Stories are a fun way to teach life lessons to kids. Learning story reading for kids is vital for parents, as it is their favourite pass-time activity. They enjoy listening to bedtime stories from their parents. Life lessons are like icing on the cake.

Sometimes you might run out of stories. Also, some parents are unable to teach their kids how to read and understand the stories? The upcoming sections will help you.

How to Read Stories for Kids?

Story reading for kids is an art. Also, it is vital to know whether your kid is understanding the story or not. Here is a list of some fun stories that are easy to understand.

The Boy Who Lies

Once upon a time, there was a village where a small shepherd boy lived. One day, he took his sheep out for fodder. He got bored looking at the sheep eating their food. For his entertainment, he shouted, “Save me! Save me! Wolves are chasing my sheep. Somebody help us.” Villagers quickly came there with sticks to save the boy and his sheep. Since there was no wolf, they got angry and left. The boy laughed at their angry faces.

After some time, he again started feeling bored and tried to fool villagers. He cried, “Wolf! Wolf! help me.” The villagers again came running to save the boy and sheep. After knowing that the boy is only taking entertainment out of them, they are left frustrated at him. The boy laughed harder.

The next day when he took his sheep out, he saw a wolf approaching the flock. He cried for help but nobody turned up. The wolves killed many sheep. When the boy didn’t come back to the village till evening, everyone went to look for him. To their surprise, the shepherd was crying on the hill. He asked, “why didn’t you all come to help me?” One of the villagers came and said, “We thought you were fooling us again.”

Moral to motivate your kids: Nobody trusts a liar even when they say the truth.

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The Golden Touch

It is one of the most interesting stories for kids.

Once upon a time, there was a King named Midas who ruled ancient Greek. He was very rich and had tons of gold. He loved his gold too much. He also had a very beautiful daughter whom he loved more than the gold.

Once a drunk satyr named Silenus fainted in the rose garden of Midas. He believes that satyr brings luck to the place where they stay, he lets Silenus rest in his place till he gains consciousness again. His wife and daughter opposed it, but he ignored them. Dionysus, the god of celebration and wine is a good friend of Silenus. He was very happy seeing the kindness Midas showed towards his friend.

He promised Midas to grant him one wish. Midas said, ” I want everything I touch to turn to gold.” Despite knowing that his wish can bring trouble to him, Dionysus grants him this wish. The king became very happy and started touching various objects around him. His entire palace turned to gold. His ministers were happy seeing all the wealth, but also afraid that he might cause trouble to everyone.

One day, the king touched an apple and it turned into a golden apple. The king became very happy and unconsciously hugged his daughter. His daughter immediately turned into a gold statue. The king cried and asked Dionysus for help. He said, “Please take my power and all the gold back but bring my daughter again to life.” Dionysus gave a solution to the king. Everything came back to normal. Midas learned an important lesson.

Moral: Appreciate things you already have, don’t be greedy.

The Foolish Farmer

The third story to motivate your kids is:

In the south of New Orleans, lived a farmer with his wife. He had a beautiful goose who lays a golden egg. Every day the farmer wakes up collects the egg and sells it in the market nearby. That one egg gave enough money for the expense of his family. He and his wife were happy.

However, one day the farmer thought, If the goose lays one egg regularly, then there must be a lot of golden eggs inside her. So, why should I collect one egg regularly when I can take all of them at once. His wife also agreed to his foolish plan. They cut the goose in two half only to find nothing else but blood and flesh.

On realizing their mistake, the farmer and his wife cried a lot but in vain. The bird was already dead and they lost their precious resource.

Moral: Think twice before you act.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

One of the most amazing stories to motivate your kids is:

Once upon a time, lived four cows in the middle of great Savannas. They were best friends. They do everything together. As they always stand as one, no predator dared to attack them. They all fearlessly roamed around the forest.

In the forest, there was a powerful lion. He had attacked the cows many times but never succeeded. The cows together easily defeated the lion.

One day, the four friends started fighting. Their unity falls apart. They went to different places for grazing. The lion found it as the perfect time to take revenge. He attacked the cows one by one and killed them all.

Moral: Strength lies in unity.

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Krishna and Sudama

A story to motivate your kids is:

A long time ago, in the beautiful village of Gokul lived Lord Krishna. He had many friends there. One of his closest friends was Sudama. As time passed, they grew up to live their life. On one hand, Lord Krishna became the king of Dwarka, Sudama lived a poor life. He lived with his wife and kids. Most of the time, he and his family had to sleep hungry as Sudama’s income was not enough.

One day, his wife suggested he go and ask his childhood friend Krishna for help. At first, Sudama denied it because he didn’t want to take favours. But after seeing the suffering of his family, he agreed. He didn’t want to visit Krishna empty-handed. So, his wife brought a bowl of rice from neighbours, packed it, and gave it to Sudama.

When Sudama reached the gate of the grand palace in Dwarka, he was stunned by the prosperity of the city. At the door of the palace, the guards stopped him. He requested to inform their king that Sudama had come to meet him. As soon as the guards informed lord Krishna, he left all his work and ran to meet his friend.

Krishna hugged him and asked about his well-being. After seeing the prosperous life of Krishna, Sudama felt ashamed to give the rice. But Lord Krishna knows everything. He asked Sudama for a gift. Sudama offered him the rice that he ate with utmost love. Sudama tried but was not able to ask for help. He went back home without any help.

As he returned, he saw his small hut had turned into a beautiful mansion. His wife and kids came out of the house. They were wearing beautiful clothes. He understood that Krishna helped them. He was smiling.

Moral of the story: A friend in need is a friend indeed!

Now if you wonder how to read and understand the stories? Just go for the stories mentioned above. Kids will enjoy it and will learn tons of things.


Story readings for kids give a lot of life lessons to kids. Being a parent, story-reading for kids is something not to miss. These stories help to understand complicated things simply. It makes kids a better person.

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