The 2nd of October is a day when we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti. It is celebrated to cherish and honor the birth anniversary of the Father of The Nation that is Mahatma Gandhi. The pen name of Mahatma Gandhi is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi but with love and respect, they are being called Gandhi Ji.

Gandhi Ji sacrificed his life to bring liberation to the nation from the British Raj. Gandhi Ji collaborated with other freedom fighters and fought recklessly and stood firmly against the rules of Britishers. Being a Father of the Nation, they did their work assiduously and made their name glow.

Their birth anniversary has been cherished all over the country and kids have been taught the history of Gandhi Ji and how they created another history by fighting for their rights. Teaching the importance of Gandhi Ji is necessary. The importance can be taught through numerous ways like arranging some educational and co-curricular activities.

Educational activities include speech competitions, essay writing competitions, article writing competitions, debate competitions, etc. On the other hand, co-curricular activities include art and craft activities, poster-making activities, etc.

In this article, we will tell you about the art and craft activities for the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti through which you can teach kids about the importance of the day and the value of Gandhi Ji in Indian History.

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Art and Craft Ideas

Crafting is a thing that makes everyone placate and blithe with wonder and innovations. Art and craft activities make kids explore and innovate new things and learn many more things from them. On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, we will be telling you different craft ideas for Gandhi Jayanti. Now, under-mentioned are some of the materials which are needed to do art and craft:

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • A3 or A4 size sheets
  • Crayons
  • Pencil Colors
  • Paper Quilling Kit
  • Waste Magazine Paper
  • Ice-cream Sticks (Big and Small)
  • Wool (any colour)
  • Thread
  • Gum
  • Fevicol
  • Clay (brown, white, and black colour)

These are some of the required materials which are needed to do craft activities on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. Below mentioned are the ways through which kids can make the art and craft activities:

  • The first idea regarding the crafting is to take a picture of Gandhi Ji itself. Take a white plain paper or an A3 or A4 sheet. With a pencil, draw a picture of Gandhi Ji on a whole page.
  •  After completing drawing the picture of Gandhi Ji. Take either the paper quilling sheets and tools or the rough magazine paper. Now, with the help of a paper quilling kit, take a strip of paper and with the help of gum paste it on the outlines of the picture of Gandhi Ji.
  • Apply the gum only on the outlines of the picture and try to stick the paper vertically but firmly. This will look quite catchy. Another way, through which you can draw the picture is, take the rough magazine paper. That paper is colorful and thick.
  •  Now make small rolls of that paper and apply the gum on the boundaries of the images of Gandhi Ji. Try fixing those small rolls on the boundaries and do some small pieces of that paper and sprinkle them inside the boundaries. This will make a good crafting activity.
  • Another idea to do art and craft activity is to make a Charkha, a symbol of self-independence with waste material. Charkha is the instrument that is always available with Gandhi Ji. Gandhi Ji used to weave Khadi from that Charkha.
  • Draw a small circle of medium size. Now, connect the circle with some ice-cream sticks in a way that will form a Charkha. Moreover, what you can do is, take a piece of wool and cover the circle paper with that wool and make it look attractive by either forming a flower from a thread on the wool and the circle. And you can even decorate the ice-cream sticks with thread, wool, beads, stones or forming some different sized and shaped flowers from the paper quilling paper.
  • And another different idea to do art & craft on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti is by making three Monkeys of Gandhi Ji. The three monkeys of Gandhi Ji are in a way that one monkey can not see, the other one can not hear and the last and third one can not speak. These three monkeys teach us that never to see, hear and utter anything wrong. One can make these three monkeys with the help of clay.
  • By forming small balls with the clay of brown color. Moreover, by forming thin and small hands and connecting them on the sides of the face and either covering the ears, mouth, or eyes. After Making the monkeys properly you can adjust them either on the plain sheet or on the board or any base material.
  • One more idea, for the crafting activity, is to make a scene when Gandhiji was sent to jail and other people were protesting against their arrest. This can be either made with a lump of clay on a thermocol sheet as a base or either on an A3 or A4 sheet in the form of a drawing and will fill it with either poster colours or with crayons. Then it will look attractive and elegant to the viewer.

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Gandhi Jayanti has been occasionally celebrated every year on the 2nd of October to glorify the birth anniversary of Sh. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and they were popularly known as Gandhi Ji or Gandhi ‘Bapu’. They have sacrificed many things to bring freedom to their only beloved Nation “India”. Crafting is the concept that makes kids explore and innovate new things.

The above described are few art and craft activities through which kids can make and participate in the craft activities on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. These new and latest craft ideas will surely help the kids to excel in the sphere of co-curricular activities and in the field of crafting.

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