Rakshabandhan is a Hindu tradition also called Rakhi. Very famous Indian tradition is also celebrated in South Asia by many people influenced by Hindu culture. This day is very important for brother and sister bond and love. On this day, a sister ties Rakhi to their brother’s wrist, which symbolizes protecting them, and girls receive gifts in return from their brother. Celebrated on full moon day. On Rakshabandhan, boys generally wear kurta-jeans or kurta pajamas, and girls prefer to wear ethnic such as Kurti with jeans or parallel short kurtas.

Rakhi making ideas for kids are very popular at the time of Raksha Bandhan. Many schools also organize Rakhi making competitions for kids. Various concepts for making easy and beautiful Rakhi are available on the internet. Sisters make Rakhi for their loving brothers at home. Teachers in schools also provide different Rakhi-making tips, and they also guide them on how to make handmade Rakhi with materials. Rakhi-making ideas are very popular for Rakhi and especially for girls, and there are many sources of statements given by the internet, teachers, and many more.

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What Rakshabandhan is and How It is Celebration?

Rakshabandhan is a very popular Indian festival celebrated by all the brothers and sisters for their loving bond. Rakhi is observed on the last day of the Hindu Lunar Calendar in August or Sharavana. Rakshabandhan means “the bond of care or protection.” On this auspicious day, all the Hindus all-girls tie Rakhi or band on the wrist of all their brothers and do tikka and receive a promise from brothers that they would take care of them and give gifts in return.

Nowadays. kids don’t know about the Indian festivals and the best basic one is Rakshabandhan. So, you know some things. The Festival of rakhi increases loves between brothers and sisters. So it is celebrated with great pomp and joy. All the Hindu families celebrate Rakhi by doing pooja of their brothers and praying for them along with lots of pleasure. While sister ties Rakhi on the right-hand wrist of brother and then later exchanges gifts along with sweets.

Easy Rakhi Making Ideas for Kids

As the rakhi occasion comes near, every girl tries to make Rakhi for their brother at home. So on this special occasion for brother sister sharing a bond of joy and love, there are some easy ideas for kids to make handmade Rakhi for a school competition. Moreover, keeping the child busy in such awesome activities is a lot of fun and time-consuming, instead of kids wasting time on other silly things. And also, upcoming festivals like Raksha Bandhan engage kids in Rakhi-making activities for their love for brothers or any competitions organized in schools or exhibitions. There are some super easy and beautiful ideas for kids to make Rakhi by themselves at home and understand this auspicious Festival’s true meaning. Rakhi making acquires a lot of new and innovative ideas. The internet gives different ideas for unique concepts such as chocolate rakhi, photo rakhi, and customized Rakhi.

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Some Basic Materials Required for Making Rakhi 

  • Materials- some basic things required for making Rakhi are ribbons, foam, stickers, cutouts, wooden beads, quilling strips, letterboxes, scissors, wool, and pipe.
  • Easy handmade wooden Rakhi of beads
  • Cut foam rakhi 
  • Quilled Rakhi 
  • Handmade yarn rakhi 
  • Pipe and googly eye rakhi
  • Waste material rakhi 
  • Ganesh Rakhi 
  • Beads Rakhi
  • Letters rakhi
  • Photo rakhi
  • Chocolate rakhi
  • Cartoon characters rakhi
  • Collecting all usable ribbons rakhi 
  • Sun rakhi
  • Clay rakhi 
  • Papercraft rakhi 
  • Satin rakhi 
  • DIY paper rakhi
  • Superman rakhi 
  • Racing car rakhi
  • Animal rakhi for kids

Rakhi Making Ideas for Preschoolers

Some of Rakhi making ideas for preschoolers are

1. Quilling Rakhi

Material required is quilling strips,fevicol, stickers, and ribbon.

The procedure of making it is to take some quilling strips and roll them and attach different colors of stripes and make a big center circle and stick that circle to a ribbon and on that circle made of quilling strips put a brother-sister love sticker on top of it.

This is how quilled Rakhi is made.

2. Foam Rakhi 

Material required is foam sheets, ribbon, fevicol, and scissors.

The procedure of making it is cutting a circle first from a foam sheet with the help of scissors. Then cut a circle smaller than the previous one and paste it into a big loop, making a good pattern. Then paste satin ribbon below and glitter foam sheet on the process along with any cut of Rakhi.

3. Sun Rakhi

Materials needed are googly eyes, yellow color sheets, scissors, and fevicol.

The procedure for making it is to cut out a circle of yellow sheet and on top of that place googly eyes and make a face with a sketch pen and tie ribbon down. And later color it.

4. Ribbon Rakhi

Material required is usable ribbons waste, fevicol, scissors, ribbons, and beads.

The procedure is to cut the ribbon with scissors and make a design of a flower by rolling the ribbon and then paste the ribbon made on the ribbon. And the ribbon rakhi is made for preschoolers.

5. Letters Rakhi

Material required for this Rakhi is letters boxes, ribbon, and scissors.

The procedure of this is that a ribbon needs to be taken then those letters should make the name of one’s brother, and in proper sequence, it should be put in ribbon and Rakhi is made.

6. Beads Rakhi

Material required are beads of different colors and ribbons and fevicol and some rakhi stickers too.

The procedure for Rakhi beads is to bring some dots of different colors together, put them inside the ribbon, and decorate beads with some sister or brother love stickers.

Some Rakhi Tips

Kids should have patience while making Rakhi.

One should collect all the material needed for making Rakhi first.

Some common materials for making are evil, scissors, foam, and ribbon.

Cutting and pasting all the materials should be done very carefully and keeping it neat by not spreading much fevicol or glue.

Cutting should be done evenly by seeing all the edges and then complete the making of Rakhi.


As discussed above, what Raksha Bandhan Festival is all about is how it is celebrated by Hindus. All the details are provided about this auspicious Rakhi festival, especially for brothers and sisters’ love. Before the rakhi festival, there are many Rakhi making competitions and exhibitions where handmade Rakhi is displayed.

Teachers provide various Rakhi-making ideas for kids in school; they tell them to collect all materials used for making it and then help them make Rakhi by assisting them while cutting sheets, pasting, and much more.

Proper Rakhi-making tips should be kept in mind of kids so that they would not make mistakes and mess while making Rakhi for their brothers with love. All Rakhi-making ideas for kids are discussed, such as sunflower rakhi, quilling rakhi, foam rakhi, and Ganesh rakhi and rakhi ideas for preschoolers along with its procedure also mentioned that would help kids.

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