Kids’ handwriting forms the base of their education. There is various research that shows that their handwriting is the basic skill that affects their critical thinking, language use, and reading ability. Now, at a tender age, you do not need to focus on their handwriting but only on writing.

Their writing will ultimately improve their handwriting. So, the question is how to teach kids to write? The answer is simple: use activities and games. Kids do not like to sit for a long time with a notebook and pencil to write. They will learn effectively through playtime.

So, through this article, you will learn how to teach kids to write alphabets? Or how to teach 3 year old kid to write?

How to Teach Writing to Kids?

Writing is something that your kid will use for their entire life. No matter what field they choose or where they are, writing remains an integral part of their life. Thus, the question of how to teach toddlers to write? might look simple but it is extremely vital. Here is a list of games and activities that might help you in your kid’s progress.

1. Begin with Messy Alphabets

It is not possible for toddlers to write clear letters like adults. Thus, begin with teaching them the motions used to write letters. Take a notebook and pencil, begin with making random lines or curves that show simple letters like ‘c’, ‘o’, ‘n’, ‘v’, ‘u’, ‘i’, ‘l’, ‘t’, etc.

You can also take butter paper or foil and spread instant pudding on it. Then with your fingers make a letter on it. Ask your kid to follow the same path. Through these activities, your toddler might not learn to write but they begin to recognize the various motions of the hand. It works as the first step in how to teach kids to write alphabets?

2. Use Surface Tracing

An efficient and best way to teach writing letters and also brush their memory is surface tracing. Once they excel in creating basic shapes or letters, ask them to trace letters through their memory on a table, hard surface, sheet of paper, etc.

You can draw or trace a letter on any surface then ask your kid to recognize that movement and perform a similar movement on another surface. Use a small or large surface and letters. This activity will also increase their concentration power.

In case you see your kid struggling a lot with recognizing or tracing, ask them to hold your fingers when you trace the letters. You can also hold their hand and guide them while they trace the letter. Through this activity, they will soon start tracing letters easily.

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3. Use Outlines of Words

You can either purchase a book or create the outlines of alphabets on your own in a notebook. Make sure the space between the alphabets is enough to fill them. Ask your kid to use different colour pencils and first trace the outline and then colour them.

Using different colours will make the activity fun for kids. They would not get bored. They will practice for hours. They also learn to work in a boundary. Do not limit their learning to colours only. Ask them to recognize the letter, speak the sound it creates. If possible, also ask them the next alphabet in the sequence.

4. Play Connect the Dots

It is one of the best possible answers to how to teach writing to kids? You might have practiced joining the dots in your childhood. It helps you to learn the way letters are written. Similarly, you can either purchase a book or draw the letter with dotted lines on a notebook. Then ask your kid to join dots in the required sequence.

It is an effective way to teach writing. You can also increase learning by adding creativity to the dots. If your kid has just begun writing then, it is better to make large alphabets. However, sometimes you can reduce the size of letters and also make words with dots. It will help develop their vocabulary simultaneously.

5. Use Arrow for Tracing

The dot method is effective but you can make letter tracing a bit more creative. Instead of dots, use arrows to show them the direction of letters. Undoubtedly, initially, they would face difficulties. They might need 4-5 sessions to write alphabets by following the arrows.

However, once they learn it, they can easily write the alphabet without much difficulty. According to various research, alphabet tracing is one of the most effective strategies to solve the query of how to teach kids to write? Also, make sure you do not limit their learning to alphabets only. You can use this arrow method to teach numbers. Kids easily learn number writing by following the arrows.

6. Communicate About Letter Formation

If the question is how to teach toddlers to write? Always crawls in your mind, then the best way is to communicate letter formation. All you need for this activity is a blackboard and chalk. You can also use a notebook and pencil but most kids enjoy writing on boards. Thus, using a board will maintain enthusiasm within them.

Now begin with communicating how to write a particular letter. For example, if they are writing ‘A’, ask them to draw a slant line. Then another slanted line and then a straight horizontal line in the middle. For B, ask them to draw a straight line, then one round and another round. After some time, you can say shortcuts like for ‘B’, you can directly say them ‘line, round, and round’. Also, you can ask kids, from time to time, about a particular alphabet and how they will write it. It is the best way to teach writing letters if done with proper guidelines.

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7. Write a Thank You Card

If you have this question, how to teach 3 year old kid to write? while teaching them ethics, then here is a way. Yes, you can teach your kid to show gratitude towards nature, their relatives, to the almighty authority, and their environment while they learn to write.

Ask your kid to make thank you letters. You can ask them to make it for their friend who helped them in any way or for nature that gives us each and everything for our survival. Ask them to use simple words. You can guide them with spelling or words they do not know.

So, these are some of the answers to how to teach kids to write alphabets?


These activities will definitely help you to teach writing to kids but remember it is your efforts and their hard work that brings change. Also, do not overburden them. Try to get them involved in activities as much as possible. Through the theory of play and learn, kids grow most effectively. So, keep that in mind and observe your tiny buds making perfect letters, then words, and finally sentences.

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