Making learning fun should always be enhanced and that’s where kids find it interesting to learn and gain knowledge. Every child is unique and has his/her way of learning and parents should keep that in mind, make observations and analysis and then start his/her learning, at different stages, kids have different methods of learning and one should respect them and make them learn in the best way possible.

This article talks about some fun games which children like when they are doing maths and as kids express their strong belief that maths is a boring subject, this article will make it interesting and lovable. Stay tuned till the end.

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Basic Addition and Subtraction Games for Kids

# Bouncing Sums

Take a beach ball or any other bounceable balls and use a marker to write a variety of numbers and then hand it to the students and the ball bounces in a circle and then who will have the ball should read the number out loud which he has touched with his/her thumbs of both the fingers and then doing mathematical calculations of it as stated by the other students.

# Math Facts Bingo

One should create bingo cards and they should contain answers to all multiplication tables. Hand them out to students and one separate sheet for calculations. Now, this is the main part, instead of calling only the numbers, one should ask equations like 5×6 and if they make out the product is 30 then they can check the number on their cards.

# Math Facts Race 

Divide the class into teams of 3-4 teams and then post a grid sheet at the front of each group. Every student of each team will have to run to the sheet and write the answer in the correct grid. The student should write the answer in front of the equation box and then return to their original position so that the other student continues the same. It should be continued till a team wins by correctly filling the grid.

addition games for kids kindergarten

Addition Games for Kindergarten Kids

# Addition Card Game

This game can be played between 2-4 players by using a pack of cards. Each player should pick up two cards and then they should add the two numbers and then tell the answer out loud. If the player gets it right they should keep the cards and if they don’t they have to add them to the bottom pile, the player with most of the cards, wins

# Create an Addition Machine

To prepare one should need a shoebox and two cups with the bottoms cut out and then the player should roll two dice and then use the machine to get the answer by putting the counters through the cups to add the numbers. This will enhance the concept of simple addition.

# Play Adding Jenga

Use the Jenga blocks and write additional sums with sticky labels or write with a market at the end of each block. It should be played with Jenga rules and the players must work out the answer for the sums and before they can attempt one should remove the block.

# Beads and Cards adding Activity

One should have a deck of cards while playing the game, and the player should pull out two cards then they should thread the beads into the thread and show the two numbers by adding them. The players then have concrete objects to count and tell the answer.

# Coat Hanger and Pegs Addition Machine

It’s a great activity that enhances the concept of addition. The player should roll two dice and then place the pegs on the clothes hanger to show the two numbers rolled and then provide them with concrete materials to count the sum and write the answer.

addition math games for kids

Addition Math Game for Kids

# Lady Beetle Addition Activity

Search and print out lady beetles and cut the black dots out and then the number of cards for addition and then ask the player to roll the dice and pick two cards to create an equation and then place the black dots to show the answer for the equation.

# Simple Addition Flashcards

Print cute owl flashcards for the number game activities and then the players should play a snap and match up the number to answer the card.

# Addition Polygon Puzzle

It’s a polygon puzzle and then looking at the additional question they should place the answer next to it. The game aims to put the polygon puzzle back together and by looking at the addition equation, they should place the answer next to it.

# Addition Catch

Write simple addition equations on a volleyball and then players should throw the ball to each other than pick a sum close to their hands and then shout out loud the answer.

# Tree Adding Activity

As for the tree activity, print and cut out the apples, number flashcards and number strips and then the players should roll two dice and pick two cards to create a number equation and then place the apples on the trees and then show the additional number equation and answer it.


 basic math games for kids

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Basic Math Game for Kids 

# Simon Says, “Geometry!”

This is for illustrating the lines and angles accurately and the challenge is to increase the pace of the commands to see if the player can keep up.

# Round the Block

The students should stand in the square and then one should give them a ball and a math challenge to each of the player and then the ball will be passed around by answering the challenge and then when the answer is correct, the player who has the ball should respond the next challenge and then sending the ball in opposite direction.

Basic Math Game for Kids: Addition and Subtraction

Bouncing Sums

Take a ball and then cover the whole ball with labels or write the whole ball with numbers with a permanent marker. Throw the ball to one child and then call his/her name out and see what her right thumb touches and then ask her to shout out the number and then she should throw the ball again to the next child, record the numbers and after five minutes add the sum to a graph, make analysis and note down the calculations by making different mathematics.

basic math games for kids addition subtraction


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