English is one of the very few languages in the world that are widely spoken. As it began to grow as one of the most influential languages in the world, the need to learn the language has exponentially increased too. Most of the countries are using English as a means of communication in almost every field. At a time where a person’s command over English is directly affecting their career, employment, and success, it has become of utmost importance for parents to teach their kids English from a very young age. Especially if those kids belong to a non-native English-speaking country, parents will have a hard time teaching them. Hence, there is a need for some English activities for kids to help them get better.

In this article, we’ll look into some of the fun, knowledgeable, and useful English conversation activities for kids or English speaking activities for kids that will help them enhance their English speaking skills.

Speaking Activities for Kids

Speaking Activities for Kids

1. Debate

This is undoubtedly one of the most common yet effective ways of making kids acquainted with the language. If your kid is alone at home to do the activity, then give them a simple topic and ask them to get arguments for or against it in complete English. But before that, talk to them about the topic, rehearse them, give them pointers all through communicating in the English language so that they will feel confident before the debate. If they are in a playgroup with their friends, divide them into two equal teams and ask one team to support the topic and the other to go against it. Question them, help them answer, make it a two-way conversation. Talking in English continuously, especially in front of people, will help kids practice talking the language and increase their confidence.

Speaking Activities for childrens

2. Descriptive Drawing

One such English activity for kids where you can help them improve their artistic skills and their grip on the English language is Descriptive Drawing. First, give your kids time and ask them to make art that can be on anything. After the drawing/sketching is done, ask them to explain it. In the conversation, question them on what gave them the idea or inspiration to do the sketch, how they felt the sketch finally turned out, or how they can improve it. By asking them for answers to such questions in English, apart from the regular describing activities, you will improve their speaking skills and be fun at the same time.

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3. Story Telling

You may have read your kids bedtime stories or stories during daylight to keep them entertained and share knowledge at the same time. But, as a part of teaching English to kids through fun activities, reverse the jobs and ask them to tell stories. They may have already heard many stories from you and other elders. Hence, ask them to come up with a story about their favourite cartoon. If they are having a hard time imagining one, ask them to simply tell the story of what happened today in their favourite cartoon incomplete English. As this activity involves them talking for minutes continuously, they will get fluent and even enjoy talking about the anime they adore. Include this activity in your daily routine at a fixed time for better results.

4. Telephonic Conversations

The whole point of you constantly trying to teach English to your kids is for them to be better at communication in their daily lives. One such daily chore involves having telephonic discussions. Hence, to inculcate this habit, try creating an act with your kids. Talk to them using their toy phones by giving them various scenarios. Switch between people like parents, grandparents, friends with different topics so that kids will not be bored. For creative activities, talk to them as a delivery agent asking for details or customer service people wanting information to give your kids an idea of how important conversations can be. By this activity, when the time comes, they’ll not be afraid of speaking in front of others as they are well practised with you.

Conversation Activities for kids

5. Puzzle Your Kids

This is one activity that can help your kids learn vocabulary as well as improve their English speaking skills. Use crossword puzzles and help them crack it. If they did, ask them to talk for a minute or two continuously about the word. Sometimes, if your kids are unfamiliar with the word, acquaint them with what the word is and try helping them in framing sentences with it. In this way, kids will induce the habit of speaking on a random topic spontaneously in the English language and learn vocabulary too.

6. Comic Conversations

We all know how much children are fond of comic books. Hence, use comics to teach your kids how to converse in English. Take any comic book with continuous pictures and ask your children to explain what is happening in the series of pictures. If they have friends around or they are in a playgroup, divide pictures between the kids and ask them to come up with actions for every picture. With every kid coming up with a story on each continuous picture, it becomes a serial story framed by them. Kids will be excited and will participate in it happily. This would improve their speaking and the confidence to be able to speak in front of the public.

7. Informing Directions

This is an activity where you will provide your children with some maps and ask them to tell everyone how to reach from one place to another. For better understanding, ask your children to help you in knowing the route from your home to their school, nearby grocery store, or a park in the neighbourhood. Ask them to draw a map and explain how you can get there, in the middle, ask them questions to make it a two-way conversation. This skill will help your kids in the long run as well as improve our immediate target of making them good in English.

8. Other Conversation Activities

#1 Play various board games and take part in activities that involve conversations.

#2 Two lies and one truth.

#3 Asking them to teach a class in English.

#4 Chain Stories.

#5 Likes and Dislikes.

Conversation Activities for children


These are a few examples of how to teach English to kids with fun activities. Learning to speak fluently in English is not an overnight process. It needs practice for kids to habituate. Make it a part of their daily routine with parents, friends in English. Consciously make them watch English shows, cartoons, surround them with activities, games that involve them talking in English. In this way, with constant effort, they will soon be fluent, efficient, and have a good command of the language.

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