In the 21st century, with massive technological advancement, a considerable impetus has been given to the fields of research for human development. It helps to build communities and civilisations more sustainably in the future.

One such branch of scientific study that has been in talks in recent times is human geography. The world faces new challenges that pose a threat to the existence of the entire civilisation. So, there is a need for better adaptation through analysis of human practices.

Several subtypes of human geography are studied individually. The category-wise study helps observe the pros and cons of various methods adopted, the alternatives, and point out errors. It is also included as a subject for kids to understand the basics. Before we move to the sub-category section let us see what is human geography for kids.

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Geography Bifurcation: Human and Physical Geography For Kids

Geography tells us about the planet we live on and its different aspects. As the main branch of social science, Geography is categorised into two further branches: Physical Geography and Human Geography. Examples of human geography for kids in daily life include birth and death rates, mortality rate, etc.

Human Geography Definition for Kids

It is the study of humans, their dwelling and living standards, and how their activities affect the planet Earth. These studies help analyse the factors that result in the increasing rate of global warming, the progress of mankind in terms of health, wealth, and evolution.

Sub-Branches of Human Geography

The study of human geography is divided into diverse categories based on the type of activities and their effects. Let us discuss the different sub-categories:

Cultural Geography

As the name goes, cultural geography studies the various cultures and their practices. It mainly includes the observations of various cultural beliefs, the traditional aspects, and how widely is that culture followed.

All these data are used to analyse how the planet is affected by human activities. Further, the history of the culture and its traces are also studied. This study tells about the way various communities express their cultural life and how it affects the Earth.

Development Geography

This branch of human geography mainly looks into the factors that affect a community’s/ group’s living standards and lifestyle choices. It may include a community or a particular area of land for the case study. This tells about the quality of life of people under observation.

Several economic, social, and political factors are taken into account for the study. Experts often look into the trends of birth rate, death rate, fertility rates, and related demographic factors to track the progress. These factors also tell a lot about the inequalities with respect to time and background.

Economic Geography

As the name suggests, this branch of human geography studies wealth distribution among various regions. It includes a range of study areas such as production, market analysis, currency rates, fluctuation, and many more. It tells about the position of the community under observation.

The study microscopically dissects the various levels and structures that influence the economy. It allows understanding the shortcomings within the structural management in progress as a whole unit.

Health Geography

This branch is especially concerned with the healthcare facilities and their management. It overlooks the access to healthcare facilities, the distribution, demand areas, and much more. For this purpose, the data from hospitals, private and government, are collected to analyse the overall health of a particular population.

It further closely monitors the disease outbreaks and develops tools to get access to real-time data. Several epidemic warnings and their awareness could be easily given through these studies.

Historical Geography

Historical geography is quite helpful to find the traces of several communities and their traditions. This branch deals with the study of people, their habitats, and ways of living. It helps track the progress of a regional population. Several heritage sites and civilisations have been discovered and understood through this study.

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Population Geography

Although the word may suggest the same, population geography is not the same as demography. Unlike demography, the study of population geography involves a detailed study of migration factors, growth rate, reasons for the shift in population density, male-female ratio, and the factors affecting all this.

It is much more than birth and death rates and census. It involves an in-depth study of the population of the region. The discipline tells about the shift in patterns over the years and also predicts the successive patterns.

Medical Geography

This is a branch similar to health geography. However, it focuses on the patterns of disease spread and their decline. It especially helped predict the fall of the spread rate during pandemics. For research purposes, the data of these studies are relevant as it also gives data of common illnesses apart from regular healthcare and death rate data.

Military Geography

As the name suggests, this branch is solely dedicated to research, analysis and solving problems related to the military sector. It involves an in-depth study of the various facilities and activities at military bases, their techniques, and the effects on the routine and spontaneous responses. These data are driven to develop solutions and improve the facilities of the military for maximum output.

Political Geography

The matters of politics and the demarcation of state and national boundaries are studied in this discipline. It also involves the study of development plans and strategies that previously occurred and are in progress with respect to political support. It investigates relations with neighbouring regions, voting rights, diplomatic trades, and much more.

Transportation Geography

This branch of human geography is an important aspect of metropolitan cities and their development. It mainly deals with the management and development of transportation networks.

The data obtained through the observations and density of traffic is used to optimise various networks and develop new projects. The study helps in the sustainable development of infrastructure services.

Settlement Geography

As the name says, settlement geography is a study of people’s residing patterns and the history of a region over time. It involves urban geography at its core.

Urban Geography

The name urban geography speaks for itself. It is a study of urban areas and their origin history. It is used to expand cities, develop infrastructure and study the shift in trends through population geography. The data from these studies help identify the areas of urban potential.


The detailed study of various disciplines of human geography opens an interesting set of career paths. These observational data are used for long-term analysis and development purposes.

Human geography studies the relation between the human and the surrounding area. We provide information on many more topics related to current affairs and the subject syllabus at Real School Of Montessori. Our mentors provide one-on-one tutoring and help students improve on their weak areas. Stay tuned with us to know more about current affairs.

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