Open School

Get the most from school education

Hyper-personalized classroom

Truly Hands-on and Project-based
Personalized Attention by Realschool teachers.

Class is a round table of learning

Class is a discussion, not a one-sided "lecture"

No student is ever left behind

Students must discover the topic and not "listen to it"

Student Outcomes

Your child never has to cope up with others

Application over Rote learning
Supreme Problem solving skills
Instill the spirit of self-learning

Curriculum and Board

Adherence to the Highest standards of the NCERT curriculum

Exams are conducted on norms set by NIOS

Programs Open for Admission

Pre-Primary:Ages 6-12

Primary:Ages 13-15

How to apply?

Parent: Curriculum fit

Fill in the application form, and help us understand if you are ready for an international style of curriculum and teaching

Parent: Academic discussion

Our academic experts give you a virtual tour of the school and how it functions


If we both like each other, we embark on an exciting journey of bringing your child up