Is only school enough for the perfect holistic development of the kid? Learning becomes more effective when it is combined with activity and fun. The best form of wisdom is that which is acquired through experience. Children learn better when they see the goodness around them (inspiration and imitation) as well as when they set examples for themselves (introspection).

Real School’s range of workshops does exactly that for your kids. Our mentors have come to an observation that 2030 and beyond will be an extremely dynamic and decentralized world. It would need professionals who are problem solvers, thinkers and creators and not just textbook readers!

Traditional Education vs RealSchool

Traditional education settings only allow your child to listen and learn what is taught without understanding or being able to imply them in a routine. To survive in a world of advanced robotics and autonomous transport, artificial intelligence and machine learning, advanced materials, biotechnology, and genomics your kid need more than textbook learning. That is exactly where Real School comes into the picture and several parents have reviewed it as the best platform to give their kid the perfect exposure.

Real School provides personalised mentoring for every kid according to their own time, pace, interest and convenience. It conducts 500+ workshops, boot camps and masterclasses which ensure that your kid understands and utilises his potentials to the best. The curriculum and customised study plans are designed by top professionals and include everything you would have wished they would know.

Features of RealSchool

Here are some features of the Real School curriculum:

  • Dynamic and State of the art
  • Focused on skills that matter
  • Impetus on the knowledge that is interesting and relevant
  • Hyper personalised learning
  • Researched and developed by experts and parents
  • Verified and enjoyed by several parents

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Focus on STEM Subjects

In the Real School curriculum, a lot of emphasis is given to STEM subjects and robotics.  By 2040, about 60% of the jobs that exist today will be done by robots. The ones who would be creating and designing them will stand a better chance in this competitive market. Here is the list of some topics that are taught at Real School in a simplified yet practical way:

  • Product design
  • Urban Development and Public Policy
  • Research and reporting
  • Visual communication
  • Fashion Design
  • Robotics and Electronics
  • Mechanics and Automation
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Storytelling
  • App development
  • Sustainable development
  • Animation and filmmaking

Real School offers educational lessons in programming to life skills to draw, there are a range of online masterclasses on offer to boost your kid’s productivity during the quarantine. What makes it much more unique and effective are the aspects below:

  • One to One Mentorship

An environment where every student is individually catered to and a customized plan is tailored as per their interests. A personal mentor assigned to each kid ensures quality outcome and a receptive growth therefore higher-order thinking. These sessions with Real School’s mentors will have 10x the impact as compared to any other traditional methods of learning.

  • Highly Qualified Mentors

Every mentor at Real School has years of experience in training kids and bringing out the best of their capabilities helping kids think deeper, harder, and go beyond the boxed boundaries. The mentors spend quality time with the kids and offer support, encouragement and fun, more like a friend.

  • Focus on Skills of the Future

Picture your kids using skills like learnability, problem-solving, critical thinking moving towards a design-thinking approach, while others focus on adding numbers faster. We are now in the digital and information age, and employers and employees of the future are most likely going to be thinkers, not number crunchers.

  • Hyper Personalisation of Content

Real School’s project-based curriculum approach allows them to personalize the learning and experience path for each student. Every kid holds an interest in different subjects, unlike schools real school allows for personalized learning where the kid can choose what they want to learn and progress on that in order to achieve the highest of their potential.

  • No Constraint of Time and Location

What’s better than learning about the world and becoming the next leader in the comfort of their couches in front of your eyes. The kids aren’t tied down to a fixed schedule and a significant time needed to travel is cut down for them. 

  • Multidisciplinary Approach

A single project exposes students to multiple knowledge domains with high contextual relevance. Moreover, the exposure is driven by the innate need of the students towards the goal of solving the problem. This motivation makes the acquired knowledge both permanent and self-earned.


Once a parent enrols the child, Real School mentors work with the parents to understand their short and long term goals. The classes recommended by Real School are according to their developmental needs.

Real School is the ultimate way to improve your child’s reasoning, logical and analytical thinking effortlessly, and making him future-ready for everything that life has to offer.

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