The relevance of Hindi is that it is the globe’s second most spoken language, behind Mandarin Chinese. This magnificent language is spoken by over 1.5 billion people globally. The significance of Hindi is that it is one of the numerous Indian languages that is regarded as the national and official language of the country’s northern regions.

To teach children Hindi, parents must first select the best option among the several alternatives available and then devote at least some time each day to learning the language. Given below are some effective methods that will help your kid to learn Hindi fast and easily.

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How to Teach Hindi Writing to Kids

Learning to read and write the Hindi language is not a very difficult task if you use the right teaching methods. Start with basics like vowels (swars) and consonants (vyanjans). Once the kid’s get the tricks then you will not have to worry about how to teach Hindi writing to kids.

1. Make a Varnamala Chart

Before learning to write any language, children should be aware of the alphabets in that particular language. So make a chart in the presence of your child. Start with simple alphabets like अ, उ, ए etc.

Practice every day at least 5 letters and when you are sure that children are thorough with those letters introduce more letters. Encourage them to make colourful varnamala charts by themselves.

2. Learning Vowels and Consonants

Understanding the vowels is the first stage in studying Hindi as a language. As its vowels (swar) are what connect to the consonants (vyanjan), it’s crucial to master them first. Compared to English, learning Hindi swar is much easier because the pronunciation of a word in English varies based on where the vowel is placed in the term. In Hindi, however, the vowel is always pronounced the same way, regardless of where it appears in a word. Mentioned below are the basic steps to master swar and vyanjan.

Teach short vowels: In Hindi, there are five short vowels. While learning short vowels it is important to make strokes also because if they correctly use strokes it will be easier for them to connect more letters and form small words.

Long vowels:  If a kid is familiar with short vowels, the next step is to teach them long vowels. The only slight variation comes in pronunciation and structure because the sound of a long vowel is a long version of a short vowel. Along with that, teach them to add an extra stroke also.

Vowels are the link to consonants because when we connect vowels and consonants with the real sounds of Hindi words. Therefore vowels have a major role in how to teach writing to kids.

Teach consonants: Once children learn vowels the next step is to teach consonants. There are 36 consonants in Hindi. Teach them the concept of Hindi Barakadhi because in Hindi two distinctive sounds can be produced when we place vowels behind them.

3. Writing Short Words

Hindi is a phonetic language because the words are spelt in the same way as they sound. So try to give them some simple and common words like समय, घर, तरह etc. The better they are familiar with alphabets, the faster they learn to write words.

4. Keep a Notebook

Another technique to how to teach Hindi writing to kids is encouraging them to write in a book. It would be easier for them to revise and learn quickly. Using four-line and two-line books would be more effective.

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How to Teach Hindi Speaking to Kids?

According to a language census conducted in 2011, around 44% of individuals reported Hindi as their native tongue. So learning Hindi is always an advantage to your kids, even if Hindi is not your mother tongue. Almost all institutions in India provide Hindi as a second language also.

Schools and colleges encourage several competitions and programs like elocutions, debates, quizzes, etc to foster the significance of this language. So wouldn’t it be great if you can teach Hindi speaking to kids? Below are a few tips that would help you and your little fellow a lot in learning the Hindi language.

1. Sounds

Teaching sounds is a key factor in learning any language. Help the youngster in distinguishing between consonant sounds. A better understanding of sound will help them in mastering the correct pronunciation of the words.

2. Action Words

Kids are always busy playing different games. Hence using action words (verbs) like आना (arrive), पूछना (ask), कूद (jump), नाच (dance), etc is a good idea to teach Hindi speaking to kids. Slowly they may use Hindi terms to mark household objects or just teach kids animal names and with some time they will begin to utter short sentences.

3. Audio-Visual Entertainment

In this digital era how to teach Hindi speaking to kids is very much possible through many audio-visual aids. Allow kids to watch Hindi cartoons and shows. Watching Hindi-language shows will help them discover their hidden talents and enhance their learning potential.

4. Conversation

This technique applies to every human being irrespective of age. Nobody can perfectly learn a language without speaking it. If your mother tongue is not Hindi, give your child an opportunity to speak with any of your relatives, close friends, or neighbours who know how to speak in Hindi.

5. Gender Differences

Just like French Language, gender and their grammar is a part of the Hindi language– for example, a masculine gender noun is termed a masculine gender, whereas a feminine gender word is called a feminine gender. In Hindi, language gender is assigned to even non-living entities. So teach them to distinguish the gender in the Hindi language.

