English is a widely used language around the world. In India English is used in the corporate world, Education, and also in daily communication. With daily use of English, individuals have to get prepared for learning English.

Like we learn to speak Hindi from our family and our surroundings, similarly English also has to be learned through schools and through limitations in our surroundings. There is so much competition in the world right now, and it is seen that individuals who are fluent in English are seen climbing up the ladder easily.

This is the reason why the school’s curriculum is focusing on the English language from the start of one’s education life. But learning at school is not the only solution to learn English. Children need some new creative ways to learn a language. Hence, parents can go for teaching English to their children with the help of Apps.

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Best English Learning Apps for Kids

Teaching Children in a monotonous way will not help them learn quickly. Kids need new learning methods to have an interest in learning. English has to be learned in natural ways where kids can relate to the language and can use that in daily life to practice it. A fun way of teaching kids is with the help of apps. There are so many apps available that help the kids to learn quickly and in an interesting way.

Every kid of this generation has become tech-savvy, they are fond of playing games on mobile phones, seeing this what could be a better way of learning than learning through apps. Learning through apps is a way in which parents don’t have to run after the kids to practice English or revise it. Children will initiate the learning on their own.

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What are the Top Fun Learning Apps for Kids?

Here, we will help you with the best fun learning apps for children, that will help the kid learn in a better way. You can download the apps in Android or IOS and provide your children with the best learning option that is learning English through Apps. check out the apps given below:-

1. Duolingo

It is a free app that can be downloaded on both Android and IOS smartphones. It gives a very convenient learning experience to a learner. children can learn English with the help of this app but along with it, they have options to learn another language as well like Dutch, Danish, German, French, Italian, Irish, and Spanish.

Duolingo provides the learner with personalized learning where it assesses the current learning and then presents the learning method in alignment with your learning style. For children it’s an app that sustains motivation through a collection of coins, unlocking new levels. For parents, it provides the learner’s progress that can help the parents evaluate the children’ learning.

2.  Stories by Gus on the Go

This app is right now only available in app stores that can be downloaded in iPhone only. But it is a good app for kids as it creates learning and fun. It has engaging vocabulary reviews, it has interesting games that make children more interested in learning. It has 30 different languages to learn along with English.

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3. Little Pim

With the help of the Little Pim app, the child can learn 360 words and phrases. This app provides the building foundation for learning the English language. It is available on various devices, which are easily accessible to children.

Little Pim also offers a complete library for language learning that helps children learn more thoroughly. It also offers guidance for the teachers and parents, where how they can teach children in a simpler and yet interesting way is discussed with them.

what are the top fun learning apps for kids?

4. Hello English

Hello, English provides 475 interactive lessons. It is a free app where children learn with the help of a quiz. Kids learn reading, writing, listening, and speaking English with the exercise. What’s more? Hello, English does not require an internet connection, children can use the app from anywhere at any time without worrying about the internet connection. With this feature, it becomes very convenient for parents to teach English to their kids anywhere.

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5. Learn English Kids: Playtime

This app is developed by the British Council which is one of the revered organizations for learning English. To help kids learn English it has come up with an app that offers a lot to the kids. It provides a great learning experience to the student by offering video and games, to understand English in a fun way. It also offers the progress of the child to parents, where parents are able to see how their child is going ahead in terms of speaking, reading, listening, and understanding English.

real school

6.The Real School Of Montessori

 The Real School Of Montessori’s communication Bootcamp provides language learning sessions for the kid where kids get 40 plus one-to-one sessions with the personal mentor. They are given 10 published projects. The Real School Of Montessori helps the kid to develop a reading routine which makes them a better English reader. The Real School Of Montessori not only provides the kids with the foundation of the English language but enhanced debating and persuasive speaking skills are also focused upon by this platform.

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English is the language that calls for focused learning. It is highly demanded in today’s fast-moving world. But the challenge for teachers and parents here is to make their child learn the English Language. To learn the English language teachers use different ways of teaching. Parents are regularly searching for new methods of teaching their kids.

As today’s kids are really active on mobile phones, teaching them with the help of apps available on mobile phones is one of the convenient ways of learning. Here, we have given 6 apps that are considered the best educational apps for kids.

Hopefully, this article gave you enough information on which is the best app for learning kids? Every app provides different features that help kids improve their reading, speaking, listening, and writing English skills. Share how you liked it by writing down your comment in the below section.

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