What are personal factors in child development? 

Child development is the stage in which the child changes over time. It includes physical growth as well as lingual, emotional, social and personal development. The development of a child can be affected by personal and external factors. Personal factors are those which occur to a specific child, whereas external factors are common.   Today we will tell you about how personal factors can affect children.
Personal factors include health disability, sensory impairment, learning disability, genetics, poverty and abuse. Before learning about personal aspects, let us know what child development is.

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About Child Development

Child development can be characterised as the cycle by which a kid changes after some time. It covers the entire time frame from origination to an individual turning into a completely working grown-up.
Child development consolidates actual development just as academic, language, enthusiasm and social development. While these perspectives are regularly thought about independent of each other, each of these factors impact the others in their own way. For instance, as the cerebrum grows, learning capacity increases.
This permits a child to study their social world all the more completely, fostering their emotional reactions to it and the language needed to describe it. Thus, this study straightforwardly relates to the brain development of a child.

How to develop a personality for children


Most often, child development is affected by health conditions. For instance, a child can be affected by birth if the mother takes drugs, drinks alcohol, or smokes. It will affect a child’s cognitive and physical development. Whether a small amount is consumed by the mother or a considerable amount of the effects can be on the child’s physical development also it may cause disability.
The following development areas are affected by health issues:

  • A child may not be able to make friends. If there are pre-health issues to a child, he may not have the ability to make friends.
  • If a child’s health is not good, they will lose their time utilised in their education.
  • If a child is facing pre-health issues, he also suffers lack of confidence problems. Although most of the children face this lack of confidence and low esteem, a child suffering from pre-health issues will face more than other children. 


A neurological condition referred to as cerebral palsy affects the brain and nervous system of a child. It is a condition in which a child faces a problem in movement and coordination caused by damage in the brain during or just after birth.  Generally, this problem does not affect the child’s cognitive development but can severely harm the child’s physical development. It can also affect the areas such as:

  • Social development
  • Emotional development
  • Intellectual development

Sensory Impairment

Hearing impairment can affect many developments. Hearing impairment is when speech is not audible or is unclear for the child cannot pronounce words correctly. Thus, it leads to avoiding social interaction; hence it affects emotional and social development.

Learning Disability

Learning disabilities can affect a child’s cognitive development. This problem can affect social and emotional development as a child will face many issues in learning. Thus, he will not be able to listen to his parents’ instructions and ultimately, he will start facing anxiety problems.

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Poverty can also give rise to too many development issues as the child might not go to school and learn emotional and social values. Thus, they will lack emotional and social developments. Most often, poverty causes problems in all the development areas. For instance:

  • Social: Money plays a vital role in everybody’s life. If a family does not have the money to send their child to school, they will not make friends. And he will lack social development.
  • Intellectual: Limited resources will give rise to not buying books, and thus he will not learn anything.
  • Physical: Insufficient diet gives rise to many physical problems as you need food to live. 

These were some personal problems that are not common in all children but can severely damage their developmental areas. However, all the parents try to nurture their child in all development areas. Let us see how to develop a personality for children.

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How to Develop a Personality for Children?


In the age of the web, you should give close consideration to your youngster’s behaviour and the way he/she manages circumstances. Give immediate attention to your kid’s exercises and interests. Monitor the new things he learns. It will help in personality development for kids.

2. Review your abilities 

No one is born great, so expecting that a parent should be extraordinary is not justified. It is significant for you as a parent to check that you are managing your children. On the off chance that you feel unsatisfied, look for specialists’ guidance to improve your abilities, so your behaviour can positively affect the child. This will help in personality development for children.

3. Accept and move on

Figure out the shortcomings of your child. Quit being excessively brutal to the child and yourself as well. It is essential to accept the situation and move on with the positives of their character. It is suggested to fuel his/ her enthusiasm.

4. Set a genuine model 

Learning starts at home, and for that, you need to set a genuine model. It is advisable to behave as well as possible consistently. Establishing an actual model for your youngster has numerous advantages, and the vast majority of them are helpful for you also.

5. Punish by showing love

Discipline as an act would sound inconsiderate but is significant for youngsters to get familiar with the distinction between good and evil. It doesn’t intend to be abusive.
The secret of dealing with your kid is to punish him affectionately. When you overlook them, disclose to them the explanation, with the goal that they learn and don’t repeat in future.
This will help in personality development for kids.


Children in their early years develop really fast, which is extraordinarily affected by the previously mentioned factors. Thus taking care of your child is essential. Parenting is a complex process that requires a great degree of learning and experience. So don’t ever hesitate to learn: Real School Of Montessori blogs will provide you with consistent advice for your child’s growth and development. 

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