The attention span of kids below 5 years is quite limited. Inattentive and unfocused minds in kids can lead to tiredness, loss of energy, and an inability to complete any task at hand. Therefore, your kid must develop an ability to concentrate to complete primary tasks and muscle control. With their ability to focus, they can easily accomplish tasks such as sitting, getting up, playing with their favourite toys, etc., and also take part in various group activities in preschool. Building the attention span in kids below 5 years old can help them to acquire life skills.

Kids below 5 years are naturally energetic, and you cannot expect them to be focused. Children of such a young age cannot focus completely, as their brains are wired differently than adults. When the task given to them is not fun, they are quick to lose focus.

Signs of Low Concentration

Listed below are the few signs of low concentration in kids below age 5.

#Inability to follow instruction

#Unable to keep things organised

#Unable to sit still

#Lacks interest

#Gets easily distracted

Lack of concentration can affect the development of the child. Some common reasons for lack of focus in kids  are:

Common Reasons for Lack of Focus in Kids

#Inadequate Sleep

Kids require a minimum of 9 hours of sleep every day. If the child does not sleep properly, the ability to remember and learn new things becomes low. The lack of sleep affects the focus of the child negatively. The working memory is a vital part of focusing, and this could be affected without ample sleep. It could also lead to inaccuracy and low speed in completing the mental task.

# Poor Nutrition

Kids require healthy food, protein, and vitamins to develop their body and mind. The lack of a balanced diet means low concentration power and focus, which will only worsen over time. The kid must eat a balanced diet with ample vitamins and protein to develop cognitive and physical strength.

# Dehydration

Dehydration can lead to fatigue and lower concentration power in kids below 5.

# Family Stress

In some families, adults do not maintain boundaries and discuss their problems in front of kids. It could, in turn, overwhelm the child, leading to loss of focus and concentration. The child could also become upset and feel anxious.

# No Physical Activity

During the growing years of the child, physical activities play an important role in the child’s development. Children lack concentration if they are not moving and performing any physical activity.

How to Increase Concentration Power in Kids below 5 Years?

Many parents are confused and stressed on how to increase concentration power in kids below 5 years? However, it is possible to enhance the concentration skills of your kid with a few simple tips and techniques.

#1. A Balanced Diet and Plenty of Water

Eating a balanced diet and drinking ample water every day is vital to improve focus and concentration in your kid. It also helps to develop patience from distraction and increase their ability to remember and learn new skills. Your kid must consistently eat balanced and healthy food, which will allow your child to develop concentration skills and focus.

You must also motivate your child to drink plenty of water to ensure an increase in focus. They must have enough water in their system and stay hydrated to develop concentration skills. Make sure that your child carries a water bottle to school and drinks water at regular intervals to maintain the level of hydration.

Increase Concentration Power in Kids below 5 Years

#2. Encourage Physical Activities and Body Movement

As parents, many are concerned as to how to increase concentration power in kids? Encouraging your child to participate in physical activity is the way to go. Children who suffer from low concentration are often not performing enough physical activity. Physical activities aid in the sharpening of the brain of children and are associated with learning and memory.

Physical Activities and Body Movement

#3. Give Small Task

Kids below the age of 5 lack concentration and discipline, and hence cannot complete the bigger task. Therefore, parents are always concerned as to how to increase focus in kids? It is a good idea to give them a small task or divide the big task. It could help your child to complete various tasks like homework, puzzles, etc., easily and allow them a sense of progress at the same time.  You must also keep the everyday task simple to help them remember and complete the task hassle-free.

#4. Remove Distraction

One of the biggest hurdles on how to increase the increased concentration in kids is distraction. Kids below five years are very energetic and can easily get distracted. Hence, the learning environment at home must be free of any distraction to allow them to focus on the task at hand. Avoid using smartphones, texting, chatting, etc., when helping your child learn new skills.

#5. Repetition of Activity

Repetition of a similar activity every day will act as glue for learning. For example, completing the homework at the same time will eventually lead to making it a habit and will require less effort to concentrate and focus. The child will also be more willing to complete the task and will be able to focus better. You must also set a time goal for completing a particular task to improve the level of concentration over time.


Apart from the above-discussed tips, you must also encourage your child to indulge in board games that require focus, like puzzles, crosswords, find the missing things, colouring, dancing in a particular sequence, etc. These are a great way to increase the level of concentration, boost brainpower and have fun at the same time. You must also praise your child when they complete a task as it will motivate them to concentrate and work harder to impress.

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