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How to Teach Hindi Alphabets to Kids?

Mastering any language to write is simple if one invests the necessary time, effort, and commitment. This case is relevant to Hindi since it necessitates continual effort and practice. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect, and you’ll need both patience and practice on how to teach Hindi alphabets to kids.

1. Do Not Rush

It is not possible to learn the Hindi alphabet in a single day. Spend some time with your kid, getting to know each vowel and consonant. Every day, it is suggested that kids can memorize five letters. This is a simple method of learning Hindi letters that will assist your kids significantly in the long run.

2. Tracing Alphabets

Tracing alphabets can help youngsters improve their motor skills abilities, which will assist them in other activities like learning to write. Children’s hands and coordination are fine-tuned by tracing curved and straight lines, circles, and other forms, making the transition to writing Hindi alphabets simpler. Tracing dot-to-dot puzzles can help children grasp the curves and lines of the Hindi alphabets, which will aid them in the construction of letters daily.

3. Find a Parallel Letter to Which your Child May Connect

You can attempt some fun ways to teach youngsters how to write the Hindi alphabet occasionally. For example, you can advise your kid to memorize the form of rupees when teaching ‘Na,’ or to recall the capital letter ‘R’ but without the vertical line when teaching ‘Ra.’ So connecting letters to objects and other letters is an effective way to teach kids to write Hindi alphabets. Another example is using the 3 and English letter T to form the letter ‘Aa’.

4. Take Each Step Slowly

Choose the number of alphabets that your child learns each day and don’t try to make them do it at once. Begin with elementary alphabets, then half alphabets, and finally grammar and maintain a moderate speed at first. After they’ve become used to it, gradually expand the number.

5. Teach them to Draw Lines

Teaching your preschooler or kindergartener how to draw simple lines, such as an upright line, a lying line, a loop, a curve, and so on is an excellent way to teach Hindi alphabets to kids. Since all letters are formed using only these lines, it is simple to master Hindi letters. Firstly kids learn Swar, after that you can teach them Vyanjan, and once they learn vyanjan kids will be able to write words without using matras.

6. Colouring and Making Alphabet Poster

Once your kid starts writing alphabets, provide them with a worksheet with alphabets that they colour. It is a very good idea to teach Hindi writing to kids. Colouring alphabets have many benefits like it improves fine and gross motor strengths, hand-eye coordination, sensory processing, pencil grasp, creativity, letter identification, etc.

Spend some time with kids to make colourful posters of Hindi alphabets and hang them in their room. When you do so, kids will tend to write more alphabets and words. You can add, draw or paste an image of a word that starts with this letter as well.

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How to Teach Hindi Matra to Kids?

Hindi matras might be perplexing, therefore it’s important to understand the notion right away. Hindi matras are generally taught at school from an early class onwards. Each sound (swar) has a matra connected to it, and when we pronounce a word, we pronounce it based on the matra connected with each letter. Let’s find out how to teach Hindi matra to kids.

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1. Read Aloud

Pronunciation has a key role in learning Hindi matras. Reading aloud is the most effective technique to learn sound and pronunciation. It assists the kid in comprehending how a word is spoken, as well as how a matra is associated with that word. Reading aloud will help kids to understand the two sorts of sounds in Hindi and could learn how each matras are pronounced differently.

The sound of ‘u ki matra’ is short, but the sound of ‘oo ki matra’ is lengthy. This idea may be rather perplexing, but reading the phrases for each matra can assist your youngster in determining which matra to use based on how it is spoken.

2. Dictation

Dictation is a technique in which you pronounce a word out loud and your kid writes it down. It is an excellent way to teach your kid the distinction between short and long sounds, as well as how to recognize the sound and write the matras appropriately. Dictation is always an excellent method to start because you can encourage your kid to write the matras with each letter of the Hindi alphabet and they will also be able to pronounce those letters they are written.

3. Practice, Practice, and Practice

Children frequently mistake numerous identical matras, therefore it’s important to practice constantly to minimize confusion. So to prevent confusion, ensure your youngster knows how every matra’s pronunciation and sound varies. Helping him or her differentiate and practising it from the start is one of the best methods to teach Hindi matra to kids.

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Summing Up

Because of the increased need for Hindi speakers, several governments and agencies throughout the world have begun to provide scholarships and other possibilities to those who are interested in studying Hindi. Hindi is an incredible language to learn. Start teaching your kids Hindi and open the door of opportunities to them.

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