strong foundation for a bright future. Embrace the RealSchool advantage and witness your child’s language journey flourish.

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