Children love to explore the world while growing, so it is common for children to develop multiple interests. Children develop a keen interest in music and instruments as they grow. One such instrument is the piano which attracts kids a lot because of its melodious sound. Playing the piano helps reduce stress and anxiety levels; it helps improve hand-eye coordination and boosts self-esteem.

To learn to play, your kid will require a piano. But if you aren’t sure whether your kid would retain interest and not leave it midway, the piano will be of no use. So, how to learn piano without purchasing one? You can rely on some of the best piano learning apps for kids.

These apps provide piano lessons for kids to learn how to play the piano anytime and anywhere. Most of the apps provide free basic piano lessons and in-app premium purchases. You will find a plethora of piano apps if you search it, so here we enlist some of the best piano learning software for kids.

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Flowkey is one of the simplest and best piano learning apps for kids. The app offers piano lessons for beginners and for those who already have some knowledge of the instrument. The app makes it easy for the user to learn piano with the song they like. The app also offers the theory behind the piano, the development of the piano as an instrument and various songs to choose and learn from.

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The songs you get to learn are provided from the beginners’ to the advanced learning stage. The app adds pieces of songs that you have learnt to your repertoire. Flowkey app also provides playground sessions, video lessons, and it is compatible with MIDI keyboards.

MIDI is a piano-style electronic keyboard that can be played by attaching a USB or MIDI 5-pin cable to a computer or other musical devices. Flowkey app is compatible with both the Android and iOS platforms.

best piano learning software for kids

Simply Piano by JoyTunes

Simply Piano by JoyTunes is one of the most known popular piano learning apps amongst the masses. It has a million users, and you can be one of them too. The app provides the basics of piano, where you learn how to read the sheet music, to the lessons for advanced piano players who play the piano with both their hands.

The app also registers the piano notes you play through the microphone and gives you instant feedback. If you don’t have a keyboard or piano, the Touch Courses in the app turns your device into an on-screen keyboard with the 3D touch.

You can personalise your piano learning on Simply Piano. The app provides various types of music to practise and play. Users can select from a wide range of songs, from the most popular to the classical. Simply Piano is a versatile app with educational and fun learning for any piano learner. The app is available for free for both Android and iOS users.


Yousician is one of the best piano learning apps for kids and adults both. Yousician is an award-winning educational music app with over 1500 lessons, exercises, and missions. The app has various features which make it easy for everyone to learn piano.

The app has a Practice Mode that slows down the songs, which helps build the coordination required to play it at speed. This mode helps to learn songs in part until you master them and could play the whole piece.

It also has the finger position coaching feature for beginners to identify the notes on the music sheet and keyboard with matching colours. It helps beginners to play the piano by just placing their fingers on the matching colour on the keyboard.

The app also listens to how you play and gives real-time feedback. Learners can polish their piano skills on the app with the feedback and lessons created by experienced music teachers.

New songs are uploaded regularly on the app. There is no need to purchase a piano or keyboard as this app has a functional on-screen piano. Yousician app is compatible with desktop, iOS and Android. Your children can opt for any of the options according to their comfort.

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Gismart Piano

This app is a piano game app, but it can be used to develop your kid’s interest in learning piano. The game can be played without any prior knowledge of piano. The users can record the music or can play piano games. Gismart has also won the Best Music App award from Appy Awards.

The app features a realistic piano of 88 keys, where the keyboard switches between nine octaves. The keyboard can be transformed into a dual keyboard and also has a Forte pedal. You can modulate the sound of the keyboard to sound like other musical instruments. You’ll be playing the piano with the sound of a grand piano, guitar, harpsichord, organ or accordion sounds.

There are mini-games in the app which users can play. This app could instil initial interest in piano in your child, which might fructify into in-depth learning. The app is available for free with in-app purchases on iOS and Android platforms.

Magic Piano by Smule

Magic Piano is another interactive and entertaining app where kids can learn and enjoy. The app helps the children to learn the fundamentals of piano. The app allows the user to recreate melodies and chords of popular songs by tapping on the screen. This practice will help them learn fine motor skills and rhythm.

Music teachers, directors, accompanists, and tutors explain what an actual piano score is like in the app. They also teach the student how to read notes and rhythms. Sheet music is available on the app for both beginners and advanced learners.

Users can also listen to other students’ performances and arrange a duet with random players from across the globe. Students earn different badges and achievements by completing levels. Magic Piano app is available for both Android and iOS users.

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Yokee Piano

Yokee Piano is a fun learning musical app that teaches how to play your favourite song on a digital or acoustic piano. The app is interactive and user-friendly, which makes it easy for the users.

Users can learn lessons on this app quickly. You can play the piano on this app with your friends and can also compete with them. You can challenge your friends by picking up a song and see who can play it better.

Regularly new songs are uploaded on the app for the users to enjoy and learn. Whichever song you opt to learn and play on the keyboard, the app will provide a step-by-step process to play that song. The app has excellent options for pop music. It is available on both Android and iOS for users.


Before your kid starts taking piano lessons with an instrument, it is always better to learn through these apps first and see if they develop a genuine interest in deep learning. You can opt for any of the apps mentioned above and set your child off on their musical journey. For more such informative content for kids, visit the website of the Real School Of Montessori . We care about children and provide them with the best resources to learn and grow most innovatively. Avail a free session at Real School Of Montessori and experience it for yourself.

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