Geometry for kids is a fun topic. It’s all about shapes, figures, structures and sizes. In ancient times, when people started living systematically, shapes and geometry became an important part of their lives. If you look around, you will see geometry everywhere.

The house we live in, the chair we sit in, the lunch box we take to our school or work, everything built is a part of geometry. And not just man-made things, natural objects have their shape too. For example, the trees, mountains, clouds, the sun and the moon. Well, that is the beauty of geometry.

As parents, we are sure you want your kids to learn everything important for their brain development. Introducing them to the basics of geometry is one such aspect to fulfil your wish. But, making them go through a book is not the only way. It often becomes boring. That’s why we have mentioned some amazing geometry puzzles for kids in this article.

Geometry for Kids

Geometry for Kids

First, read on the basic geometry concepts because that will build the foundation of other complex geometry problems and then we will move forward to the puzzles.


Points are the root of objects in geometry. All the structures are considered to be made up of points. A dot depicts a point. It has no dimension, i.e., zero-dimensional.

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If we connect two points in a way that the distance between them is the shortest, the figure made is then a line. It looks straight and has a length. However, lines are not limited to the points, i.e., they are infinite in length. A line segment is a part of a line that has a fixed length. It has one dimension.


A flat surface is known as a plane, and it has two dimensions. It extends continuously. It is one of the most important parts of geometry.


Curves are one-dimensional and are made of bent lines. Picture a circle in your head, isn’t the surface curved? Curves are generally smooth.

Curves can be one-dimensional, two-dimensional or three-dimensional. The curves in the third dimension are called space curves, and the ones in the second dimension are known as plane curves.


Angles are formed by joining two rays. Rays are nothing but a form of the line whose one side has an end while the other is continuous. You can measure angles by compass or a protractor. Its units are degrees and radians, but for now, just stick with degrees. Radians are introduced in higher classes’ geometry concepts.


A solid is a three-dimensional structure. It has length, breadth and height. We can measure its surface area and volume. Almost everything is solid. You can introduce your kids to solids by showing different toys in your home. Some solid shapes examples are cuboid, sphere, cylinder and cube.


A figure made up of more than two lines is called a polygon. The polygon which has the least number of lines is a triangle. You can make infinite polygons with infinite lines. Each of the shapes has a different name. A square is made by enclosing four equal lines; the pentagon is made using five lines and so on.

After your child gets clear about the geometry concepts, the following geometry puzzles for kids will help them learn things quickly.

Geometry Puzzles for Kids

Geometry Puzzles

Find how Many Squares are There?

Draw them out a figure with lots of squares in it and ask them to count the numbers. You can add other shapes too. It will help enhance kids’ decision-making ability.

Connect the Dots and Make the Shape

There are many books in which dot-puzzles are present. Ask your kids to connect the dots by line and draw different types of shapes of various sizes.

Colour the Shape

Well, every child loves colouring, and they will love to play this game.

The rules of the game are straightforward. Decide what colour you want them to fill a particular shape with, and give them a sheet having different shapes drawn on it. For example, blue colour in a square, yellow in a circle, red in a triangle and orange in a rectangle.

Find the Length

Draw different lengths of lines in a sheet. Ask your kids to find each measurement with the help of a scale.

Make Shapes with Lego

Make Shapes with Lego

Kids like legos. The best part about it is your child can make solid shapes from the blocks given, like a cube, cuboid etc.

This game will help enhance their problem-solving skills.

Make a House Using Different Shapes

Use as many shapes as possible to create a unique house. This will help bring out a child’s creativity. And not only houses, ask them to make different objects (fish, flower pot, etc.). Lastly, don’t forget to ask them to colour the shapes.

Cup Pyramid

This one is a typical game. Many schools have this activity on their list. The students make pyramids with the help of placing cups on top of the other cups in groups. This will help them get acquainted with the Pyramid shape. Also, they will be able to learn team management. It’s vital for your kid’s development because, in real life, team management plays an important role.


The kids must know about geometry before they are introduced to the puzzles. Otherwise, they will have a hard time understanding the puzzles. We hope the geometry puzzles for kids will help your children in learning new things.

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