Children across the country are skilling up in English Communication skills! What about yours?

The Real School Of Montessori is a comprehensive platform that trains and teaches and then puts the spotlight on your child’s public speaking skills. The Real School Of Montessori proudly presents “National Public Speaking Competition”. Your kids can be the future leaders in our country.  So what are you thinking? Go and register now!

The event starts on 1st December and the Grand Finale will be on 26th December

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Stages in the Competition

The competition consists of three rounds. In these three round participants can showcase their public speaking abilities and prove why they are capable of winning this competition

Round 1: Presidential Speech

In the first round of the competition, 1000 entries from all over India try their luck in the speech event.

Round 2: Panel Discussion

In the second round, top 20 impressive entries that got selected in Round 1 will go through an intense panel discussion to prove their ability of how they are better than the other participants

Round 3: Final Debate

This is the final round of the competition. The top 4 marvellous participants, who passed the Round 2, enter in a battle of wits and words and compete in a classic one on one battle to prove their abilities in argumentative speaking

Competition Categories

We invite children of 7 – 15 years old to participate in our challenging and interesting Public Speaking Competition.

Orator (Ages 7 – 10)

Flamboyance (Ages 11 – 15)

Important Dates

Entries Open: 1st December

Round 1 Entries Close: 31st December

Round 1 Results: 16th January

Round 2 Finals and Results: 23rd January

Round 3 Finals and Results: 26th January

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How to Train for this Competition?

  1.       Plan appropriately

Guide your child to make a proper plan. The opening lines have to be interesting and meaningful. If you think about how important a book’s first paragraph is to get your attention and read further, the same principle goes for public speech.

  1.       Practice

There’s a saying “Practice makes perfect!” To increase fluency and become a good speaker, practice is important. Therefore, daily practice is required

  1.       Engage with the audience

While speaking on the stage, the child should engage with the audience. This makes them feel less isolated and keeps the audience involved with your speech

  1.       Record your speeches and watch

By recording and watching, you can know the mistakes as well as your body posture.

  1.       Body Language

The child should pay attention to body language because it is one of the crucial parts observed by the discussion panel. Stand up straight and take deep breaths, look at the audience and start your speech with a smile.

Why should Your Children Participate in this Competition?

  1.       Huge Prize Pool

Winners take home a whooping prize of worth Rs 5 Lakhs. The first prize is Rs 100000, the two runner ups get Rs 50000, Rs 6000 each to the 20 finalists and last but not the least, Rs 1000 worth free passes with The Real School Of Montessori to all the impressive participants

  1.       Better Speaking Skills

Your children will skill up in English Communication abilities along with confidence. This will make them compelling speakers

  1.       Improves Their Personality

Public speaking helps in your children’s progress by increasing their self-esteem, planning experience and the power of persuasion

Don’t Miss This Exciting Event!

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