Ever considered how to train your child’s brain? Yes, studying the school syllabus does the work but, what really can do wonders for their brain is brain teasers for kids.

What is Brain Teaser?

what is brain teaser

A brain teaser is a problem that requires a broad level of perspective to solve. But, despite being tough, brain teasers for kids are fun to solve.

The problems aren’t straightforward, like regular subject questions. They are unusual, and the answers are based on analysis, logic and hypothesis. It can help you measure a kid’s thought process by analysing their ability to answer. It also shows how creative your kids are.

Why is Brain Teaser for kids Important?

Brain teasers are short puzzles type questions to solve, with great benefits for young learners.  It sharpens their brain and helps them face real-world situations like competitive exams and interviews. Moreover, it is pretty common to ask brain teasers in interviews to measure a person’s IQ and check their suitability for a particular job.

Why is Brain Teaser for kids Important

Here are 6 benefits of solving brain teasers for kids regularly:

#1. Improves Concentration and Memory

Since solving a brain teaser requires much attention, it eventually enhances concentration and memory. Researchers have found that playing number or word puzzles that challenge your mind can boost your brain’s activity. In addition, this reduces the risk of dementia and day-to-day boredom.

#2. Decision-Making Skills are Strengthened

Brain teasers help enhance decision-making skills because of the amount of trial-and-error that goes into solving these puzzles. Through solving a puzzle, the kids learn about predicting, testing options, probability and changing plans depending on what they find out.

#3. Enhances Mood

The production of dopamine in the brain increases when your child solves a puzzle. Besides lowering stress levels and making them feel happier, dopamine can also impact the way they think. It also keeps them stay motivated and focused.

#4. Influences Creativity

To solve brain teasers, one needs to think laterally and come up with ingenious solutions. Boosting a child’s creativity with a brain teaser is an excellent idea. They can apply the same thinking to other aspects of their learning, from art to creative writing and playing games with friends. In subjects with complex theories, such as mathematics and science, innovative thinking can help students learn more effectively.

#5. Gives Better Health

Brain teasers are an excellent way to maintain mental health, ultimately keeping the body fit, too, as with a sound mind, your kids can have a sound body.

#6. Improves Comprehension Skills

While your kid might be good at reading, often, their ability to understand what they read can be weak. Brain teasers for kids can help them become better at understanding and comprehending a situation.

Fun Brain Teaser for Kids with Answers

# Logical Brain Teaser Questions

Number One

#1. A mouse wants to lose weight. She begins by climbing the stairs. After climbing up five stories on the fourth floor, she descends seven stories, climbs six stories, descends three stories, and climbs four stories again. Which floor is she on now?

Answer: She is on the ninth floor.

Number Two

#2. Jason turned left, right, spun 360° on his head, and photographed the sunset while walking backwards. In which direction was he pointing?

Answer: He was pointing in the west direction.

Number Three

#3. The house in the neighbourhood was pink and was a one storey building. All of the stuff in the room was pink, including the carpet, the walls, and even the cat! Which colour were the stairs?

Answer: There were no stairs since it was a one-story house.

brain teaser with answers

Number Four

#4. Imagine you are driving a bus. Four people board the bus at the first stop. Eight people boarded at the second stop, two got off at the third stop, and all got off at the fourth stop. Can you tell the colour of the bus driver’s eyes?

Answer: The eye colour you have!

Number Five

#5. If you see an electric train travelling east at 70 mph and the wind blows from the west at 80 mph, in which direction is the smoke going to come out of the train?

Answer: A train that runs on electricity does not emit smoke.

Number Six

#6. There are no passengers on board when the city bus leaves in the morning. Initially, two people get on, then five more get on at the next stop. On the next one, seven people board and three get off. At the next stop, five passengers board and six passengers get off. At the last bus stop, three people boarded and one exited. What was the total number of stops?

Answer: Five stops

Number Seven

#7. Right now, Billy tells his sister, Sarah, he is twice her age and twice as smart. In five years, Sarah says she will be twice as old as she is now and Billy won’t be. Five years from now, what age will they be?

Answer: The ages of Billy and Sarah will be 15 and 10 respectively.

Number Eight

#8. A teacher reported that there were fewer than 30 students in her classroom, but at least 20. With no leftovers, the children can be divided into groups of 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8. Can you tell how many students there are?

Answer: There are 24 students.

Number Nine

#9. An hour before showtime, people are gathered at the theatre for a new movie. Every 10 minutes, the theatre’s audience doubles, and after 60 minutes, the theatre is packed. What time was the theatre half full?

Answer: About ten minutes before showtime.

Number Ten

#10. Mr Fredrickson and his wife are eating ice cream. She says that if her husband gives her a scoop of his ice cream, she’ll have twice as many scoops as he does. Mr Fredrickson says that if she gives him one of her scoops, he will get the same amount. What is the total number of scoops each one has?

Answer: Mrs Fredrickson has seven scoops, while Mr Fredrickson has five.

Puzzle Type Brain Teaser Questions

Brain teaser for kids

Number One to Five

#1. What would have to be broken before it could be used?

Answer: Egg

#2. What breaks without falling, and what falls without breaking?

Answer: Night and morning

#3. What was the highest mountain in the world before Mount Everest was discovered?

Answer: Mount Everest itself!

#4. What word is incorrectly spelt in the dictionary?

Answer: The word “Incorrectly”.

#5. When you add two letters to a five-letter word, it becomes shorter. Can you guess that word?

Answer: “Short”

Number Six to Ten

#6. Only in the presence of light I exist, but direct light can kill me. Who am I?

Answer: A shadow.

#7. My body is full of holes, but I’m still able to hold a lot of water. Who am I?

Answer: Sponge

#8. Throughout the day, it sleeps, while at night, it cries. As it cries more, more light is created. What is it?

Answer: A candle

#9. I speak with my ear and listen with my mouth. Who am I?

Answer: A mobile

#10. The thing you can’t hold onto for more than a few seconds?

Answer: Breath

Train Your Kids Brain With The Real School Of Montessori

 Train Your Kids Brain

We covered some fun brain teasers with answers for students to solve and enjoy; we hope it gave you a clear idea of how it can sharpen your child’s brain. For more such fun brain teasers, check out the real school Of Montessori website. It has multiple exciting games and puzzles that will boost their skills and abilities.

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