Every parent wants to prepare their kid for a bright future. You cannot see the tomorrow but, with the patterns of the present world, you can guess what the future holds? In contemporary times, it is clear that AI (Artificial Intelligence will take over the world soon. Thus, it is vital than ever to know about python tutorials for kids.

There are several programming languages. However, companies prefer python because of several reasons. You will learn about them through this article. You will also know what are the best AI programs for kids using python?

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Why Python Tutorial for Kids?

Before understanding the need to learn python for kids, it is vital to know about python for kids. Learning computer language helps kids in many ways. It encourages creativity, problem-solving, logical reasoning, and critical thinking. Python is a computer language that kids find easy to start.

If you want your kid to learn to code, python tutorials act as the base. They study the language, make a computer program, and then test it. If they fail, they will learn the ability to catch and correct their mistakes. Their ability to keep patience and try again and try will also develop. Thus, they will learn in a fun and competitive way.

Reasons to Learn Python for Kids

There are several reasons to learn python for kids. Some of them are:

Begining with Python is a Great Way to Learn to Code

Python uses simple English text-based commands, built-in help comments, and an intuitive coding style. There are tons of python tutorials for kids available on the internet. Thus, to give a kick start to your kid’s coding journey, python serves in the best possible way.

Also, python offers dynamic uses. Kids can code their applications, program, game, animation, websites, problem-solving exercises, and robots. Kids write codes in simple steps, easy for them to do. Python allows this flexibility that most other languages fail to do.

You can Easily Set up Python at Home

Nowadays, most things are working online. There is an online python tutorial for kids to train them about its various aspects. But for all this, you need a set-up at your home where kids can practice it. In such a situation, python works better than other languages.

The other computer languages like Java and C++ are tough to set up at home. On the other hand, for python, you only need a PC. You can then download it from its official site in a few simple steps. Just work according to the installation pop-ups on your PC. In case you get stuck somewhere, refer to the instruction guide present on the site for guidance.

It Helps with Academic Performance and Learning

It might sound weird to you but python also helps to improve kid’s academic performance. It boosts their mathematical skills, creativity, and writing skills. For example, kids use crisp codes in python. They learn to write a lengthy solution concisely. They apply the same ability in writing answers, which improves their writing skills.

While coding in python, kids come across problems that they solve with their coding. Also, they think about various ways to solve a problem, then come up with the best one among them. They apply a similar technique in mathematical problems. They analyze it and then go for the quickest and easiest solution.

Python is the Need of the Hour

Imagine if your kid is excellent in the calculation. It may give him/her fame in school but, it will not help them get a job. The skills are of no use in the corporate world. Thus, it is necessary to train kids with skills that are in demand that will stay for a long time.

The use of python by tech giants is increasing continuously. Its applications are growing by 27% every year approximately. If you check the patterns, all the giant artificial intelligence companies are using python. Thus it is vital to equip kids with a coding language that the corporate world will need. Also, kids can start their tech app if they learn a trending programming language.

These are some of the reasons to choose a python tutorial for kids over other languages. There are many artificial intelligence programs kids can make using it. The subsequent section deals with the question, what are the best AI programs for kids using python?

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What are Best AI Programs for Kids using Python?

The primary use of coding is to design software. One of the most growing uses of coding in the present world is artificial intelligence. In simple words, you can say that the science of developing intelligent machines is called artificial intelligence. General machines do not possess the ability to think but, AI-based machines can think and solve problems.

To learn python for kids, they can design various AI programs. If you want to know what are best AI programs for kids using python? here is a list for you:

  • They can make a space battle game that works on your gestures. Kids will enjoy designing and then playing such games.
  • An Artificial intelligence-based chat box is one of the most popular forms of AI that you can see everywhere.
  • The world loves filters. Kids can design a program that applies filters by recognizing your face.
  • Kids can make a game that recognizes toys intelligently.
  • A valuable device to learn python for kids is an attendance taking machine using face detection. You can use it in your class.

These are some of the AI programs to design in a python tutorial for kids.

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In the early stage, it is vital to give the basic concepts to kids. Python tutorial for kids is the best way to do it. Being a language that uses less code, poses pre-built libraries, ease of learning, massive community support, and is independent of a platform python is emerging as the most used language in artificial intelligence. Thus, to become ready for the future, it is crucial to learn python for kids.

Hopefully, this article has cleared all your queries. For more such articles you can check our website’s blog section. You can also share your views by commenting in the box given below.

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